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Recap: Chihiro, drawn into the Spirit World against her will, teams up with Haku to take over the bathhouse from Yubaba and start a new reign of peace. In the midst of their planning, Haku introduces Chihiro to Rin, who helps the human girl by contacting Chihiro's adopted mother in the human world. Mayu, Chihiro's adopted mother and an exiled spirit, agrees to bring human supplies over the border in order to help the rebellion effort and to be with her adopted daughter.

Chapter Fifteen Teaser

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Chihiro fidgeted anxiously. She was waiting for Rin, who would be at her rooms any moment in order to escort her to the gateway. The two women had made a habit of showing up all over the bathhouse and the village together during the past two days, as they figured that Rin and Chihiro walking off toward the gateway together would be less noticeable than Haku escorting Chihiro on an unscheduled stroll out of the immediate area.

Finally, the brusque knock came on the frame of the shoji screen before it slid open. Rin stepped into the room as Chihiro stood up. Rin simply stared at her for a few moments.

"Are you colorblind?" the spirit woman asked eventually, one eyebrow casually raised. Chihiro frowned and confusion, and then looked down at herself.

She giggled; it might seem that way to other people. But Chihiro just liked color. Today she was wearing a turquoise, knee-length tiered skirt, plum-colored tights, and an emerald blouse.

"No," Chihiro replied, smiling. "But I know I look…different. I've always dressed like this, except when I'm just lounging around. My favorite outfit when I was little was a green and white striped shirt, pink shorts, and yellow tennis shoes."

Rin rolled her eyes. "You suck at blending in," she said. "Come on, let's go."

The two strolled nonchalantly through the bathhouse, occasionally stopping to chat with a friendly spirit or wave at acquaintances from across the room. Chihiro was thankful to see that fewer spirits looked at her like she was scum and more looked at her like she was just another citizen on the Spirit World.

Then again, there were still the few who seemed like they were trying to kill her with their eyes. Chihiro sighed.

The village was busy, but few looked their way as they made their way to the outskirts of the shops. Chihiro paused at the top of a set of wide, stone steps that led down to a spread of river rocks that further off gave way to a grassy plain. In the distance, she could see a large red building.

"Rin," Chihiro said. "I thought that this area was covered in water. Was I wrong?"

Rin shook her head. "No, but the water comes and goes. Most often there's grass when the gateway is open, but sometimes there's grass otherwise. No one will be suspicious."

"Huh," Chihiro said thoughtfully. She tried to calculate any possible risks that the changing water/land might cause their side in the future battle, but could think of nothing. Most, if not all, of the fighting would be done inside of the village walls.

She pushed the possible destruction out of her mind.

"Come on, slowpoke," Rin called from the bottom of the steps. "This is as far as we can go, but we also have the best view of the gateway from down here."

Chihiro made a face, but hopped her way down the steps anyway. Once at the bottom, she flopped down next to where Rin was reclined, taking in the sun with a rare peaceful smile on her face.

Chihiro smiled at the sight until Rin said without changing expression, "Stop staring at me, you freak."

Ignoring the insult because she knew the other woman didn't truly mean it, Chihiro took up staring at the tiny dark shadow on the red building that was the gateway. She shuddered unintentionally, imagining a day years ago when her parents went in the other side and never came back out.

Rin's voice interrupted her unhappy memories. "How's dragon boy?" she asked Chihiro with a smirk.

Chihiro smirked back and attempted to fight away the blush she felt creeping up on her.