title A Hundred Reflections

author khushiyan

rating PG

setting Just after the beginning of S2, where Rose has to contend with the face of !10 and not the face of !9

summary She still isn't used to his new face, darn it. Summaries sucketh mucheth.

an dedicated to aracelimaura, no idea who she is on ff, but tis for her! Also, do apologise for the canon mistakes. Silence in the Library was the first episode I've seen since the beginning of the second series, and it's my first real DW piece. Not much of an excuse, but it's mine!

When she looks at his new face, which she does more often than not, she tries to remember his old face

When she looks at his new face, which she does more often than not, she tries to remember his old face. That old face of his, which she all too quickly got used to and adored, reminds her of how she would crane her entire body upwards just to get a glance at him.

It was his old face that she had kissed and she misses that slight touch of his lips. Not that she remembers the kiss properly. It lingers on her lips and when she thinks hard enough, she remembers sadness and glitter. Him pulling the pain out of her and instilling sweetness.

There is heartache in this new face. His brown eyes don't chill her like the old blue, they don't send shivers down to her fingertips when he stares directly at her.

"I've got to get used to this face, haven't I?" She asks meekly.

"Well, yeah. Unless you want me to go off and get a new one already," he says absently mindedly as he shuffles through a chest of drawers.

She thinks it would have been better for him to go and get his old one back instead but she shakes her head.

"There! Got it!" He yells in a shrill and triumphant voice.


"This," he turns around, still on one knee and passes a photo album to her. It's old and crooked and dog-eared.

She flicks through the pages and finds people she doesn't recognise, face that seem familiar but cannot be named. "Who are all of these?"


Her head dashes upwards and she furrows her brow. "Wait a minute. You're saying that all of these people are you?"


"How many times have you changed Doctor?"

His face crumples as he thinks and he shrugs. "I don't even know. Must be... ooh, 10?"


"Well I am over 900 years old!"

"Yeah, you don't look it!" She giggles and flicks over the page. Her smiles sticks to her face like golden syrup, trying to edge away but caught on the corners of her mouth. "It is you," she whispers and her thumb brushes over his old face.

"Rose Tyler, are you calling me a liar?" His voice is mocking and indignant and all familiar again.

"No, no I'm not." She lifts her head up and finds all those faces in him. All those hopes and that one, tiny kiss lingering on his lips like glitter.

- khushiyan