Hermione walked into the cabin

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Hermione walked into the desolate cabin. She had walked farther then normal into the forest and seemed to have lost her way back. It was getting dark and she hoped that the run down cabin just ahead would be abandoned. Throwing her wet coat onto a knob by the door, she turned to look at the shack she landed in. Running a hand through her long chestnut hair that was soaked from the rain, she decided the cabin must be enchanted, because the inside by no means matched the outside.

The unstable appearance on the exterior must be to ward off hikers from trying to come in. She turned back to the door and put up wards to block out muggles and intruders. Whispering the spell for protection, she watched as her wards wrapped around the previous wards. Wait…previous wards? Damn, she thought, someone lives here. Of course someone lives here, why else would it be enchanted? Sometimes she wondered if she really was the smartest in her class.

Glancing down at her watch, she noticed it was pretty late. She could probably grab a few hours of sleep and leave before they woke up. She studied the room to try and remember every last detail, not wanting to put on thing out of place. Spying a blanket on the couch, she smiled; well at least she will be warm tonight. Walking over to the couch, she debated taking her shoes off or not. She slid her boots off and lay back on the couch, wrapping the blanket around her. Not giving where she was anymore thought she closed her eyes and drifted off.

-Just when I think the world forgot me along came you-

Harry watched from the top of the stairs as she put her own wards around his cabin. How did she find me? He wondered. She was still as interesting to watch as she had been in Hogwarts. She still thought out her every move. Smiling, he shook his head. He watched her curl up on the couch and fall asleep. Her beauty had only increased over the years. Her once bushy hair was now curly. Her little nose and full lips fit her face, just like the dark circles under her tired eyes. She must be exhausted.

He had missed her. Years of hiding had never felt so long as it did at that moment. He had heard that she was looking for him. But he couldn't face her, not after what he did. She remembered a noble Harry Potter who killed Voldemort. If she really knew the truth, she would run as far from him as she could. He took her in, writing to memory the image of her long slim body stretched out on his couch.

Pulling his wand out his pocket, he lifted her and floated her up to his bedroom. He wrote a quick note and placed it by the bed, hoping it would help ease the shock of waking up in a bed she did not put herself in. Taking one last glance at her, he left the room.

"Kreacher," he called when he got downstairs in the kitchen.

A loud pop sounded through the air, as the house-elf made is entrance. "You called, Master," Kreacher said bowing low at Harry's feet.

"Eh, yes," Harry said rubbing the back of his head. "You don't perhaps remember Ms. Granger's favorite dish do you?"

"Yes, it was quite strange. Cajun shrimp with fried rice," Kreacher replied studying his master.

"Could you make it for me?" Harry asked wondering why it was so difficult. "Um, make sure you make enough for two, ok?"

"Right away master," Kreacher said getting started on cooking.

Harry walked to his downstairs bathroom. A cold shower could not hurt, he thought. Turing on the water, he stripped out of his clothes. He sighed as he stepped under the cold flow and let the water run down his hot body. He placed his face in the stream and wondered how the night would pan out.

-How could the world forget you, even now the stars still whisper your name-

Hermione woke to the smell of Cajun shrimp and fried rice cooking. Stretching out to her full length, she moaned at the silky feeling of the sheets on her bare legs. Wait. When did she cover herself with silk sheets? Opening her eyes slowly, she realized she was not on the couch anymore. Oh, dear God, the person had found her and put her to sleep in their bedroom? Something was not adding up. She noticed a spare piece of parchment on the side table by the bed. Picking it up she read the note that was hastily written on it.

I know this all may come as a shock to you, but do not worry I mean you not harm. The bathroom is in the door to your right. You will find everything you need in there, including clothes. I will be downstairs cooking dinner. I suggest you clean up before you come down as it might help with your nerves. -HP

Hermione reread the note at least five times. She could not place it but for some reason the writing looked oddly familiar, like she has seen it before. And who was HP? Shrugging, she headed toward the bathroom and shrugged off her torn robes. She entered the warm bath. Her muscles moaned in relief and the scent of lavender filled her nostrils. It was her favorite bath scent; one that she used to take long baths with at Hogwarts only to be teased by Harry and Ron.

A frown crossed her face. Something about this place was very unsettling. It has been years since she thought of the three of them together. Yes, she had looked for Harry, but now it felt as if she was just looking for herself. Hermione was a different person now, her mind was different now, and so were her beliefs.

It had been five years since Harry accidentally killed Ron and no one had seen him since. For a little while she disappeared herself as well only to be found by the order. Well, Ginny had found her, but she was on a mission for the Order. The youngest Weasley had found her shacked up in a little house in Peru working as a cleaner. Hermione had not been able to face reality after losing both of her best friends. Ginny had helped her get back on her feet and had reinstated her into the order.

After probably the most relaxing bath in her life, Hermione made her way down the stairs outside the bedroom door. Surprisingly, once she left the bathroom there was a lilac robe, her favorite color. Hermione could not tell if all this was a coincidence or planed, but right now she did not want to analyze it.

The smell of Cajun shrimp and fried rice was too much for her to ignore. She had dressed quickly and was currently making her way to the source. She found the kitchen in no time and grabbed a plate. She ignored the nagging voice in the back of her mind that told her this was too strange.

"I see you found the kitchen ok."

-Your name has been magically written on my heart-

Hermione paused mid spoon; she was currently heaping food on her plate. She turned slowly to see who the person was behind her.


She placed her plate down on the counter. There was no way that Harry Potter was standing behind her. His body was taller and leaner, but still packed with muscles. No, this was not the Harry she remembered. The man standing before her was someone else. His eyes were too sharp and lacked the shining emotion the old Harry always carried, so what if they were emerald. His hair was too long, reaching his mid back, so what if it was black and slightly wavy. And where were his glasses?

"Yes, Hermione, it's really me."


Her confusion was written on her face, as she had not seen him since Ron's funeral. The memory still brought tears to her eyes.

"Harry. Harry wait." She ran to catch up with him. Grabbing his arm she turned him to face her. With her hand she wiped the tears from his face.

"I killed him." Harry wrapped his arms around her shoulders and buried his face in her bushy hair. "I didn't even see him. I just threw the curse and killed him."

"Shh, it was an accident, no one blames you." She stroked his head, murmuring calming words in his ears. He sobbed on her shoulder his magic going berserk. "Harry, you have to calm down." Hermione watched in horror as a tree uprooted itself and flew fifty feet in the opposite direction. She had to calm him down before he hurt someone else.

Harry pushed off of her and turned his back to her. "Get away from me."

She placed a hand on his taunt shoulder but he shrugged it off. "Harry?"

He walked into the forest leaving her standing there.

"Where have you been?" she asked.


Harry walked around her and filled himself a plate. He grabbed her plate and motioned for her to follow him into the living room. Hermione followed numbly and sat down next to him. She took her plate from his extended hand and began to eat.

"My favorite, how did you remember?"

"It's hard to forget things about you."

Hermione stared down at her plate and tried to swallow the lump of food in her mouth. That would explain the lavender scented bath and lilac robe. A glass of red wine appeared before her. She lifted the glass to her dry lips and took a long sip. The tears had a will of their own, because they seem to be falling even though she was trying her hardest to stop them.

She placed her plate down on the small table before her. Turning, she looked at Harry. He was studying her with an unreadable expression.

"I love you."

"It's been years, Harry." A sob choked in her throat when he grabbed her hand. In a swift movement, he was kneeling before her.

"I am a coward." He kissed her palms and held them over her heart. "I knew since the Ron's funeral. But how do you tell your best mate's girl, the mate that you killed, that you love her?"

"I was your friend too, Harry. I broke up with Ron months before he died because I realized I loved someone else."

"Oh, who?"


She watched Harry's emotions run over his features. He grabbed her faced and kissed her. A soft moan escaped Hermione's lips as he deepened the kiss. Years of dreaming of this moment only sweetened the kiss.

"Make love to me, Harry."

Harry looked deep into her chestnut eyes, giving her a chance to change her mind. Slowly, he pulled his shirt over his head before he stretched his body over hers. The muscles in Hermione's abdomen contracted and her throat felt dry. Harry pulled her robe off her, stretching her arms above her head. He softly kissed her eyelids, nose, and lips. Hermione closed her eyes as she felt him nip her neck. Harry kissed the swell of her breast over her bra. His skilled hands released the clasp from behind her back. She helped him remove her bra, grabbing a handful of his hair when his warm mouth circled her taunt nipple.

Harry pulled each nipple with his teeth and circled his tongue around them. He licked his way down over her soft stomach. He played with the waist of her knickers, slowly removing them with his mouth. He smirked at Hermione's gasp when he flicked his tongue out to taste her.

Hermione felt the heat rise on her cheeks, but she spread her legs shamelessly to Harry's exploring tongue. She wiggled her hips wantonly, shivering when he slid his finger into her wet sex. She lifted her body until she was upright facing him and moved her hand down his chiseled chest. She pulled at the button of his pants and dipped her hand in to free his pulsing sex.

"Now, Harry, I need you now."

Harry placed his manhood in position, leaning down to kiss her before plunging deep into her. Hermione cried out in ecstasy. She raised her hips to match Harry's rhythm. Harry placed kisses all over her face and neck as he pounded into her. He grabbed her breast and teased her nipples.

He shifted their position so that she was sitting on his lap, riding him. Hermione arched her back as her orgasm took her over, pressing her breasts into Harry's face. He buried his face in the soft mounds as he rode out her orgasm before his hit him.

Harry lifted her hot sweaty body and carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. He laid her on the bed and cuddle next to her. They made love that night more then once. Hermione felt as if her heart would explode. For the first time in years, she felt happy. A smile played on her lips as she fell asleep.

-But I could never be enough for you-

Hermione woke early the next morning and stretched her well-sexed body out. Where was Harry? She stood up, got out of bed, and looked around the room. Maybe he was in the bathroom. She walked to the door slowly, listening for the sound of water running. When she opened the door, she saw it was empty but the bath sure did look inviting. She slid into the water, letting its warmth wash over her used muscles. Maybe he is in the kitchen, she rationalized.

After a great bath, she wrapped a small house robe around her body and made her way down the stairs. She saw that their plates from the night before had been cleared away and there was no sign that they had even been in the room. She made her way to the kitchen and found that the dishes had been cleaned and the food had been packed away. She grabbed a plate, vowing this time to finish her food. Hermione sat down at the small table in the corner of the kitchen and devoured her food. She was trying to ignore the small voice in her head telling her he was gone.

After washing her dishes, she went out to the living room and sat by the fireplace. A small letter on the table with her name on it caught her eyes.


Forgive me I am weak. I will never be good enough for you. I killed Ron, not by accident, but because I loved you. He was what stood between you and me. Now that I have had you and tasted your sweetness, I realize I am nothing but the scum on your shoes. I do not expect you to ever want to see me again and I will not force my presence on you. I have left the cabin. It is yours if you want it. In the bedroom there will be a suitcase on the dresser. Inside is a gift for you. Keep it and use it for it is all I could ever give you.

-Love Harry

Tears rolled down Hermione's cheeks. He had killed Ron for her. Despair rushed through her body. She had found him and lost him all in twenty-four hours. She curled into a ball and cried. After what felt like hours, she slowly made her way upstairs. She grabbed the small suitcase off the dresser and opened it. Inside was a key to a vault in Gringotts and a number.

Hermione apparated to the Order's headquarters and let everyone know that she was fine. She flooed to her flat and quickly made her way to her bedroom. She tried to forget everything that had happened the night before. Shrugging off her robes, she fell onto her bed. She pushed the reminder that they did not use a conceptive charm from her mind as sleep took her over.