Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

In. Out. I-i-in. O-o-u-out. In.

Chad closed his eyes, bowing his eyes and finally beginning to sob. It was no use. Ryan's advice worked sometimes, but it never did the trick unless he was actually there. And he wasn't there till 7:00.

After a few minutes, Chad composed himself enough to stand from the floor and grabbed his shirt. Slowly, moving like a stalked prey he opened his gym locker and grabbed his shirt - the one NOT ruined - and slipped it on. Looking down at the one in his hand, he sighed shakily. "Another one down the drain."

"CHAD!" said boy looked up and walked out of the locker room. "There you are, man. I was wonderin'..." Troy was in the middle of slapping his best friend on the back when he saw the shirt in his hand. The two looked at the shirt before Chad averted his eyes to the side. Troy looked back up at him suspiciously. "It happened again, didn't it?" Chad inhaled sharply and nodded. "Dude, how long are you going to let this happen!?"

Chad looked up at Troy. "'Till he gets bored." Chad walked away, not wanting to talk about the past moment anymore.

Troy had a different idea. He hurried to Chad's side, trying to keep up with Chad's fast paces. "Chad, you have to tell somebody. Especially Ryan." This caused Chad to stop in his tracks. "If he knew what was happening to you-"

"He'd be hurt. So just drop it. I'm not letting anybody know and that's final." Chad glared at Troy for a second and walked away.

Troy caught up with him, turning him around. "Chad, this isn't B.C. Israel. Ryan isn't going to leave because-"

"Because somebody's who suppose to be strong and tough is getting pushed around like a rag-doll?!" Chad snapped at the other teen, cutting him off. Troy had nothing to say, so Chad took the chance to end the conversation. "I'm not going to tell anybody. Ever. So stop trying to make me." Chad growled and stalked off. Troy just stood there, sighing as he watch his friend leave.

The breathing part is suppose to be Chad's telling himself to do this. When you get to the dashes, it's him not being able to breath. You know, shaky breaths.

I know this chapter is short, but the other two won't be. This is only three chapters, so keep on reading!