It was the feudalism era. Peasants and surfs were the poorer class under their landlords and the aristocrats. The province of Hyoseirokkai, governed by King Kutei Dai, was divided into 4 main regions: the Eastern Sun, Western Moon, Southern Star, and Northern Cloud. Each region is governed by a lord: Atobe Keigo of the Eastern Sun, Yukimura Seiichi of the Western Moon, Tezuka Kunimitsu of the Southern Star, and Saeki Kojirou of the Northern Cloud.

King Kutei Dai was a young king at the age of 35 when he was crowned after the major historical war that his father and the latter generations had fought heroically and died patriotically to protect the province of Hyoseirokkai. Under his rule, the people were able to live in harmony without maltreatments between the social classes, although there were still social ranking differences. Each Lord had a unique ability passing on from generations to generations. As the names suggested, Sun was Fire, Moon was Earth, Star was Air, and Cloud was Water. Four Lords possessed these powers from blood descendents, while King Kutei Dai possesses all four basic elements.

In each region that was overlooked by the lords, there were village sectors divided so that there were four villages oversaw by the four bourgeois. Under Atobe Keigo were Hiyoshi Wakashi, Ootari Choutarou, Oshitari Yuushi, and Shishido Ryou. Under Yukimura Seiichi were Kirihara Akiya, Yagyuu Hiroshi, Kuwahara Jackal, and Niou Masaharu. Under Tezuka Kunimitsu were Echizen Ryoma, Oishi Syuichiroh, Inui Sadaharu, and Momoshiro Takeshi. Under Saeki Kojirou were Amane Hikaru, Kamio Akira, Tachibana Kippei, and Shinji Ibu.

In the end of each month, the Lords and their henchmen would come together to discuss monthly reports. The castle was well located in the middle of the four regions for defense purposes. They would all meet in the main hall of the castle.

"There were a number of bandits started to appear a few days ago at the Eastern Gate, but our defense was able to block their advancement into the province." Atobe reported.

"What were their rankings?" Yukimura asked. The curious inquiry was made, for there had been no bandits over the past several years near the province.

"They seemed to be ranked Novice." Oshitari marked. It was silent again.

"I don't know if it's a coincident or not but, a few days ago, Echizen and I on the way returning from our conquest, we were attacked by 3 unknown assassins. They moved to kill." Momoshiro spoke up after remembering the event that happened.

"But they were Paladins, so it wasn't much of an effort." Echizen added.

"Seems to me, something is brewing up again." Saeki spoke out his thoughts. "Because this morning while on our way here, my men and I spotted a group of 8 in the Central City. They dressed quite differently as it was easy to spot them."

"And they looked really strong." Shinji Ibu followed up.

"Ah, they must be the ambassadors from the neighboring kingdom, if my guess is correct." King Kutei Dai spoke up.

"Why didn't we hear this before?" Oishi voiced out confusingly. "Was there a forehand message?"

"No, it was sudden. I didn't know it any sooner than 3 hours ago." The King explained. He relaxed in his chair before continuing. "They sent a messenger informing their presence for an important matter that beheld on their kingdom. No further information was revealed until they arrive." After the King finished, as if on cue, a knight appeared.

"Your Highness, the ambassadors from the Kingdom of Peace wish to see you." The Knight reported.

"Send them."

"Yes, sire." The Knight walked out. The Lords and Bourgeois straightened up in their seats, readying to welcome the newcomers. The hall then became silent, with footsteps impending.

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The characters in here have the abilities to control one of the four basic elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) or a mix (Ice, etc.). The ranking level of their fighting skills are ranked from most skilled:

Master - know all elements, mixing, and special skills

Elite - able to mix 2 elements and special skills acquired

Expert - full control of an element and in practice of high special skills

Paladin - in training of moderate special skills

Novice - enough to go in battle

Amateur - beginner

The name of the King and Province is mix of Hyotei, Seigaku, Rokkaku, and Rikkaidai. The four schools of the four Lords.

The main hall is a big room with a long table in the middle that can sit up to 50 people.

As for the layout of the Province of Hyoseirokkai, The castle is in the middle of the whole province. Outside of the castle is the Central City. Around that is divided into four sectors. And within the sectors are villages, controled by the noblemen (or bourgeois).