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"The Godless One"
by Chronos Astral

Prologue - The Sarcastic One

Ouran High School, a prestigious school built upon the extravagant foundations supplied by the very social class that attended it. Very few educational establishments could come close to its level of sophistication and repute. It was said to have bred many exceptionally well-educated and well-groomed minds that have come to run or found the many successful businesses and corporations of this time. The campus itself was a million-dollar gift of architecture and design, further pronouncing its cultured level of education, financial amenity, and emphasis of a good learning environment.

Truthfully, the school was more of a luxury for the children of the rich than an actual educational institution. The school part was there as a necessity.

As many of the students that attend the school are more than likely to succeed their businesses anyway, Ouran, to them, is more of a drawl though somewhat enjoyable stepping stone towards an already prepared path to financial success. The need for educational attainment was but a small imperative before they were allowed to seek their gold in the higher castes of society. Hell, they didn't even need to be an exceptional student just as long as they passed. For them, it was just smooth luxurious sailing from then 'til graduation.

The one exception being Fujioka Haruhi, of course. The only lower class student in her entire batch - the entire school in fact, scholarship honor student, and a girl who has had to cope with the kind of daily chaos that could drive hardened generals insane. Let's not forget that she was also coerced into cross-dressing and act as a boy for the entirety of her school years and also to work as a male host with the Host Club, the very club whose activities and members seem to take a sadistic pleasure in making the poor girl's life spiraling mad. In fact, the very school itself seemed to be conspiring against her just for the pleasure of watching her tear her hair out in frustration and roaring her annoyance to her mother in heaven.

Life was just unfair.

Introductions aside, we shift scenes to the darkened room of our resident avid otaku, Houshakuji Renge, the self-proclaimed manager and (debatably) number one fan of the Host Club. Said eccentric brunette made it a somewhat unhealthy habit to leave the lights off as she stared into the computer screen, the only source of illumination within the room. Chocolate eyes danced from icon to icon on her desktop, multi-tasking between playing her new Dating Simulation Game and chatting on Yare! Messenger. Thus was a life of a typical otaku.

Logging in as username: Moe-Seeker...

Welcome to Yare! Messenger.

Few of her online friends were online at the moment, some of them sporting their own unique usernames that displayed their great love for Japanese media. One of the few online was a boy(?) that went by the username 'Onetsu', someone she'd met online as she surfed the web in search for the latest releases of her favorite visual novel games. Onetsu promised to provide her with the best sources and earliest premium releases of her favorite pastime in exchange for some currency to be delivered online. Renge happily agreed and she wasn't disappointed when she received what she desired and more. They stayed in contact and Renge found a friend in Onetsu, with her sharing her experiences in the Host Club and Ouran in general with him.

Opening chat with Friend: 'Onetsu'...


Moe-Seeker: Good evening One-Two-sama!! :

Onetsu: I've told you already that its pronounced O-NE-TSU. Syllabicate with Japanese would you?

Moe-Seeker: Sorry! It's just that you spelled it in English! I thought it was pronounced that way! XP

Onetsu: Whatever... What do you want? I'm eating...

Moe-Seeker: How could you be eating and chatting at the same time?

Onetsu: With the god-given gift of having TWO hands that can do TWO DIFFERENT THINGS at the SAME TIME... That, and many years of practice.

Moe-Seeker: You're so funny, One-Two-sama!! XD

Onetsu: Haha. I know. Hilarious. It's pronounced O-ne-tsu... Go away now.

The eccentric brunette was blissfully unaware of her friend's apparent apathetic attitude towards her. Although, she didn't seem to mind all that much anyway.

Moe-Seeker: Oooh! But I haven't told you about my day yet! I had such a wonderful time! X

Onetsu: Oh? Do tell. Not like you're going to shut up about it until you do...

Moe-Seeker: I and the Host Club went on a picnic together! I've never been to a picnic before so I was really excited! It's supposed to be a commoner activity where you sit in the grass and eat food with your friends! It sounded unsanitary at first, but it was actually a lot of fun!

Onetsu: Riveting... I can't tell you how absolutely fascinating this is... No, really, you should see my face right now. It's beaming with joy and rapture... No sarcasm whatsoever...

If there had been sarcasm in that statement, Renge didn't catch it. If she'd heard her friend speak it in her face, she might have, but it was doubtful. But then she realized...

Moe-Seeker: Oh Gosh! I never told you about the Host Club, have I!?

Onetsu: Gee... You'd think that after going on and on and dreadfully on about this 'Host Club' since the 2 weeks we've been chatting, you'd have figured out that I have no idea who they are...

Moe-Seeker: I'm so sorry! All this time I thought you knew! D:

Onetsu: Don't feel too bad. I wasn't really listening to what you were saying anyway.

Moe-Seeker: I'll upload some pictures from the picnic so you can get acquainted!

Onetsu: No. Really. It's not necessary. Read: I. Do. Not. Care. Exclamation Point.

Moe-Seeker is now uploading HostPicnic.zip...

Onetsu: Where's the block button on this damn thing...?

HostPicnic.zip is finished uploading!

Moe-Seeker: It's done! Open it! Open it! XD

Onetsu: Alright already...

With a few clicks, a pixilated image slowly loaded onto the screen revealing a recently taken photograph of a vast garden area. In it is a somewhat picturesque picnic scene with a mat laid out in the grass with various foodstuffs and drinks resting atop of it. The people in the picture looked to be an eccentric bunch and pretty much all of them, with the exception of Renge, were very handsome specimens of the male gender. A tall and foreign-looking blond was fussing over a short effeminate brunette that was being sandwiched between two orange-haired twins. The twins had a sly grin on their faces as they watched the blond throw a tantrum. The short one caught up in all of it looked to be indifferent to their fight if not slightly annoyed as he continued to snack on the food set before them. Gorging himself on sweets was what looked to be a little blond boy with an adorable face and stuffed bunny in his arms. Beside him was a rather tall and stoic-looking teen who seemed to settle for drinking tea. Then there was the raven-haired bespectacled man who seemed impassive to the goings-on as he scribbled into a black notebook. And finally, there was Renge who was taking up a portion of the picture as she held the camera towards herself and the Hosts as she took a snapshot of the scene.

Onetsu: You're cuter than I thought.

Renge colored slightly at the compliment.

Onetsu: Who's that weird-looking girl holding up the camera?

Flattery turned to outrage.

Moe-Seeker: That would be me! D:

Onetsu: Seriously? Then who's that girl with brown hair that's eating the bread?

The girl paused a moment, confused as to whom he was referring to. Looking closely at the picture, the only one that happened to be eating was the petite brown-haired boy with big chocolate brown eyes.

Moe-Seeker: Haruhi-kun? That's a boy, silly!

Onetsu: You're kidding. A boy that girly-looking?

Moe-Seeker: He does look a lot like a girl, doesn't he? That's why he's the perfect uke!

Onetsu: 'Uke'?

Moe-Seeker: Never you mind!

Onetsu: Alright. Whatever.

Moe-Seeker: Ah, yes! Introductions! The taller blond is Tamaki Suoh, the 'King' of the Host Club. The one in the glasses is Kyouya Ohtori, the Vice President. The twins are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (Sorry, I can't tell which one is which XP). Believe it or not the one that looks like a little boy is actually a senior in our school, Mitsukuni Haninozuka, and is also a martial arts expert. We just call him Hunny-senpai (Isn't he adorable!? XD)! The tall one beside him is Takashi Morinozuka. We call him Mori-senpai. Then there's Haruhi Fujioka, as I've already told you about. And finally, there's me! Renge Houshakuji! The manager of the Host Club!

Renge couldn't help but burst into her trademark haughty laughter, even if her friend couldn't hear her. Not that he'd pay attention even if he could as his thoughts were focused elsewhere...


The large silhouette of a man crept in the dark before his master, who was sitting before the screen of his laptop, the only source of illumination in the entire room. In the smaller man's hands were a half-eaten sandwich, tuna to be exact and on the screen was an uploaded picture of a simple picnic gathering. To the viewer, however, it was a little more than that. He noticed a deeper meaning to the actions of each in the picture, and finally, an oddity...

"Does that..."

The owner of the laptop pointed at the picture, or rather, the boy in the middle of it. Big brown eyes, petite and slender frame, short brown hair, and wearing a casual attire of a loose-fitting plain yellow shirt and form-fitting jeans.

"... look like a boy to you?"

The only response was a slow shake of a head.

He grinned.

"That's what I thought..."

He turned his attention back to his 'friend'...

Moe-Seeker: You can call me Renge from now on! You already know my real name! XD

Onetsu: Okay then. Renge...

Moe-Seeker: Yes?

Onetsu: Tell me more of this Fujioka Haruhi...

Renge had been taken by surprise. Had her new friend taken a special interest in Haruhi? In the back of her mind, her Moe-dar started to flicker to life.

Moe-Seeker: Oh? Are you interested in Haruhi-kun?

Onetsu: I suppose you could say that.

Moe-Seeker: Really!? How Moe! 3

Onetsu: Eh? What?

Moe-Seeker: Oh nothing! What would you like to know?


Fujioka Haruhi hugged herself in warmth as she shivered, a grim scowl on her face. Her father, the redheaded crossdresser that was Fujioka Ryoji, or 'Ranka' as he was called at work, hovered over her with fatherly concern.

"Are you feeling alright, Haruhi!? Did you catch a cold!?"

"I'm fine, tou-san." She waved away his concerns.

'Though I did feel like my soul was just sold to the devil...'


Hello all! Still alive!! (And not updating my current fics, sorry!!)

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I figured that with all the OC fics out there that are a cut below than what a good fic should be like or blatant self-inserts and Mary-Sue spawns, I'd make my own with the OC being:

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b) Heterosexual, for in the small number of male OC's out there, a good percentage of them are homosexual (and are also eventually paired up with a canon character of author's choosing shudder)

c) Not related with any canon character. Not closely anyway. Internet buddies shouldn't count as being that close and Renge being a secondary character shouldn't make much of an impact (no offense to Renge and all Renge-lovers out there. I love you Renge, oh obscure and unappreciated secondary character)

d) Not paired with any other character. Because, seriously, it happens way too often and usually in weird uncharacteristic ways. If ever this OC is to take a love interest, it probably wouldn't be reciprocated.

For those of you that didn't get the One-Two-sama thing, it goes like this: Because Onetsu was spelled in English characters (and with Renge not being of complete Japanese upbringing) it was mistakenly pronounced literally as One-Two (pronounced Wan-Tsu).

For those of you waiting on me to update, I sincerely apologize!! Please be patient with me!!

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