Indiana Jones

and the

Kindom of the Crystal Skull

1952 Version

Summary: The events of the movie take place five years sooner: 1952.

Author's Note: Mutt is just fifteen when he tracks Indy down. Will follow story line of movie pretty well, if you haven't seen it DON'T READ THIS.

Warning: spanking later on.

Disclaimer: I don't own Indiana Jones or any of these characters. They belong solely to George Lucas, Steven Spielburg, and Paramount Pictures.

Chapter 1: The Hero

The year was 1952.

The army caravan moves down the Nevada roads without incident, intent on reaching their specific destination without causing a scene.

A car load with four teenagers, two boys and two girls, pulls along side the lead car. Their in a souped-up 1930 something hot rod and are obviously expecting a race.

The young looking driver of the army vehicle, a 1950 sedan in drab olive green with a white star on the driver's side door, is more than happy to race. Unfortunately, the colonel sitting next to him isn't. Though the kids keep egging him on, the driver slows the vehicle down to give the others in the caravan a chance to catch up. The kids move on, the boys hollering victory cries into the wind and the girls turning around to blow kisses at the "losers".

"Spoiled brats," the colonel mutters, and the driver nods his head in agreement with him.

Turning onto a side road, the caravan comes to a halt in front of a guard gate, three guards at the ready to stop any and all who would enter the military facility beyond the gate. The colonel exits the car, making his way over to the waiting guards—who upon recognizing his rank go to attention and salute.

"I'm sorry, Sir," the lead guard tells him, "but this entire area is off limits for the next twenty four hours for weapons testing. T-That includes you, Sir."

The colonel, a sharp faced man with a menacing expression, smiled humorlessly. Bending down to tie his boot laces, he reveals the machine guns pointed at the guards. The sound of gun fire erupts and then three thuds are heard.

Getting back up, the colonel smiles at the sight of the three bullet-riddled guards.

Issuing orders, the colonel climbs back into the car and the caravan drives on into the military base. Stopping at a hangar marked 51, both driver and colonel exit. A troop of armed men surround the car, and the colonel orders that their prisoners be brought of the trunk.

The first brought out is a squat looking man with graying brown hair and a short mustache.

"No, not him," the colonel orders, "bring out the professor."

A second man is brought out and tossed to the ground. His fedora hat is thrown beside him, picking it up as he gets to his feet he puts it on and faces his captors. He's a tall man with graying hair in his early fifties. His sharp jaw and penetrating gray-blue eyes stare at the men first in confusion but then in anger when he hears the Russian most of them are speaking.

His name is Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. and he is an Proffesor of Archeology; part time.

The rest of the time, he is...The Hero.