The Legend of Spyro: Rise of The Dragons


Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx were all in the Well of Souls. The only thing that they could do was watch in horror as the Well of Souls started to collapse. Spyro knew they weren't going to get out in time. "Sparx, Cynder, Just go." said Spyro. "No Spyro, we will not leave you. We will get out together." said Cynder. "I usually would say to not listen to her but, this time she is RIGHT!!" yelled Sparx. Just as soon as Spyro regained his strength, their way out, was blocked. "Oh no, we're trapped!" said Spyro. Cynder, Sparx, and Spyro, looked at each other as if their lives were coming to an end. Just then Spyro remembered something the Chronicler told Spyro. "Ride out this Storm, and Live to fight another Day." Spyro knew what he had to do. "Get close to me, now!" said Spyro. Cynder and Sparx got near Spyro. Spyro then raised his wings. Yellow started flashing around his horns. It then spread around them, and made a huge gem that had them all together inside. The Well of Souls continued to collapse with Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx inside a gem that protected them.