Sorry... this isn't a new chapter. I do have good news and bad news, and news which may or may not be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Read whichever you want to first. :)

Bad news

I am swamped with uni work. I did complete Chapter 21 of Wolfsong during my short term hols and sent it to my beta, but I never got a response from her so I assume she is busy or never got the chapter for some reason... darned email! Now I am still working on a rewrite of Chapter 21, but I got writer's block halfway and stopped to focus on my assignments, figuring if I couldn't write I might as well take a break and work until I got inspired again.

Good news

I'm all inspired to write again! And I still have some assignments to do, but because of the break I took I have a clearer picture and new ideas for this fic and how to end it. :) And as soon as I'm done with my assignments I will write again, and get an update up asap!

News I'm not sure is good or bad

I got new ideas for the direction of this fic, but it will mean that the ideas for the sequel I was planning will probably be changed, shelved or scrapped completely. So... what do you all think? Do you really want the sequel I had planned (Legomance) or something else? Or what?

Anyway, I'm sorry that it's taken me so long to get an update up. I really thought I could get a new chapter up during my hols, but well...if I'd gotten that chapter up I wouldn't have gotten this new idea and it would probably have been crappy. I thought it was, which was why I was rewriting it. So now I'm hoping to give you something better... but well, that'll still take some time. I'm not planning on leaving this fic without an ending, so don't worry about that. The thing is, it'll take some time. :/ I only hope you all can be patient, and I'll try to make it worth the wait.

To all my loyal readers who are still with me... thank you, and once again, I'm sorry for making you all wait. :(