I'd Give Anything.

I glanced down to the diamond ring on my left ring finger while I was checking out my groceries. I usually go at night or early morning, when less people who recognize me are out.

You better just get used to it. Your getting married in a few months.

I corrected myself.

I sighed. In two months, August first, I'll be Mrs. Edward Cullen. I have to admit, I like the sound of it. And the fact that Edward and I will be able to do everything together from now on. No more him sneaking into my room after Charlie snores, or visiting hours. He'll be mine. All mine. The thought made this crazy experience almost worth it.

I paid and left the store in a rush.

My ancient Chevy truck was down to the last few miles before my tank went empty, but in my haste to get home and out of the public eye, I ended up forgetting to refill it. By the time I got to my house, the light was on.

"Crap," I muttered under my breath, grabbing the plastic bags.

"That you Bells?"

"Yeah, dad."

Charlie watched me as I put the groceries away in their proper place. He's been watching me a lot now a days. Ever since I broke the news to him about my engagement, he's been a nuisance. There was no getting rid of him. Sometimes he would even just name a reason why I was getting married - out of the blue. Things like, 'you want to live together' and 'are you doing this just to get back at me for something'. I peeked at him from the corner of my eye while I was throwing away the flimsy bags.

"Are you pregnant?" I almost choked on my own spit, from shock and humor. If only he knew he would never have to deal with that problem.

"No, dad." I answered a second late. His expression became horrified and purple.

"No! Dad! Really, I'm not."

He pointed a finger at me. "So help me Isabella Swan. If I fi -"

I pushed his finger down gently, trying not to laugh. "Dad, I swear."

He exhaled. "Fine."

The door knocked and I smiled sheepishly. I ran to answer it and Charlie mumbled something incoherent. It sounded like perfect timing. I opened the door, it seemed like I could never do it fast enough, and stared into the memorizing topaz eyes of my personal angel. Like it always does when Edward comes over, it felt like a burden that I didn't even know was there was lifted, making me whole again. I sighed, losing myself.
He reached for my hand and interlocked it with his.

"Hello," He greeted me with his heavenly, musical voice.


"How was the store?" He asked, closing his eyes and bringing my hand up to his face.

"It was fine."

"That's good."

"Would you like to come in?"


He led the way, and I closed the door. He was taking me up to my bedroom. Charlie was watching us and grunted.

"Behave up there," He said in his official cop tone.

"Okay dad," I yelled, closing my door. He was already on my bed. I crawled up to him and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close under his chin. I absently played with my ring. Edward was silent for a moment. I looked up to see why, and he was looking at me, eyes blazing. I felt myself blush.

"I love that, you know," he murmured, kissing my temple.

"I know," I sighed. "You know what I love?"

He chuckled. "I can guess."

I turned my head so I had could kiss him. "You'd probably get it right." He brought his lips to mine and I blushed deeper. I got a little too enthusiastic, and he had to pull me away from him. I felt my lips go into a pout, and he smiled crookedly, taking my breath away, once again. After almost three years.

"I was wondering..." I trailed off, crawling up his forearm.


"I know I'm human and all...but honestly. Don't you get out of breath or something when I kiss you?"

He put his pointer finger under my chin. "You have no idea, Bella." I smiled, content as he brought his lips to mine again. Hard as marble, yet everso gentle.

"I can't wait until I'm a vampire too." I whispered, kissing his collarbone. "Trust me. I'll keep you pressed against these lips whenever I feel like it. Which will be often. No boundaries. That's the best part."

His teeth snapped together with an audible snap.

I held my hands up in surrender.

"Fine. But don't ignore the inevitable, Edward."

"Can I tell you what I came here for?"

I groaned.

"Ugh! What's Alice up to now?"

"Just the normal, crazy wedding plans."

I sighed. "Perfect."

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