"Get out of the way!"

"Yeah Pietro, move your head!"

"Shut up Lance! You know that I'm the only thing that needs to be seen."

"No you aren't!"

"Uh, yes I am."

"Look, it's gonna flash soon! Sort yourselves out!" Todd said, pointing at the screen, "hey where'd Freddy go?"

"He was too big, I sent him to get us all slushies," Pietro said, checking his hair for the millionth time.

"Woah! Flashed!"

"What!? I wasn't ready!"

"Deal with it. Get ready for the next one."

"Hey we could have had little frames!" Pietro pointed.

"Frames are for chicks."

"No they're not! They're cool. Look that one has a little panda!"

"I worry about you Pietro," Lance sighed.

"Oh look they got my good side!" Todd squealed.

"Todd, you don't have a good side," Pietro pointed out.

"Shut up!"

"You shut up!"

"You shut up!"

"I said it first!"

"No you didn't I did!"

"I did."

"No, I did."

"I know I did."

"No, I did."

"Will you two shut up! We probably wasted 5 bucks of printouts of you two fighting."

"They don't cost that much do they?" Pietro peered down at the side of the machine.

"What are you worried about?" Todd snorted, "you could probably buy this thing if you wanted."

"I want to buy some ciggies after."

"Trust me you have enough," Todd said.

"How the hell would you know? You stole from my wallet didn't you!?!"

"Maybe just a little," Todd shrunk away from the fuming Pietro, "here take it back. It was just a joke!"

"Hey here they come!" Lance yelled, getting Pietro's attention and saving Todd from the biggest bashing of his life.

"Ha, look at you Lance you got a real bad ass image going on there!"

"What about you Todd? You look like your eyes are bright yellow!"

"Hey look, it's gorgeous me!" Pietro pointed to the one of himself, imitating a supermodel.

"Ha, lookit! Todd gave you bunny ears Pietro! Hey!"

"Ha ha, looks like I'm not the only one!"


"What?" Pietro pushed his head over Todd's shoulder to look at what Todd was laughing at.

"You and Lance look like you're star-gazing!"

"What!?!" Lance joined Pietro.

"Holy shit! He's right. Lance how dare you?" Pietro pretended to slap Lance.

"I swear it wasn't like that!" Lance cried out in mock shame, "you're just two irresistible!

You simply ooze sex appeal!"

"Damn straight!" Pietro grinned, then, "ohh, look, cute Asian chick checkin' me out," as his mile a minute mind was distracted.

"Where?" Lance looked around.

"Don't draw attention!" Pietro hissed, "I don't want her to know I know."


"Hey guys I got the slushies!" Freddy said as he walked up, "hey Pietro that girl's looking at your butt."

"Ahsshhh! Could you say that any louder!?!"

"Sorry," Freddy said sheepishly. Across the games room the girl in question had gone bright red and walked away with her group of friends.

"Oh nice one Fred!" Pietro said sarcastically, "I could have scored! I am doomed to single's ville thanks to you lot."

"Ohhh, we love you too Pietro."

"Shut up Lance."

Lance laughed, "come on let's go get a burger, then we can sneak into the girls bathroom and leave some of these babies on the wall."

"Ah Lance you really do know how to cheer me up," Pietro grinned, "let's do it! Don't forget to save some for the girl's locker room at school."

"Yeah!" The Brotherhood slipped out of The Basement and into the sunlit streets of Bayville.