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"MAx, Will you marry me?
"You're kidding me right?" His heart sank at her words, he had expected the worse, a blunt hell no! But hoped for the best, a heartfelt yes and a kiss to top it off. He hadn't expected her incredulous tone or look of disbelief.
"Well, yeah..."
"Do you know what marrying me would mean, Logan?" Her tone turned slightly accusing and she raised one eyebrow as her question finished.
"Well, yeah..."
"Are you going to say anything other than that? I need an explanation! Why!" Her voice was slightly louder than normal but didn't quite reach a scream.
"Because max!" His voiced was raised also but it definitely deserved the right of being a scream. "Maybe because I love you! Is there any other explanation of it than that?!?! Have you ever considered how much you mean to me! Or how about how I can't live without you! Of course I know what I'm getting into! I accept you, MAx! And everything that comes with you..." He quieted a bit as he finished as he saw her become a little misty eyed. She quickly changed her visage as she noticed him looking at her.
"I snore." He smiled at her simple comment. "I sing in the shower." This time he laughed whole-heartedly. "If I were to marry you... that'd mean you'd be stuck living with me-"
"well duh!" He cut her off.
"Well is this what you really want? I mean baggage and all?"
"If I didn't then I wouldn't have asked you max." If you couldn't hear what they were saying one would have guessed it was just friendly banter between two people, not such a serious question.
"I love you, Logan." Max's voice was serious and matter-of-fact.
"So?" He was anxious to hear her answer and would have died if she kept prolonging it the way she was.
"Well..." Behind her eyes Logan could see her debating it, could see her confusion and surprise at his question. Suddenly Logan got an idea.
"Well, Max, if you really don't want to..." His voice was teasing and she looked up abruptly at him. "I mean," Logan continuned, "if you're not sure then... well... then ok." He looked down at his feet pretending to be hurt.
"No! Logan... It's not that..." She gently pushed his chin up to look at her. "It's just... If I were ever to... ya know.... Run... you'd hafta come along..." He smiled and wrapped his arms around her.
"God! I thought you were going to say that if you were going to run you'd leave me!"
"You'd leave with me? I mean ... if you had to..." Her tone was so serious he quickly wiped his grin from his face.
"Max, Id follow you to the moon and back." His eyes were so sincere but she just couldn't stop herself for doubting him.
"Logan, I love you. and if your willing to tie yourself to a monster like me then yes. I will marry you whole heartedly." He smiled again and looked at her once more. They stood there, wrapped in their own thoughts of the oncoming marriage and the joyous days to come.