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Bella's POV

Today was a nice day. The sun was shining without a cloud in sight and the birds chirped happily as time moved forward.

To an outsider looking in, all that would be seen was a brown haired girl with matching eyes and pale skin sitting in the park reading a book on a nice day. They would see nothing out of the ordinary with just a simple glimpse. But that wasn't the case at all. To the ones that looked at her, the ones that really looked, could see that all of the answers were in her eyes.

True, her eyes were on the page but they were not reading the words, after all she had been on that same page for at least three hours or so. If someone would have just taken the time out to look at her, they would see the dark purple circles under her eyes, the deadly paleness of her skin and the way she walked with her head always down and her shoulders slumped. But that wasn't all. Her eyes held no life; they had no sparkle that most would have. They were just there, with nothing special in them that showed she was there anymore. It hadn't been there for a while, so it hurt even more when she noticed how no one in her life seemed to notice how different she had become.

No one ever saw this because she knew how to hide her pain. No one knew her secrets because she knew how to lie. No one knew how much it hurt to see the one person you love the most fall into someone else's arms, knowing they would never feel that way about you. No one ever would, because no one knew me. Not even my best friend, who I always told everything to.

He didn't even know my secrets, because I knew how to hide it.

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