Title:Nothing But Honest Stars
Author: UrbanExtacy
Pairing: Sam/OMC Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam Anderson is a 18 year old teenager in an abusive realationship with his 21 year old boyfriend. He hate's his life intill he meet's Dean Wincester at a party.
Rating: NC-17 over all.
Warnings: Mpreg, Graphic M/M sex, Language, violence, Schmoop.
Disclaimer: I'n my own little world, males get pregnant just as easily as females.
Author's Note:
Inspired by Kahmir1 - Hired by a cowboy. (Amazing fic).

Sam Anderson sat on the toilet seat staring down at the white pregnancy stick in his hand's. He squezzed his eye's shut letting the wet liquid shead down his cheecks.

The unthinkable had happened.

Sam is pregnant, carrying Kaden's baby.

Sam knew it wold eventually happen but not now, he's to young and he doesn't want his babies lives to be in a dingy apartment, threating over their father every agonizing minute of the day, just like his own now.

But what he's really afraid of is what Kadens reaction will be.

"Sam? - you in there?" Came a gruff voice from behind the bathroom door.

Sam quickly jumped to his feet, cursing a little when he felt a little dizzy and put the pregnancy sick behind the toilet lid, so Kaden couldn't see it.

Sam's not ready to tell him about the babt just yet.

"I-Im coming." Sam said quietly, wipping the tears out of his eye's before taking a deap breath and opening the door.

"What took you so long?" Kaden demanded and grabbed both of Sam's delicate wrist's, towering over him.

"I-I-I was J-just...Making sure I l-look o-okay for when y-y-you g-go to the c-club..." Sam stuttered.

"Sam...You can do all you want but it wont change the way you look will it?" Kaden said softly, wrapping an arm around his lover's waist.

Sam was about to reply but knew better than to inturupt, so he allowed Kaden to prod on, but knowing what he was going to say, "I know you want to look prettier baby, but it's not gonna happen. Nobody wants you Sam, just me. You know I have your best interests at heart."

"I know." But honestly, that was living with kaden had brought him down to. Everything Kaden say's to him, he beleives.

"I'll make you feel better." Kaden said as he gripped Sam's hips and steered him out of the bathroom.

Sam closed his eye's tightly shut, willing for his mind to block what was coming; Again.

"So what did I tell you?" Kaden asked Sam, appraising his baby up and down, from the outfit Sam was wearing.

Sam was wearing to tight jeans which almost hurt his private parts and shown the tight curve of his ass. The white tank top just about fitted to the curve of his waist line and to top it off Kaden put chunks of eyeliner.

He looked like a hooker. Somebody's fuck-toy.

Sam look at what Kaden was wearing a pair of denim jeans and long sleeved top, cuffs rolled up.

Then he replied, "People are gonna' want me, but I'm yours."

"Yours?" Kaden's voice has darkened dangerously.

"A-a-lways your-r-s." Sam once again stutterd, Kaden was still looking at him skeptical, "I-I-I-L-l-ove Y-you."

Kaden smiled softly,"You ready go?"

Sam nodded mutely and didn't react when a arm slung around his waist tightly, as he was dragged off to yet another party to be shown off to Kaden's friends.

Dean Wincester had no idea why his hot mecanic ass was dragged to his best friends club.

Other than you know he' sex on legs and he could get anyone he ever wanted, female or male. Not that Dean was straight or anything, that's why he's at 'The Jocey Club', vlub for gays all around.

He had to hand it to his friend though, the club's gone from zero to epic just under two months. And some of the people are pretty hot, so ngetting hooked up wasn't a problem.

But being here had other percs. Like for one thing he was now seated in the VIP section, among his friends and his best friends brother with his boyfriend - And he wasn't looking forward to watch them making out on one of the blue leather couch's.

Right now Dean's sitting alone on a large spinning chair with only a beer to keep him company, waiting on the guys to get here. Which didn't take that long.

A pack of 3 guys starked in the spacious room each grabbing a seat, making sure to leave a couch free - no doubt for the couple.

"Hey man." Brendon greeted.

"Bren, man, lomg time no see." Dean said.

"Dude, I saw you at work." He said slowly.

"Yeah. A whole day and a half ago - beside's Ive been sitting here on my lonesome for ages."

"Any of you met this Kaden guy? - He's supose to be one hell of a looker." Matty whistledd.

"Yeah who is taken and is Carter's little brother." Dean pointed out and he watched Matty defleate.

"But I heard his boyfriend's pretty." Tom pipped in.

Evryone gave him a What-the-hell, look.

"He's taken Tom." Brendon drawled, "Beside's Mattie isn't that desperate for a boy."

Mattie flushed.

"You are? -"Dean said, "God man, have you even popped your cherry yet?"

Mattie looked away and everyone started to laugh untill Tom stopped them giving Dean a warning.

"Hey guys." A voice travelled from the doorway, standing there was Crater. "This my little brother Kaden and his boy -Sam."

All eye's watched as Kaden walked in, arm possesively around Sam's waist who looked a bit on the uncomfatable side.

Dean's eye's lingerd on the young boy, dragging his eye's from thoose silky locks to his cat like eye's covered in thick black eyeliner, making him look extremely sexy, he took in thoose long leg's and finally rested on the boy's plum lips.

Kill me now, Dean thought.