Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

and the

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

1952 Version

Summary: The events of the movie take place five years sooner: 1952.

Author's Note: Mutt is just fifteen when he tracks Indy down. Will follow story line of movie pretty well, if you haven't seen it DON'T READ THIS.

Warning: spanking later on.

Disclaimer: I don't own Indiana Jones or any of these characters. They belong solely to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, and Paramount Pictures.

Chapter 19: The Wedding

The small white chapel on Marshall College's campus was filled with faculty, students, and long time friends on a bright summer day that boasted a gentle breeze and a cloudless sky. They had gathered to witness a most memorable event, probably the most memorable in the college's long history: Professor Henry "Indiana" Jones was getting married!

Indy stood at the front of the chapel, dressed in a brand new white suit, shirt, and bowtie. Beside him stood Marion, wearing a lovely white dress that was neither too elegant nor too informal; in fact, it was just right. It brought out her natural beauty, especially her bright blue eyes.

Those eyes shown with much happiness at this moment! She had waited for this moment for over thirty years. Today, finally, Indiana Jones was going to be her husband!

Standing on the other side of Indy, was Mutt. Dressed in gray suit similar to his father's, he looked quite dashing. He hadn't failed to notice that some of his father's female students were eyeing him appreciatively.

He straightened his tie a little bit more; maybe this dressing up thing wasn't so bad after all. He had wanted to wear his leather jacket, but his mom had vetoed that idea immediately. He still got to wear his motorcycle boots, though, so that was at least a little compensation.

The minister was just coming to the end of the ceremony. "Now that the vows have been spoken and the rings received," he said, speaking to the couple and those assembled, "it is my great pleasure to pronounce—"

He was cut off rather abruptly when Marion thrust her bouquet of flowers into his hands, grabbed a hold of Indy's jacket, and yanked him down into a kiss. She had waited thirty years, nine months, seventy-two hours, and thirty minutes she wasn't waiting a moment longer!

Finally: They were Professor and Mrs. Jones…and son, of course.

Indy was surprised at first, but then embraced her and kissed her back. The kiss heated his blood, sending it throughout his body…to certain "areas" he'd begun to wonder if they still functioned or not.

Oh, yeah, it still works all right!

"Atta boy, Henry," Harold Oxley, once more the clean shaven academic he had once been, yelled out as he applauded the loudest of all. "Well done!"

Indy pulled back. "Thanks, Ox," he called out; only to have it echoed a fraction of a second later by his son. He glared at the teenager.

Mutt shrugged. What'd I do?

Indy rolled his eyes, but turned back to Marion to pull her into another kiss. Again, the crowd applauded and cheered.

Mutt looked a bit disgusted being this close to his parents while they made out, so he moved down while others moved up to congratulate the couple. He was reaching for his jacket, which he'd given to Ox to guard with his life when the doors were blown open by a particularly strong gust of wind and his father's fedora blew off the hat rack and landed at his feet.

Picking it up, he dusted it off. He looked at it, then glanced at his father to make certain he wasn't watching, and then ever so slowly he started to place it on his head. Just to see if it fits, of course…

He had only got it within inches of his scalp when it was snatched rather abruptly out of his hands by his father. "Nice try, Junior," Indy told him, hooking him with his arm and starting down the aisle towards the door with Marion on one arm and Mutt on the other.

"I was only gonna try it on," the teenager grumbled good-naturally.

Indy smirked. "Maybe someday, son," he told him, "but not today."

They had stepped outside, to be greeted with rice thrown at them from the assembled (motley) guests. Indy's car had been decorated for the occasion, including cans tied to the back of it with words "JUST MARRIED: FINALLY!" hanging from the trunk.

The caused Mutt to think of something he hadn't asked them before now. "Where you going on your honeymoon?"

Indy and Marion smiled. They had both been in full agreement about this. "Paris," they answered simultaneously.

Mutt scratched his head. "Why?" he asked.

They both shrugged. "We've never been there together," his father told him.

"Oh," Mutt said, grinning. "Well, have a good time. Drop me a letter or post card, will ya?"

Indy grinned, looking at his new wife. "I guess we should tell him," he said, smirking.

Marion rolled her eyes. "Don't belabor it, Henry," she ordered, gently, "just tell him."

Indy winced. He was still getting used to her calling him that. It just didn't sound right, somehow…or even worse it did.

"Tell me what?" Mutt asked, eyeing them both suspiciously.

"You're coming with us," Indy told him, bluntly.

Mutt's mouth dropped open. "What the hell!" he exclaimed, stunned.

"Henry Jones!" both his parents exclaimed, glaring.

Mutt blushed. "Sorry," he said, "but who takes their teenage son along on their honeymoon!?"

"We do," Indy told him. "This is our chance to do something as a family—now that we are a family. Think of it as a family vacation…probably the only one we're gonna get this year."

"Why's that?" Mutt asked, still trying to accept what he'd been told.

"Because in the fall you and I'll be too busy to go anywhere," Indy told him. By now, they had all piled into the car.

"What are we going to be doing?" Mutt asked, still trying to figure all this out.

"Well," Indy told him, "I'll be busy being an associate dean and teaching…and you'll be busy learning."

Mutt groaned. "Ah, man," he complained, "I'd hoped ya'd have forgotten about that."

Indy smirked. "Nope," he said, grinning. "I told you we weren't finished with or discussion and I meant it."

"But, Dad, " Mutt started to argue, but was cut off.

"No buts, Junior," Indy told him, firmly. "Come fall you're butt is going to be sitting in a desk—whether it's on a cushion or not will be up to you."

Mutt eyes widened that. "Man," he grumbled, slouching down in his chair. His whole day had just been ruined.

"Cheer up, sweetie," Marion told him, smiling. "You're going to have lots of fun in Paris."

Mutt rolled his eyes. "Sure," he said, "I get to sight see while you two get to—"

"Henry," again both his parents glared at him, cutting him off.

Mutt smirked. "I'm going to be hearing that a lot, aren't I?" he asked, knowingly.

Indy smirked at his son. "You're a Jones," he said, chuckling, "that much is certain. Everybody ready to go."

"More than ready," Marion told him, happily.

Mutt sighed. "I guess," he said, then smiled, "let's burn rubber, Pops!"

Indy smirked. "You got it, son," he said, and pressed the gas petal to the floor.

Tires squealing, the Joneses pulled away with the cans flying out behind them.

Indy couldn't help but smile.

Maybe I'm not too old after all.

The End.

(Sequel: The Honeymoon Adventure. Coming soon.)