A/N: This is the sequel to Currently Unnamed. DO NOT read this story if you haven't read that.

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Trouble awoke with the sun in his eyes- artificial sun, that is. But he hadn't just woken up. His phone was ringing.

Trouble groaned and got out of bed, going into the kitchen to get the phone.

"Hullo?" he mumbled.

"Trouble, son, wake up. Now," Julius Root sounded urgent.

"Dad…. Dad, why're you calling me at… eight in the morning." He was so tired, it didn't even sound like a question.

"Because we need you and Holly down here. Now. We have another emergency. I'm sorry," Root apologized.

"What is it this time?" Trouble asked.

"I'll tell you when you get here. You've got 15 minutes, starting… now." Root cut the connection.

"D'Arvit," Trouble muttered as he hung up.

Then he raced back to his bedroom where Holly was sitting on his bed, waiting for him waiting for him with a questioning look.

"Another crisis, or so I'm told. Get dressed," he commanded, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

"D'Arvit," Holly swore, collapsing back on the bed. Trouble checked his monometer, pulling on his green LEP suit. His (black) Retrieval suit was in his cubicle at work. They had 12 minutes.

Holly got dressed and the two ran out the door, through the small, cluttered, and generally messy apartment, down the stairs, out the front door of the building, and into the crowded streets. They got plenty of stares, for they had pretty much rolled out of bed, yanked uniforms on, and left. They hadn't even eaten, let alone brushed their teeth or showered.

30 seconds from the deadline, two bed-headed elfin captains stood, gasping for breath, outside Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance Commander Julius Root's office. Before either of them could knock, the aforementioned elf with a very long title more or less pulled them by their collars into his office.

"We've got a group of goblins," Root informed them, "armed to the teeth with softnose lasers and batteries. Literally. Caught one this morning at three o'clock with batteries in his mouth, wired to his teeth. He was a low-ranked guy, though. Couldn't have told us nothing if he'd want to. Which he very well didn't."

The younger elves didn't point out the double negative.

"So what's our job?" Holly questioned.

"Track down these goblins. They managed- all nine of their leaders- to escape to the surface. Retrieval is going, too. Only an idiot would put only two officers, even his very best, out after nine of any creature. Holly, eh, Captain Short, get someone to give you a Retrieval jumpsuit. Tr- Captain Kelp, Grub's staying behind. Maybe his suit will fit you, Short?"

"No offense, to him, or you, but he's way to fat. Holly's much, much skinnier, and would be swimming in Grub's suit," Trouble interjected.

"Fine, just, get her a goddamn suit! Get Foaly to outfit the lot of you with Hummingbirds, moonbelts, lots of cam-foil, and Neutrinos. I want you to find the goblins, knock 'em out, tag 'em, bring 'em back. Routine stuff. Go."

Holly asked Trouble as they walked out, "How is it that we're here if this is 'routine'?"

"Maybe there's something he didn't want to tell us. I doubt he forgot, though. Probably won't tell us 'til it's to late," Trouble mused.