{Hey everyone, I've written many stories, but this is the first that I have had courage to post, so please send me some review

{Hey everyone, I've written many stories, but this is the first that I have had courage to post, so please send me some reviews and let me know how I'm doing!}


It had been a horribly long day. Jake and I had been on a stakeout all evening we were sitting in our car parked across the street when we spotted our suspect running out the front door and down the nearby alley. The perp was suspected for murder of course, that's all you really get when you work in homicide. Two women had been found the day before. Both died of blood loss. I had suspected this guy from the beginning, but lacked enough information or evidence for an arrest. It's hard to get a warrant when all you have to go on is the fact that you saw, first hand, in a vision, this man slice the throats of both women. Jake had protested a bit the whole stakeout idea at first, but for some reason he trusts my "intuition."

            A few minutes ago when the man had stormed out of the building, he was covered in blood and carrying a rather large knife. That seemed like some pretty good plausible cause for me.

"Freeze! Police!" Jake yelled out as he jumped out of the car and we began to chase the man into the alley.

            The guy was fast and he made sure to knock over everything that he saw hoping to slow us down. He took another turn and found himself in a dead end, with Jake and myself right behind him.

            "Put down your weapon! NYPD!" I yelled to him with my gun drawn and aimed.

            "Okay….okay" The guy muttered between heavy breaths. Apparently the chase has winded him.

            "Nice and easy." Jake said standing in the same pose as myself just a few feet to my left.

            The man followed my partner's orders and slowly leaned down to place his knife on the ground in front of him. Finally I thought to myself. I had really wanted to go home. That's when I noticed the guy pull out a small handgun from his pant leg and shoot towards my partner.

            "Jake! Gun!" I screamed out. Instantly I sprang into action and the Witchblade took over. The mysterious living weapon that I harbored on my wrist awoke and instantaneously changed into it's "battle" form. It grew into an armor-like form that gloved my hand all the way to my elbow.

            "Watch out!" I yelled as I dove in front of Jake deflecting one of the shots fired off of the Blade.

            In the process, I also knocked Jake to the ground, half in an effort to keep him out of harms way. And half because the force from the second bullet hitting me in the side pushed me back. I landed on top of him.

            "Holy shit!" Jake screamed out, his voice full of adrenaline.

            I rolled to the side and lay on the cold damp ground of the alleyway. I could see the perp running off as I winced in pain from turning my head.

            "Oh my God, Sara. You're hit." Jake lunged to my side. His hand immediately covered the wound on my stomach that had already created quite a bit of blood.

            "Yeah, thanks partner. I noticed." I managed to get out my sarcasm.

            "Shit. Shit. Shit." Jake muttered to himself as he clumsily searched his coat pocket for his cell phone with one hand and applied pressure to my wound with the other.

            "Don't call." I managed to blurt out between breaths. I was getting light headed from all of the blood loss.

            "No way Sara. You are NOT dying!" He said as he looked into my eyes, still clutching the cell phone and turning it on.

            "I know." I said simply. "Don't call."

            "Wha….?" Jake tried to ask in confusion.

            I took my still gloved hand and placed it atop of his, which was still over my wound. The jewel in the glove was glowing fiercely and the glove began to take it's more organic form as it spread across my hand, over Jake's and around my stomach. It almost moved as if it were a plant whose vines had come to life and acted like tentacles.

            Jake sat and watched. His mouth hanging open in amazement. The Witchblade had pinned his hand between itself and my stomach, although I'm not sure he even noticed until the expression on his face told me that he could feel what it was doing to me.

            "Aaaaaaah." I winced as I felt the warmth spread across me. Then without reluctance the "tentacles" retreated back to where they came and the weapon returned to it's bracelet form.

            My hand slid limply off of Jake's as I lay in sheer exhaustion.

            Jake lifted his hand and his eyes grew as he realized the wound had been healed. Only leaving behind the blood from earlier.

            "How did….?" I watched Jake try to rationalize what he had just seen. "Sara? Sara are you okay?" He asked urgently. I nodded before passing out.

            *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *