Her lips are soft as she presses them to mine, her hair falling gently info my face, brushing my skin, her fingers lacing with mine as her lips part, her tongue flicking against mine. As she draws back, just enough so that we can look at one another, I feel a grin spread across my face.

"You're an idiot," she mumbles, trying not to smile but I can see the muscles twitch at the corners of her red lips.

"Is that a yes?" I laugh, ignoring the cat calls and whistles from both the ice and the crowd.

"It's a maybe," she sighs, rolling her dark eyes at me but I can tell that she's biting the inside of her cheek to stop from smiling.

"I'll take it," I grin, offering her my lips again, a shudder running through my entire body when she leans into the kiss, deepening it.

"Is this public enough for you?" I whisper, my lips brushing hers as they curl into the hint of a real smile at last.

"Can we go on with the game now, do you think?" the ref clears his throat as he opens the door to the penalty box. With one more roll of her chocolate coloured eyes, Jen shakes her head and heads back to her seat while I slide back onto the bench, grinning from ear to ear.

"Yeah, sorry 'bout that." I shrug, watching him huff and puff and try to look disapproving but I can see the twinkle in his eyes. Both Mad Max and Gronk give the door a smack as they skate by, but I don't care. I can't stop smiling.

I was a little worried when it took so long for her to get up out of her seat. Actually for a minute or so there I thought she wouldn't. But when she did...the look in her eyes…I just knew that everything was going to be okay.

"Where are you going?" Jen looks up at me with her eyes all wide and full of panic as I get up, glancing up at the scoreboard.

"I'm meeting Ruuts down in the dressing room," I smile down at her. "Don't worry, we'll come back for you."

"You're…leaving me here?" she gasps, pushing her self up from the hard bench, but I just reach down and put my hand on her shoulder.

"I said we'll be back. I'll probably be back in a couple minutes. I mean, as much as I'd like them to, they're not going to let me in the showers are they?" She nods, smiling, but the panic hasn't quite left her eyes. "I'll be back, I promise."

"You'd better," she sighs, looking very unimpressed with me. I think she's feeling a little over exposed, what with all the kissing and whistling and what not. I just nod and head towards the tunnel in time to beat the crowds as the buzzer sounds to end the game. I glance towards the ice to see the boys in red celebrating their victory, Jarkko hugging his new team mates on the bench as the boys in black skate solemnly across the ice and into the tunnel. I'd feel sorry for them, but, well, they are the enemy now.

Leaning against the cool concrete in the tunnel, I watch him skate toward me, his broad grin getting impossibly broader as his gaze focuses on me and I have a moment to wonder if I'll ever get tired of seeing that happy, cocky grin. I doubt it.

"My hero," I whisper against his lips as he tips mine up for a soft kiss.

"Most wives get upset at the sight of blood," he whispers back, his lips trailing down the line of my jaw until his teeth sink into my earlobe, "especially pregnant ones."

"What can I say? Your son likes the taste," I mutter, licking the blood his split bottom lip has left on mine as he kisses his way down my neck.

"Do you think our son will mind if I take you into one of the equipment rooms and…," his green eyes sparkle as he lifts his gaze to meet mine.

"You know, I don't think that it's normal to be so turned on by a pregnant woman," I chuckle, feeling his fingers spread across my expanding belly.

"How could I not? So ripe, so luscious, so mine," he grins, his eyes shining.

"And I'm not sure I like how possessive you are of our son," I grumble playfully, but I can't quite keep a straight face. "He'll be mommas little boy, just you watch. Ballet, pottery…," my voice trails off into a squeal as he lifts me off my feet and gives me a gentle shake.

"No ballet, anything but that," he growls, putting me back down and sweeping me into a long soft kiss that leaves me weak kneed. "Now, go give your keys to Jen. She'll know what to do with them. We'll get a taxi to the hotel."

"What? My keys…what?" I ask, digging in my purse as I look up at him, confused.

"C'mon, you wanted the love birds back together; give them some place to get reacquainted," he adds, smiling and kissing the tip of my nose.

"Sex…in our car?" I mumble, feeling immediately queasy.

"You're coming to Ottawa with me so we're just gonna be turning in that car tomorrow anyway. So…if you're not having sex in it with me, then get over it."

"I never said we weren't," I mumble, fishing the key ring out and refusing to meet his gaze. With a chuckle he lifts my chin in his hand.

"Aren't you the one about a week before I left for training camp that said she was too fat to fornicate in a car?" he grins, kissing my forehead, my eyelids and then placing a soft kiss on my lips.

"Maybe," I mumble, my shoulders slumping in defeat. "Still…why are we doing him favors? He's the enemy now."

"He's still my friend, and she's yours right? I mean, the last two weeks, she is the one that's been holding your hair while you puke. Am I right?" I smile up at him and nod.

"It's not my fault your daughter doesn't like cheese," I sigh, putting my hands over his on my belly. When I look up, his eyes are all misty. "What?"

"You just look so…beautiful," he smiles, kissing me once more before giving my bottom a hard pat in the direction from which I came. "Now, go do your good deed for the day while I shower. I'll see you back at the hotel."

I watch him go, blinking back tears of my own. I never thought I could do this. Be a family, be a mom but he makes it seem so…easy. Just when I get to the point where I think this is all crazy, that it's totally impossible, he looks at me like…like that and then suddenly everything is perfect again and I can do anything.


Giving myself a general shake I head back up into the stand, bouncing the keys in my hand, to find Jen practically vibrating on the spot where I'd left her. She looks up at me, wide eyed and I can't help but laugh.

"I'm sorry, really," I cough, covering my grin with my hand. "It's just…you look so scared and I want to say he's just a kid, what can you be so scared of?"

"Just a…," her lips thin out and her eyes narrow and she snaps her gaze away from mine. "You did that on purpose."

"Honestly no," I chuckle, easing myself down beside her. "But you should have seen your face. You were ready to kick my ass."

"I was just getting over the idea of…us," she sighs, dropping her chin into her hands and staring at the empty ice. "It was all just…overwhelming and sudden and now…," she shrugs and glances over at me, and I can still see the whites of her eyes.

"And now what? You realize you still love him and that he loves you? Yeah that's pretty terrible alright." I prod her a little and then sit back to watch her mull it over.

"But it's one thing here…I mean…I know that was a big public gesture and…I guess once I'm over being sort of horrified by it, it might seem romantic later but back home…." She looks over at me, the whites of her eyes fading as she shrugs again and waits for me to finish her thought.

"Believe me honey," I reach over and put my arm around her shoulders and give her a gentle squeeze, "this will already have reached back home by the time you get there." She shudders and grumbles something unintelligible. I have to hold back a giggle while I shake my head and slide the keys into her hands. "Why don't you worry about that later and just…enjoy the big romantic gesture huh? I've got to go meet Jaks back at the hotel. When you're…uh…done with those, just leave them at the front desk. I'll see you soon huh?" I give her shoulders another squeeze and then ease myself back up onto my feet and aim in the direction of the aisle, leaving her to her thoughts.

The first time I'd seen that look was the day I met her. Looking down the stage at her, seeing the sparkle in those dark eyes and that little half grin that said…well, nothing innocent. Seeing her now, down the hallway with a pair of keys dangling from her fingers catching the light, that same little smile on her face, and I have the same reaction I did back then.

Hot damn!

As soon as she sees my answering grin, she turns and heads down the hall, weaving her way through the press, other players, equipment managers and coaches. Pulling my knit cap down, I dodge through the throng, waving off questions and apologizing as I push people out of the way. Nothing is getting between me and her tonight.

My body's been burning for hers' ever since the kiss. I couldn't keep my mind on the game at all after that. Not that I'd done much better before that. Really, right after Jarkko had told me she was there, I was pretty much doomed. But at least I'd been able to channel my mixed feelings into some pretty good speed and a couple of good checks. But after the kiss…no, I needed her now, I couldn't wait any longer and thankfully she looked like she was on the same page as usual.

The cold air mixed with rain hit me hard after coming out of the sweatbox of the dressing room, making me suck in my breath through my teeth. Holding on to the door, I looked around but she'd managed to lose me, the minx. I searched the dark parking garage for her, listened for her voice, but all I found was her dark pea jacket, lying across the hood of a black Mercedes. With a grin, I let go of the door and walk across the lot, grabbing the jacket and peering in the car.

She isn't in it.

Cursing, I scan the surrounding cars, listen for her giggle, nothing. Then I see black t-shirt dangling from the door handle of a Land Rover. With a shake of my head I jog over and grab it, pulling at the handle.

It's locked.

"C'mon Jen! You're going to freeze!" I call, and finally hear her giggle in reply, somewhere behind me. Turning, I think I see her dart between two cars, and head in that direction but when I get there, all I see is a pair of lace up fur lined winter boots. Now she's running around barefoot and I've got an armful of her clothes. This time I only glance inside, sure she won't be inside.

She's not.

With a sigh I walk around until I find her jeans folded on the hood of a red Volvo. Folded. She had time to fold them while I wandered around looking like an idiot. I'm beginning to lose my patience for this game. Laying them over my arm, I gaze around me until a pair of headlights on a Bentley blink on and off. Shaking my head, I trudge over to it, and peer inside.

The front seats are empty.

But the back seat isn't. Shaking my head and laughing, I toss everything in the front seat and grab the handle, pulling the door wide.

His pupils go wide as he watches me slowly slide my panties off and toss them into the front seat. Then his tongue slides out to moisten his soft lips as I reach behind me to unhook my bra, and I watch him blink rapidly as I shrug off the straps and toss it towards the rear view mirror. The cold wet wind makes my nipples almost painfully hard, but does nothing to cool the heat between my thighs as his fingers begin to undo the buttons on his jacket, his gaze focused on my fingers slowly working their way in and out of my moist folds.

I almost lose my poker face when his tie gets stuck on his toque, but I'm quickly sobered when he pulls his shirt over his head, revealing his chiseled six-pack and smooth skin. My fingers itch to touch him, but instead I just slide further down into the leather seat, dropping one foot to the floor and pulling the other up onto the seat, spreading my pussy for him to see just how much I'm aching for his touch.

With a growl, he pulls off his belt, and gives it a flick, the leather sliding painlessly over my thigh, but sending a shiver of anticipation up my spine. His suit pants and winter boots all seem to come off at once, leaving him in his boxer briefs, his thick cock already at full attention, pressing against the thin cotton fabric. With a grin I slide my fingers as deep into my pussy as they'll go, watching his face contort into something near pain as I withdraw them, glistening in my juices, and offer them up to him.

With a moan, he crawls onto the seat, grabbing my wrist and sucking on my fingers as he pulls the door shut behind him. Feeling his tongue swirl around my fingers, the pull of his lips on my fingers, sends a shiver straight down between my thighs and leaves me gasping for breath.

"Bentley eh? High class," he grins as he wiggles and kicks his way out of his briefs.

"Carm's rental," I reply breathlessly, my hips rising to meet his as he guides his swollen cock towards my entrance.

"And she doesn't mind us…ummm…?" he stops, just the tip of his erection pressing against my slick entrance.

"Her idea," I pant, staring down at his cock, wanting desperately for him to shove it inside of me.

"Are you sure?" he whispers. Looking up at him, I know the impatience is clear on my face.

"I'm naked Sidney so…yeah, I'm pretty damned sure," I mutter, reaching for his face with my hand, pulling his lips down onto mine, his body following. His lips crush mine, but I feel his first tentative thrust and I want to scream into his mouth, 'no, no hard, fast.' Instead, I press my feet to the windows and push up against him, meeting him hard. With a grunt, he presses into me harder, but still not as deep as I want, not as hard as I need. "Grab the back of the seats," I suggest breathlessly, as his lips withdraw. I watch him pull himself up to his knees, his broad shoulders and wide smooth chest rising over me and expanding as he reaches out for the head rests, grasping one in each hand as he smiles down at me.

"Fuck I've missed you," he groans as he slams his pelvis against mine, grinding and rotating for good measure before pulling back and shoving himself even deeper inside of me.

"Not just this?" I ask, gripping the edge of the bench seat with one hand and pulling my thigh back with the other, wanting him deeper, wanting him to stretch me wide.

"No," he shakes his head, his grin turning animalistic as his still damp dark curls fall into his face. "But this too."

"This feel okay?" I ask as she lowers herself onto me slowly, her dark eyes fluttering closed as I push up into her at the same time.

"Everyone's just fine," she mumbles, her finger nails digging into my shoulders as my hands slide around her and grab a hold of her ass.

"I don't want our kids coming out looking like golf balls," I smile up at her as she sucks in a breath between her clenched teeth.

"They won't, they can't…," her eyes flutter open and she regards me for one long silent moment. "You were kidding again," she sighs, sliding her hands around my neck. "You shouldn't tease a pregnant woman."

"I had no idea that all these hormones would make you so…gullable?" I grin as she glowers down at me.

"You're supposed to be nice to me. I am carrying your children, and let me tell you, it's not all baby showers and knitting. You try peeing every hour on the hour," she grumbles, narrowing her pretty eyes at me.

"Thanks for the mood killer baby," I laugh, dipping my head to her tender swollen breasts, suckling gently until her fingers wrap around the back of my head and she begins to slowly move again, meeting my gentle thrusts. In actual fact, the feel of her swollen belly pressed against me, her full heavy breasts, and she couldn't kill the mood for me if she tried. I thought I wanted her before, but now, with her belly heavy with my children, I want her all the more. It's been hell these past couple of weeks without her and I can't wait to get her home.

Home…Ottawa. An empty barren house, waiting for her feminine touch, for the sound of our children playing, maybe even a dog barking in the yard. Home with my family surrounding me; it's going to be like heaven.