Title:Nothing But Honest Stars
Author: UrbanExtacy
Pairing: Sam/OMC Sam/Dean
Summary: Sam Anderson is a 18 year old teenager in an abusive realationship with his 21 year old boyfriend. He hate's his life intill he meet's Dean Wincester at a party.
Rating: NC-17 over all.
Warnings: Mpreg, Graphic M/M sex, Language, violence, Schmoop.
Disclaimer: I'n my own little world, males get pregnant just as easily as females. No flames!
Author's Note:
Update for you all. I decided to write two.

Sam saw Kaden ot of the corner of his eye's pointing at Dean and before Sam could thing about what he was doing, he screamed Dean's names, jumped in front of Dean and pushed him out if harms way and then something hit him and the pain exploded inhis chest and everywhere.

He wasn't conscious any more by the time he hit the ground.

As soon as Sam hit the grond Dean lunged at Kaden, who was stood stock still, and tackled him to the ground, wrestling the gun from the Kaden's hands and aimed it at Kaden, he growled, "Rot in hell."

He pulled the trigger and Kaden fell to the ground in his own puddle of red blood.

"Come on Sammy, open those eye's for me,"

Sam was drifting into a sea of pain, he was sure he cold reconize the voice but thinking was just too hard.

When he slowly started waking up againm he hadn't really gotten and better but he couldn't will himseld to drift back off into a peaceful sleep. He groaned and then slowly opened his eye's. He hurt everywhere, and he desperately didn't weant to awake at all.

"That's it baby, keep those eye's open for me." Dean's voice was frantic, an emotion Sam never thought Dean would show.

Sam's hand was in Dean's, Dean's thumb soothing over the skin on the inside of his palm, he tried to speak but a wae of pain washed over his body and he moaned in pain.

Dean quickly got up off his chair pressing the button at the side of Sam's bedset, alerting the nurses and doctors, all the while speaking softly to Sam.

Two nurses and a doctor came rushing in, one heading straight toward's Sam's IV and injected something into the IV to help with the pain.

Sam's eye's sort Dean and there he was hovering over Sam's form, smothing Sam's bangs out of his eye's, "Hey, hey..."

Sam wanted to know what Dean was saying but even with the pain relief, he still hurt all over, he squeezed his eyes shut and then he was drifting back off again, with two imortant things in his thouhts.


And the baby...

Dean looked down at a now unconscious Sam, he placed a tentive kiss too the boy's forehead before turning his attetion to the doctor who was waiting patientely on the other side of Sam's bed.

When Sam fully remained conciouss again, Dean was siting on the chair on his side of the bed with his head pillowed in his arm's on Sam's bed, awaiting for Sam to wake up.

Sam reached a tentive hand up towards Dean's head and placed it there gentely, He called weakly "Dee.."

Dean stirred under the touch and brought his head up to lock with beautiful hazel-green eye's. Acting quickly, Dean grabbed hold of Sam's mostly lax hand, "Hey, how are you feeling?"

"I.." He tried but failed, "W-water?"

"Of course." Dean said with a small smile and retrieved some water from the mug on the bedside table. he helped Sam into a sitting position and placed the glass to Sam's lips.

"Thank you." Sam said softly once he finished.

"Your welcome." He smiiled.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked tentively. No knowing if he wanted to know the answer.

Dean's smile faltered, "I just thouht you could use some company... If you would rather be alone then..."

"No!" He said quickly and blushed, his bangs falling in front of his face, "I- I.. I mean, thanks."

With an amused expression, Dean reached his hand over and moved the bangs out of Sam's eye's without thinking. But before either could utter a word, Doctor.Martin rntered the room with a clip board.

Sending a smile to Sam and a nod to Dean he adressesd Sam, "Glad to see your awake Mr.Anderson."

Sam smilled shyly and despite the akwardness that confronted the two boys moments ago, Sam still reached out his hand to Dean, who clasped it tight.

The doctor looked don at the two entwined hands and, "You must be Mr. Andersons boyfriend?"

At the mention of the word boyfriend Sam's eye's suddenly filled with fear, "Where is Kaden?"

"Hey, Shh...He's not here Sammy. He can't get you, your safe." Dean soothed, although part of that statement was a total lie. He didn't like lying to Sam but if he had to then he would.

"So your not his boyfriend?" He eye'd Dean, who was now looking rather uncomfatable.

Doc, I wish I was... Dean thought, "N-No, Just a friend."

If he was looking at Sam right then he would have found hurt tearing out Sam's feline like eyes.

The doctor nodded and then pressed on, "Mr. Anderson, the bullet wound you took to your shoulder, it hadn't been dangerous but as you have noticed it is extremely painful. We've put you on some anxiety medication and a heavy dose of painkillers but other then that I find know no need to why you can't go back home."

Dean smilled at Sam, who returned it but their smile turned upset down on what the doctor had to say next.

"Now I believe your pregnant?" He asked Sam and Sam nodded, one hand coming up to rest on his stomache protectively.

Dean looked at Sam wth worried eyes before returning his gaze towards the doctor, "Doc?"

"Right, you took a nasty fall and we thought that you lost your child but thankfuly you haven't.."

"So that means my baby is fine right?" Sam asked, and Dean squezzed Sam's hand, before rubbing his thub over Sam's mooth skin.

"... It's a little more to it than that."

Feeling his heart sink Sam started to panick, "What do you mean?"

"Calm down Sam. The stress isn't good for the baby and we are well aware that you have been putting up alot of stress haven't you Mr. Anderson." the doctor stated.

Dean tensed a little but forced himelf to relax for Sam's sake. Which ever way Sam choose then Dean wold be there for him and supporting him but most importanty - Protecting him.

"Before you ask, your baby in normal and quite healthy condition. But when we treated you, we found alot of dark bruises. One's from physical approaches while the other sexually. We also fond numours scars..."

"..Shut up."

Dean, shocked at Sam's outburst, snapped his head towards Sam who was now crying. Dean quickly took am into a hug, burying Sam's head in the crock of his neck.

"Mr. Anderson you have shown signs that you are indeed in an abusive relationship..."

Dean snapped, "You said the stress isn't good for the baby, so shut the hell up and leave us in peace."

"Mr. Winchester, I would appreciate it if..."

Dean could feel Sam's tears wetting his shirt covered shoulder and heard a faint whisper, "Make him leave, please make him leave..."

"Please doc? Just leave us alone." Dean spoke calmly.

With a nod the doctor walked out the door and shut it behind him.

Next chapter: Dean and Sam's first kiss. So any Idea's just give it to me.