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A Baby?

Authors note: I'm not including the season finale. It's too much angst to write, that are already in my other stories, now it's domestic drama.

Chapter 1

Cameron and Chase lay naked in bed, panting at the activities they had just finished. They both smiled at the greatness of it.

"I want to have a baby," Chase randomly said out loud. Cameron didn't answer she just turned to her side and ignored him. "You know you want one to."

"I thought you would at least marry me first." She told him, not that she wanted to marry him either.

"We're engaged and I don't want to wait."

"Chase I don't want to talk about this right now." She replied shutting off the light.

"Ok but eventually I want to."They lights went out.


"Ahh Cuddy! Chase wants a baby." She said when they were out for lunch that afternoon. Cuddy looked a little worried and somewhat shocked. Cuddy placed both forearms on table and flew her hands up without much force.

"A little rambunctious isn't he?" She commented with a slight shake of the head, her curls bouncing. "As I've always said, I don't think you and Chase are right for each other...what ever you do just don't settle for him."

"If he wasn't so good in bed I think I would've left him by now. I think I'm going to break it off. Could I stay with you for a couple of days?"

"This is really kind of spontaneous, are you sure you thought this all through?" Cameron nodded, she had been thinking about it for a while now. "Ma maison est ton maison!" (My house is your house but french)

"Oh merci!! Anyway you haven't told me the latest new about Wilson." Cuddy looked confused.

"Cameron, there's nothing between me and Wilson, he has Amber now. Actually, I didn't know if I was going to tell anyone but I'm seeing House at the moment." Cameron's eyes stayed intent but her chin fell down, along with her heart stopping. She had a sick feeling and her body suddenly received an adrenaline rush and she become nervous and shaky.

Cameron didn't want to move, thinking she would knock something over and become suspicious. She didn't want to speak incase it came out stutters. Cuddy didn't seem to notice, how her whole body went tense, though she did see shock.

"I know, but I just can't help it anymore. I can't even explain it." But Cameron couldn't hear the rest of spiel she was gossiping for Cameron emotions had it rock bottom again. There must be something wrong with her that she couldn't get over that man. That when she was living a different life she always thought about how he fit into it. It shouldn't be like that.


"Wilson, you have to help me somehow." Cameron pleaded after spilling her problems.

"Last I check I'm not a psychologist, and you don't have cancer." He replied looking through some cases.

"There must be something wrong with me, I like House." She whined. Wilson nodded in agreement.

"Yes, it's just not physical...Cam," He put this papers down and looked at her. "House has always had a thing for you, but it's been four years, don't you think something would've happened by now? Look I think Cuddy is good for him. You might I add have a guy that loves you and wants to have a family with you. You should be happy, just move on." Cameron looked defeated because Wilson was completely right.

"Thanks."She muttered getting up and leaving.

"I'm sorry, but these things sometimes can't come out the way we want."


"Chase, lets have a baby." She said coming into the bedroom, he directly put down the magazine in his hand.

"Really." She nodded with a fake smile while she masked her uncertainty.