Sholeh Bell sighed softly as she turned the tap for her bath. Hot water rushed into the tub and swirled tumultuously like the girl's thoughts. She was fifteen years old with golden-blond hair and a slim body. Sholeh's eyes were a deep blue, but in bright light or when angry, they turned green with flecks of gold. Blue lines spread from them, forming purple circles underneath, giving her the appearance of one perpetually tired and the harrowed gaze of one distrustful of the world. Her skin was an unfashionably pale shade.

Sholeh poured bubbles into the water, quickly undressed and eased herself into the water. Her joints protested, aching with pain; lacrosse practice had been a killer workout. The hot water soothed the girl's muscles but could do nothing for the gentle throbbing of her head. Sholeh closed her eyes, surrendering to her fatigue and to the sweet smelling bubbles.

However, it was that exact moment a boy climbed silently through her open window and motioned to others down below. Undetected two more climbed up, and stood silently in the corner of Sholeh's large bathroom. Finally, one stepped forward and coughed gently. Her eyes snapped open surveying the strangers in her bathroom with an expression of both panic and anger.

"Okay, who the hell are you all, and what are you doing in my bathroom?" Sholeh exclaimed with a gasp. I must stay calm, Sholeh thought, I can't get angry… not like last time. She surveyed the odd group of strangers, fighting against the anger that threatened to overcome her. At front there was a guy who looked about eighteen, with sandy hair who was extremely handsome. There was also a soft light that shone around his face, like an aura. Behind him stood a black haired boy with green eyes that immediately reminded Sholeh of the ocean and a strange half-boy half-goat creature. All in all, it was a pretty strange picture. Thank goodness I put in a lot of bubbles, thought the girl.

"Um, alright, where to begin," the black haired boy began. "I'm Percy Jackson, well, Perseus really, but no one calls me that, and this is Grover" he continued, motioning to the goat-person thing, "and this is Apollo," he finished, pointing to the good-looking guy.

"Like the sun god, Apollo?" Sholeh asked, with eyebrows raised.

"Dude, good guess. Very much like that." Apollo answered.

"Alright, now that I know your names, I kind of need you to leave, seeing as this is a private property you all have broken into." Sholeh said, trying to sound reasonable.

"Well, see, we can't do that. Unless you come with us," replied Percy Jackson. He seemed very uncomfortable, and looked constantly at his feet, the ceiling, and anywhere but at the girl in front of him sitting in the tub.

"Why would I ever do that? You have got to me kidding me. This is some kind of elaborate prank. I am definitely not going to leave with three strange guys who just broke into my bathroom."

"You have to. Sholeh… may I call you Sholeh?"

"No, you cannot."

"Okay, Sholeh, you aren't safe here. There is something that you don't know about yourself and it's putting you in really serious danger. We know a place that's safe for you and people like you, and you really need to come with us." Percy seemed exasperated, but Sholeh was not about to give in that easily.

"So what is this huge secret I don't know about myself? And what is this danger?"

"Well, we can't tell you here, since it will just make you more vulnerable to attack and…"

"Vulnerable? Okay, listen, I am not going anywhere without a good reason, and I am certainly not vulnerable. So you will just have to tell me." The girl's eyes glowed with an unexpected strength and determination. And just a little bit of obsession.

Probably because he realized that Sholeh indeed meant what she said, Percy let out a huge sigh and began to tell her what she really was. "Fine, we'll do it your way. Y'know the Greek gods? Poseidon, Zeus, Athena, Hades and the rest?" Sholeh nodded. Her foster parents had taught her Greek mythology ever since she was little. "Well, those aren't myths about them. They're true and the gods are still out there. Except not on Mount Olympus, since the center of civilization is now in New York. But the concepts still the same. And well, sometimes they have kids with mortals. That's you and me."

"Continue." Percy looked at Sholeh for the first time. She was taking this remarkably well. Last time he and Grover went looking for half bloods, it had involved enchiladas, Japanese fighting fish, and a very ticked off son of Aphrodite. Not a pretty picture.

"But the problem is there are also monsters, who want to eat half bloods (gods' children) and so heroes have to go on quests all the time to fight them."

"Is he a monster?" Sholeh asked, pointing at Grover, who was cowering in the corner.

Percy immediately burst into laughter, but Grover looked affronted. "No! Grover is a satyr. They help find heroes. He's also my best friend besides Annabeth. You'll meet her at camp. By the way, there's also this really evil guy, Kronos, who is trying to destroy the gods. There's a prophecy that a child of the Big Three, that is, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, will either destroy or save the gods."

"Um, OK."


"Well this is obviously a made up story. How long did it take you to come up with that? Lots of details, it must've taken you a while. Seriously, why are you here?"

"I told you. You need to come to Camp Half Blood with us. It's the only place you'll be safe and now you're in even greater danger because you know you're a half blood. Lord Apollo, can you give me a hand here?"

"Nope, sorry, kid. No direct help. I guess that means I can't do this…" As Apollo spoke, the faint light surrounding him became brighter and brighter. Instinctively, Sholeh covered her eyes with her hand. When the light became so strong she thought she was going to go blind, a voice resonated through the bathroom.

Sholeh Prometheus Bell, I am the god Apollo, deity of the sun, truth, prophecy, medicine, music and poetry. The voice was indeed Apollo's, but reverberated with strength and power. You must accept the truth, because more than just your life hangs in the balance. I see greatness for you, Sholeh.

Gradually, the light dimmed and the bathroom was just the same as before. But Sholeh suddenly realized that she had seen a god in his true form.

"Nope, sorry, kid. No direct help." Apollo repeated, or at least it seemed that way to Sholeh.

"What are you talking about? You're a god!" Sholeh exclaimed. What was he talking about?

"Yeah, I know. But the rules are that…"

"I don't care about the rules, you started shining and …"

"Whoa, there, babe, maybe it was just my incredible attractiveness. Because I wasn't 'shining.'"

"Yes, you were. But-" Sholeh glanced at Grover and Percy. Judging by the looks on their faces, neither one had any idea what she was talking about. Apollo, however, gave her a knowing smile and winked. Sholeh didn't know what he had done, but she did know that Percy was telling the truth. In an instant, she made up her mind.

"Take me to Camp Half Blood." Percy grinned and Grover finally spoke.

"Yes! I really need to get back to the other satyrs. They've been pretty shaken up about… Pan." At this, the satyr's eyes began to glisten, as though he was about to cry. Sholeh felt sorry for him. Clearly, Grover had been shaken up by whatever 'Pan' was, also.

"Wait, if I'm a half blood, who's my godly parent?" Sholeh didn't even know who her mortal parent was; she had been dropped off at social services when just a baby and was adopted a year later by her current family. She fit in pretty well, and considered them her real family.

"Well, we don't know, your parent will claim you at camp. Until then, you'll stay in the Hermes cabin."

Apollo spoke, "Well, if it's not Aphrodite, I'll tell her she's lowering her standards. Because girl, you are…" Percy cut him off with a look that said 'No-flirting-with-the-half-blood-I-am-trying-to-rescue.'

"Oh, I hope not. I mean really, what does she do anyway? Besides make people fall in love? Kind of pathetic occupation, really." Sholeh replied. "Who's your parent, then Percy?"


Apollo spoke up, but seemed a little anxious. "Sholeh, you really shouldn't have said that. I know Aphrodite, and she is going to be pissed, let me tell you."

"What that she doesn't do anything? Whatever. So, Percy, was that prophecy about you?" Percy looked impressed. She had a sharp memory and was apparently very smart. She reminded him of Annabeth, and when that thought came to him, he blushed.

"Well, it's not until I'm sixteen, so that's another year." He replied and Sholeh wondered why Percy seemed so embarrassed.

After a moment of silence, Sholeh spoke. "Okay, everyone turn around, I'm coming out of the water." The three obediently did so, facing the window, and Sholeh quickly grabbed a towel. She walked into her room and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. For October, it was still pretty warm outside.

"Sholeh, you need to get over here. Now." Percy's voice sounded tense. The girl ran back to her bathroom window. Standing between Apollo and Percy, she caught sight of it. A huge, black hound with red, fiery eyes was pacing outside her window. It was two stories down, but was admittedly a terrifying sight. Behind it, there was a red Maserati convertible. It was smoking slightly and the grass around it had been fried to a crisp.

"Okay, the car's right behind the monster. Great. Is there another way to get out of here, Sholeh?" Percy had an air of leadership about him that made the girl think he had done this many times before.

"Other than a window? I don't want to imagine where you grew up. There are doors in most houses." Sholeh responded sarcastically. Oddly enough, she was not frightened. The blood pounded in her ears, and adrenalin told her to fight that hellhound. Hellhound? How did she know what the monster was?

"Very funny. Unfortunately, this really isn't the time for jokes."

"Sorry. There's a door on the side near the garage, one in front, and one in back to the left of the hellhound."

"Okay, I will distract the monster by coming out the door closest to it. Grover, you take Sholeh out the garage door and get to the car. Apollo…" the three turned to where the god had been to see only empty space.

"Where did he go?" Sholeh wondered out loud before looking out the window. There the god was, sitting in the Maserati and waving. "Oh. I guess he really doesn't need to worry about the hellhound."

"Good, now we can get out of here quickly. Go, you two!" Percy commanded. Grover and Sholeh sprinted down the stairs with the girl leading the way. It was, after all, her house. Reaching the sunroom, the two saw that Percy had climbed down the ladder and was fighting the hellhound with some sort of sword. Anaklusmos, thought Sholeh. What a beautiful blade. Not really my style, though. Oh my gods, now where did that come from? I've never seen that sword before, how do I know its name? Percy really was fighting well, and seemed to have the upper hand until the beast grabbed Riptide with his teeth, throwing it across Sholeh's yard. The son of Poseidon was without a weapon as the hellhound advanced.

Instinctively, Sholeh sprinted over to where Riptide lay. Just as the hellhound was about to grab Percy by the arm, she screamed, "Hey! Over here, you mutt!" Picking up the sword, she was amazed by its heaviness. Riptide seemed to fight to break free and go to its owner, but Sholeh knew she couldn't throw a heavy blade that far, so she prepared to fight the hellhound herself. When the monster reached her, she sidestepped and attacked it with Riptide, leaving a deep gash in its side. She then did a complicated move with the sword and stabbed the hellhound in the shoulder. I am really good at this, she thought, but at that moment, the monster jumped forward and pushed her over. Riptide fell about ten feet away and as the monster advanced, Sholeh knew there was no way she could get it. Suddenly, she was filled with anger. I am not going to die here. Hades, this hellhound will not kill me.

A huge fissure opened up in the ground beneath the hellhound. Sholeh stood up, watching the hellhound fall in with a look of maniacal power on her face. She smiled darkly and clenched her fists until the knuckles became white. The hellhound managed to cling to the side of the crevice until Sholeh made a motion with her hand, and flames consumed the hellhound, who vanished with a howl.

Percy ran over to the girl, who was now kneeling on the ground. Suddenly, she looked so fragile. "Are you OK?" he asked, both concerned and in awe.

"Yes, I just…. I'm so weak all of a sudden." Looking around, she asked, "Where's Grover?" The satyr was not by the door where she had left him. Then, turning to the sun car, she saw him talking nervously to Apollo, trying to convince the god to drive as if it was a normal car, and not fly through the air. "Never mind."

Percy helped her up and the two walked to the red Maserati. When Sholeh got in, Apollo eagerly asked her, "Want to drive?" Sholeh thought he was kidding until he repeated himself.

"Well, I've only ever driven up my driveway, and I'm just fifteen, but…. OK!" Sholeh exclaimed. For some reason she thought she could handle this. Percy and Grover thought otherwise.

"Sholeh, NO! Bad idea." Grover yelled.

"Jeez, why not?"

"Well, one of our friends tried once, and well…. It didn't turn out so well. And she's Zeus' daughter, so she should have control of the sky."

"Fine. You guys are no fun." Apollo sighed, also disappointed. They took off into the sky with the god at the wheel. Sholeh could see the towns below getting smaller and smaller. Turning back, she saw also that the land behind them got dark. Makes sense, she thought, if this is what Apollo drives, and he's the sun. Her eyes started to close shut and the exhausted girl fell asleep in the back seat of the sun.