A/N: 185 words. Wow...

Disclaimer: Trouble, Holly, and Major Evergreen belong to Eoin Colfer, though the idea that Evergreen's name is Nick was my idea.

It was almost ten o'clock, but in Atlantis, not a single soul was in the streets. Even the gang members were inside.

Trouble stood in net, waiting. The crowd was silent. Dead silent. Skates cut the ice, the sound much louder than most would think possible.

An elf raced towards Trouble. He glanced at the clock quickly.

3… 2… 1…

Cue horn.

Cue screams.

Cue pig pile.

An elf slammed into Trouble with an enormous force, but it wasn't the same on who'd been in front of him half a second before. He was by his own bench, lamenting the loss. This elf had an auburn crew cut and big hazel eyes. The next elf to join them, a burly defenseman, knocked them right over, and anyone with a black and red jersey was piled on top of Trouble Kelp.

Major Nick Evergreen had scored the winning goal. Haven's MVP with the only goal of the game.

That Sunday, it was determined that Mud Men sports would no longer be played in the Lower Elements.

Haven couldn't field a team.