The Doctor had no clue where he was

The Doctor had no clue where he was. He had been taking a nap on the TARDIS sofa, and when he woke up, he was…here.

He glanced around confusedly. He appeared to be in some sort of office, or studio, or something. He ran his fingers through his fuzzy hair and let out a huge sigh, thinking. How in the world had he ended up here?

Suddenly, someone came around a corner carrying a stack of papers and a cup of some steaming hot beverage. Once he caught sight of the Doctor, he dropped the papers and beverage.

"David?" he gasped, with an incredulous look on his face. "What are you doing here in your pajamas?"

"Pardon?" the Doctor said. He looked down and saw that he was, in fact, barefoot and in his pajamas, most likely from the nap. "Who's David?"

The man knelt down to gather the papers and the now-empty cup. "Don't be stupid," he replied, attempting to shake the rapidly cooling liquid off one of the documents.

"Okay…" the Doctor muttered vaguely. It must be a rift, he decided. He must have landed at a large space-time rift and that's how he was here. Weird things happened at rifts…

"I'll be right back," He finally said, and spun around. Once he was out of sight of the man, he narrowed his eyes at a wall and thought very hard about how he could get out of this mess. The wall didn't seem to spark any significant thoughts, so he stepped outside to see if that helped.

Suddenly, he heard a tremendous screaming noise and glanced up quickly to see a huge stampede of teenage girls running towards him, many of them waving pieces of paper or sporting cameras, all of them shouting with glee.

Oh, no, he thought. Teenage girls. Then, he was running for his life.

He quickly rounded a corner, vaulted over a very confused looking pedestrian, and dove into the nearest door. He rolled to the left, behind a counter, and cautiously glanced around it. He saw the rampaging teenagers pass by, trampling the occasional unfortunate who got in their way.

The Doctor leaned back with a huge sigh of relief, only to see he'd run into a science fiction convention. Some part of him told him that this was very, very, bad.

"David?" a familiar voice said. He looked up.

Rose was looking at him a bit confusedly. "What are you doing here in your pajamas?"

Heh…sadly, that's all there is. Maybe if you guys really, really, really bother me, I'll add another chapter…