The four had ended up beaming down right in front of the office where the Doctor had first woken up

The four had ended up beaming down right in front of the office where the Doctor had first woken up. After getting their bearings and hiding from the general public as soon as possible, they finally had a chance to talk about what had transpired and get everyone into the right outfits.

"I still don't get it." Billie said. "Why did you two switch clothes?"

"Well, we're identical," Began David.

"And I couldn't have possibly gotten away or disabled their ship once they brought me up to the bridge." The Doctor continued for him. "Nor could David here have escaped the holding cell. So, we switched, so that I could sabotage the ship without being caught on the bridge with no one able to rescue me, and David would be up on the bridge as a distraction." He grinned. "Simple, really."

John exhaled deeply, obviously a bit stressed. "You don't even know how much this messes with my perception of reality," He said, glaring at the Doctor. "You're not supposed to exist."
"Yeah, I get that a lot," he replied cheerily. Then, he glanced at the sky and saw where the sun was. "Well," he sighed, looking back down at the three actors, "Time I'll be getting back." He took his screwdriver out of his pocket and adjusted the setting, then pressed it against the TARDIS key, which he was also holding. There was a sudden flash of light that escaped from the key, and the grating sound of the TARDIS was heard.

"What'd you do?" Billie asked.

"Called it with a temporal blast. Sort of like a dog whistle." The Doctor breathed.

The sound of the TARDIS got louder and a blue box could be seen materializing.

David shook his head in astonishment. The sound was familiar to him, but he never thought he'd hear it actually coming from a time capsule.

The TARDIS had finished coming and the Doctor stepped forward with his key, unlocked the door, and opened it. He turned around to beam at them, blocking a tantalizing view of the inside. "You were all brilliant," he grinned.

"Thanks," John replied with a smile. "See you later?"

"…m-yeah," The Doctor replied after a short pause. "Never know with me, do you?" He waved cheerily, slipped inside, and the door swung shut behind him. The sound like a great pair of bellows surrounded them.

The three watched the TARDIS disappear, when Billie muttered, "I think I'm going to go see a psychologist," She whirled on her heel and left.

"Me too," John breathed, and followed quickly.

David lingered a minute, watching the place where the TARDIS had just been. He was about to follow John and Billie when the sound of the time capsule returned to his ears.

He swung around to see the ship materializing again. The door swung open and the Doctor leaned out.

"Sorry," he said, but didn't sound particularly apologetic. "I forgot to ask you. How did you know about the Psychologists of Langorl?"

"What do you mean?" David laughed. "I was just making that up."

"You're a very lucky bloke, then," Ten beamed. "Cos you were right." He leaned against the doorframe, and then continued, "Another thing."

David mimicked the action perfectly by leaning against a wall. "What?"

The Doctor hesitated, considering, then said, "I'm not traveling with anyone right now. Want to come for a quick ride?" He suddenly turned stern. "Just one, mind you. Don't want to keep you too long."

David blinked incredulously, and was about to agree, before he stopped and thought twice about it. "No," he finally said. "Can't. Got things to do here. Episodes to film, fans to impress."

"You sure?" The Doctor said cautiously. "Forty years from now, won't you want to look back on your life and say you were able to get into the police box?"

The very next day, Russell T. Davies was in a rush. After getting the deal with the stolen car sorted out (they'd found it in front of Tennant's flat for some reason) he had to deal with the problem of the missing star. They were supposed to be filming that very day.

"Right," he said, addressing one of the camera operators. "We wait another half hour, then we shoot without him."

"How do we shoot without him?" the camera operator asked. "Use a window dummy?"

"No," Davies snapped, a sudden horror in his eyes. "No window dummies."

The cameraman sighed and continued, "And he's probably not going to be here within the next thirty minutes anyway, seeing as he's been kidnapped. What, you expect him to suddenly show up, all cleaned up and ready for filming."

Davies had no response for him, but he didn't need one. David Tennant suddenly rushed in, looking expressively battered and covered in an unidentifiable green glop.

"Huh." The cameraman thought aloud. "I was half right."

"David!" Davies cried, ignoring the operator. "What happened to you?"

"Nothing much," the actor panted, dusting the glop off his arms. "But I'm never seeing puppies in the same way again."