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Chapter 9

A Baby?

"Sometimes I wonder why I put up with being your friend." Wilson said dropping the last box in the apartment.

"But boss I have a hurt leg." House replied and popped a pill.

"Well you should've hired some movers instead of using your best friend like that." Amber said unloading the boxes.

"I told you not to bring her." House whispered to Wilson.

"You think I would miss how pissed Cameron is going to be about this?" Amber supplied with satisfaction.

"You think she's going to hate this?" Wilson asked questionably. "I think it is a great plan, she'll be so surprised."

"Yeah, Surprised that she told House she needed time to think about this, she leaves town for 1 week and then comes back to find that everything is rearranged."

"This is why I said don't bring her," He said to Wilson. Then he turned to Amber on the other side of the room "And you, she told me to show her I wanted her. I think this is a good way of doing it." House defended.

"Look to the romantic in Cameron, she'll love it. So the skeptic in Cameron, she'll think that you did this as another way to tell her you are right and she is wrong and you don't think her say has any value to her. So when you bring her through that door you better be planning something that doesn't sound like "It's more practical for you to be here."" Amber finished the box she had unpacked. "I think it's time we let House do some of the work, Wilson we're going out to lunch. Don't worry House we'll bring some back for you." Wilson looked between the two and started walking away with Amber.

"Coward!" House said to Wilson.

Wilson gave a final tip as he walked out the door. "Remember Cameron likes bright colors, so don't paint the walls brown."

They shut the door behind them and House looked at the unfamiliar apartment. Buying it had been a whim. If he had moved into her apartment and it would seem like he was invading but if he moved her stuff into his apartment she would've felt controlled. So he had bought a new one to show that both their lives had moved. It had three bedrooms; this was bigger than both their apartments. Each had been one bedroom. Amber, though he hated to admit it, had pointed out that he had to compromise with the placement of the new furniture.

Though, House wasn't going to do this alone. He really couldn't either. He hated Amber. He didn't have anyone to call that would come. He could make thirteen and Kutner do it. But he didn't want this to be publicized if it didn't work…. House picked up the phone and called Foreman.


House opened the door to find an irritated looking black man at his door. (I'm not racist)

"I'm doing this for Cameron but not for you." He said coming in. "Now what do you want me to do?"

"I know you are not an interior decorator but I need to separate both Cam's and my stuff equal and then I need help moving it."

"Did you just say you need help?"

"Didn't I when I called you?"

"No you never used the word "help""

"Are you going to or not?" House said getting slightly angry. Foreman smiled and nodded. "Shut-up"


Surprisingly together they had painted the walls (bright colors, except the bedroom). The furniture almost got them into a fist fight but after two hours or so everything had been placed. The baby's room had been painted and furniture put in. In the extra room was where he put Cameron's bed and her personal boxes which he didn't open. It was very lucky that she hadn't unpacked too much. There wasn't too much to pack in her apartment.

House cracked open two beers and gave one to Eric. "Thanks."

"It wasn't too bad, I guess…you're welcome. So when is Cameron coming back?" Foreman asked curiously.

"Tonight at seven." Foreman looked at his watch.

"So you have an hour." House jumped up from the counter. "Yeah you better get going."

"She'll kill me if I leave her at the airport." House nodded to Foreman again and left the apartment.


"House? I thought that Wilson was picking me up?" Cameron asked coming out of the airport and seeing House's parked car.

"I asked for that honor." He said. She looked please and he put her suitcase in the trunk as she got in.

"We'll this is a surprise." She commented putting her seatbelt.

"A good one?" He asked. She looked at him and nodded. "Are you up for one more?"

She looked him up and down and a frown appeared on her face. "What kind of a surprise?"

"You'll see" He said.

"Oh great."


"House what are we doing here?" She said in the elevator going up to the 4th floor.

"It's a surprise."

"Yeah, every time you say that it just makes me more nervous." He smiled at this but on the inside he was tense. She wasn't going to appreciate this; she's going to hate this. She's going to yell at him. She's going to get pist and he is not going to know what to do.

House nervously went up to the door marked 441. She looked him and looked at the door. He opened it and swung the door open.

Cameron sharply in took a breath when she realized that that was her furniture.


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