The sun was halfway from the zenith and horizon when they bid farewells to Kyuchi and Kouhei. With a different mindset of their future together, they now headed back, halfway, from where they started. Although Sarabia Kingdom didn't turn out as they expected, there was no doubt that it got Fuji dwelling in the fickle life away from the Kingdom of Peace. He started to miss his life being a Sage. It was so much easier when he had control.

"What's bothering you?"

Fuji lifted his chin up sideway to look at Tezuka's face, who then looked down at him. Fuji looked forward again. "I don't know…" He murmured quietly. He had never once regretted the path he chose to be with Tezuka, but a part of him wanted his power back. He wanted his title back, and it bugged him.

Tezuka knew Fuji was bothered by something, but he didn't know what exactly. Thinking maybe the mishap was still freshly traumatizing, he didn't pursue with the questions. Besides, he knew well Fuji couldn't lie, even if it was to save his own life. With one arm wounded around Fuji's waist, he pulled the shorter man closer and snuggled his head. "We'll be there soon. I can hear voices in the distance." It was now dark with the moon high up in the sky.

Hearing that made Fuji feel worse. If he was still a Sage,…then he too could hear voices from the distance. He let out a long soft sigh that didn't no unnoticed by Tezuka, who kept it in his mind to confront whatever was bothering Fuji later since the latter obviously didn't want to talk right now.


Far away on another part of the land that was once Fuji's residence, two figures on horses galloped swiftly towards the Kingdom of Peace, one a female in her late twenties, and the other a male in his late 50's.

Upon entering the forest, both horses stopped and the female jumped off her horse swiftly, yet lightly.

Her steps were so light that it seemed as if she was hovering above ground, as she walked towards a White Ash tree that grew up to about 90 feet or so. It was a distinguishable tree with its diamond-shaped furrows and interlacing ridges. She traced her finger pads along the ridges, feeling the roughness under her skin. A smile spread through her face. "It's been long since I've been here. Last time we were here, this tree had only been this tall."

"Perhaps it has been that long. He must have missed you a lot, considering you were his only family left."

A solemn look fell on her face. "I told Syusuke that I'd find Sasuke and bring him back, but…"

"It's not your or anyone's fault, Yumiko. There isn't much that you can do or change, but you have done just enough."

Yumiko had her eyes closed as she listened to his voice. Maybe he was right, but even so, fate is not a definitive thing, depends on how one looked at it. Her eyes then opened as she turned to look at the old man on the horse. His hair was snowy white. "At least I can make it better, right?." Her smile was full of hope and will. "Master Yoshi, welcome home."

The master smiled as he nodded. "Yes, and welcome home to you too, Yumiko." His smile was proud, showing how much he was looking forward to this home-coming. He was proud of her, his student. No doubt that he had train a newborn Sage for the Kingdom of Peace well. She was his legacy.


It was after supper time that Tezuka and Fuji arrived at the familiar village. It looked like how it was when they came and went. Villagers were in their homes and animals in their pens. However, a few villagers were still on the dirt street doing their last minute errands.

One of them, as they recognized, was Hideki, who looked up in surprise at the couple's arrival. "Tezuka-san. Fuji-san." The surprise soon turned into a joyful smile. He was happy to see familiar faces again. "What are you both doing back here? I thought…" Hideki was totally bewildered.

Tezuka and Fuji shared a look before gazing back at Hideki with a smile. "The city turns out not to be a place that I want to dwell. If you and the villagers don't mind," Fuji gazed softly at Tezuka to see if there was any objection even though they were already here. There was none. "We'd like to be a part of this village."

Hideki couldn't hide his joy. "That's great! I doubt the Elder will mind since he likes the both of you very much the last time you were here. Come, let's go greet the Elder!"

The pair nodded. Before they took a step to follow Hideki, the man turned around. "Wait! I have to tell Chi first!" That left Fuji to chuckle softly while Tezuka to smile as Hideki ran off.

The villagers that were about that time came to greet the pair as they came to recognition of the familiar faces. They all expressed welcoming and positive approaches.

"Fuji-chan!" Fuji heard Chi's voice above the rest before seeing her making way through the crowd and being pulled into a tight hug. "Oh my god! I can't believe that I get to see you again. I'm so happy!"

Fuji wrapped his arms around her waist and joined in with her laughter that seemed to rang through the night.

Yes, Tezuka thought as he stood on the side, watching the laughter that flowed out of Fuji's mouth. It was heavenly, and he thought, this relocation was for a good cause, a very good cause just to see that joy on Fuji's face.

Once Chi was able to get off of Fuji, she led them to the Elder's house, who was already notified of their arrival beforehand due to the earlier ruckus at the village's gate. Chi linked her arms with Fuji as they walked ahead of Tezuka and Hideki.

"Chi likes Fuji-san a lot. When you both left, she didn't seem to smile as much as you see her right now. It was sad to see her like that." Hideki said. Both of the men's eyes were fixated on the beautiful pair in front with twinkling appreciation. "I'm glad that you both are back." Tezuka could detect sincerity in his voice.

"I'm glad that we are back too." Tezuka meant every bit of bit. He had never felt so much like home in a very long time, and this place was very much the definition of home-sweet-home.

The meeting with the Elder was as expected. The old man welcomed them with wide, opened arms.

The question was soon asked on where they would be staying, and Chi, being the avid supporter and great friend, offered her place again since she still reside by herself.

After getting settled down, it was late, and people were getting ready to sleep. Chi bid good night and returned to her room.

Not feeling sleepy yet despite them traveling a long way, Tezuka and Fuji sat at the porch in the back of the house snuggling next to each other.

"You know what?"


"I've just realized something." Fuji paused, thinking if he should go ahead and said it because his heart was beating like mad. He was sure Tezuka could feel it.

And sure enough, Tezuka did. The pause had left him in crazy suspension. He pushed and turned so that Fuji was facing him. "What is it?" His voice was extra gentle to encourage Fuji to continue saying whatever that was making the latter blush and embarrassed.

Fuji peeked up into Teuzka's eyes, holding his gaze. "Here," He started, and the thought of it made his blush harder. "I'm known as your wife." He whispered.

A slow smile spread across Tezuka's face. "This place may make you feel conscious about it, but all along, I've considered you as my wife, no matter where we were."

Fuji bit his lips, looking shyly happy. "Really?" He wasn't sure if he should feel offended at being portrayed as a female figure or happy that he had an important position place in Tezuka's heart.

Tezuka nodded, pulling Fuji to his chest again. "Always."

They sat in silence for the next moment until Fuji broke the silence again.



"I was thinking…"


"If you can…teach me how to fight again." Fuji could feel Tezuka stiffened beside him. He moved away to look at Tezuka's face, which didn't show much emotion. He waited for a response.

A moment later, Tezuka spoke, without looking back at Fuji. "Have you lost faith in me to protect you?"

Fuji's eyes widened, and he immediately took Tezuka's left hand into both of his. "No. No. That's not what's on my mind. I merely want…" His eyes were downcast to the floor again.

Tezuka regarded Fuji's pain expression. "What do you want?"

"After what happened, I feel as if I've lost control over my life. I was used to be able to do anything, and not submitted to anyone unwillingly. So, it's not that I have faith in you, it's just that I feel…oppressed being this weak." Fuji thought bitterly at the last word. It was true, yet not.

He tilted Fuji's face up so that they both could look into each other's eyes. "If anything, you are not weak. You're the strongest person I know, both emotionally and physically, so please don't ever doubt that." He shared a pleading gaze with Fuji, who hesitantly nodded.

"You don't believe me?" Tezuka asked softly only to have Fuji averted his gaze away.

"I believe you, but I don't believe in myself." Fuji whispered dejectedly.

"What can I do to make you believe in yourself?"

"Teach me."

This time, Tezuka hesitated. Fuji had lost all of his power and was demoted to a normal civilian. Everyone with the ability to control elements trained at a young age when their chi flow freely through their body. Fuji had achieved all that, but learning it again would be like learning from scratch. It wouldn't be easy. "I'll do it. I'll teach you." Tezuka surrendered.

Just as he did, Fuji's eyes looked into his with surprise and joy. "You will?"

Tezuka nodded.

Fuji lunged forward to tackle Tezuka into a hug. "Thank you. Thank you."

Tezuka patted Fuji's head with a small smile. I love you.

The morning after, they woke up at first light and got ready for a fresh new day. Chi had given them jobs to do around the village to get them acquainted to their routine village life. Fuji stuck with Chi to attend the animals before going over to an auntie's house to gather a basket-full of clothing that needed to be mended to bring home. Meanwhile, Tezuka went with Hideki into a nearby town to buy paint and tools for remodeling of a neighbor's house. They worked on the house until Chi ran over and called them back for lunch that she and Fuji prepared.

Tezuka had a bit difficulty with manual labor, meaning he didn't once use his power to advantage, as he was not used to it. He endured the hot sun and perspiration soaking through his shirt. Thinking about his morning made him feel tired as he and Hideki stepped into Chi's house. However, his mood miraculously heightened at the sight of his 'wife' coming to greet him home. A smile was automatically spread over his face.

"Welcome back." Fuji said as he neared the sweaty Tezuka. He made a sour face.

"It was hot." Tezuka said deadpanned.

Fuji laughed. "Joking. You don't smell that bad."

Tezuka raised his eyebrow. "Not that bad, eh?"

"Fine, you don't smell at all." Fuji held Tezuka's hand, pulling the taller one down. "Here." He used the sleeve of his shirt to wipe away the beads of sweat on Tezuka's face. "There."

Tezuka secretly smiled widely inside. This act simple made him feel so much better. If only, Tezuka thought, he could get a kiss as well. That'd be perfect.

His muse was suddenly interrupted as Fuji tiptoed and gave Tezuka a peck on the cheek. Shock, he looked at Fuji's seemingly innocent face. "A welcome home kiss. Come, let's go eat lunch."

Now that was perfect. Thinking back, manual labor was not so bad after all, if he returned home to this every day.

After lunch was the village's rest time until the sun had lowered from the zenith enough to decrease the temperature. They had gone back to do was they didn't finish before lunch.

Soon, night fell and dinner passed, Tezuka and Fuji were found walking in the woods, far away from the village.

Now sitting in a clearing with the moon shone brightly down on them, Tezuka ran two fingers of each hand over Fuji's back and torso to find the chi channel within the ex-Sage. In a typical situation for an elemental-wielded person, the channels could be easily mapped from one node to another. The energy flow would be organized and strong like a coursing river. For a normal person, the channels would not be easily traced because the energy flow would be running wild and poorly controlled or managed.

However, Fuji's was neither. Tezuka could feel the stagnant nodes as if Fuji's chi had been trapped with no way out. No chi could be detected elsewhere in his body besides the nodes and that made Tezuka wondered if Queen Yuki had frozen Fuji's chi flow. If only he could break the chi out of the nodes.

"So?" Fuji turned his head to look at Tezuka's frown.

"We're going to begin from basic."

Fuji didn't fully understand what 'from basic' meant, but it sounded easy enough only to find out later that it was the most difficult thing he had ever learned. Physical combat.

Yup, Fuji was definitely not a physical person. Not at all. It proved to be true their first, second, and third lessons. Never in his life had Tezuka encountered a student so difficult to teach. He would have given up on the first lesson if Fuji wasn't his student but someone else that he held no amorous feeling towards.

It was the fourth day, and Tezuka still had it left in him to hold on the sanity string.

It was dark walking through the rows of trees, but the scattered foliage allowed moonlight to peak through to light up their path. Even if it was dark, Tezuka could have turned into a human torch to lighten up their way anyways, because it wasn't a big deal, really.

The sound of nature and frequent snapping of the twigs scattered across the dirt laden ground were the only sounds could be heard. Somehow, this night brought Fuji into a mood of singing. He started to sing the melody that was popular back in his Kingdom. It echoed through the trees. Tezuka didn't expect that from Fuji. He was surprised, but it was a good surprise. He walked beside Fuji silently like he always did.

Fuji's voice was soothing and warm to Tezuka's ears, reminding him of the times when his mother sang to him before bed time.

"That was beautiful." Teuzka complimented when the song ended.

Fuji laughed softly in joy. "Would you like to hear another?"

Tezuka nodded without hesitation. Fuji slipped out of Tezuka's hold and started to dance along with the melody he made. Tezuka felt himself getting amazed at the person skipping in light steps, spinning and moving gracefully step by step as if he could fly. Fly! An idea popped up in Tezuka's head. Warming up his fingers, he worked his magic. Little fire balls sprouted from his fingers and surrounded Fuji like fireflies, moving along with Fuji's movement. The light illuminated Fuji's face, making it glow beautifully in the semi darkness.

It was the most beautiful sight Tezuka had seen to this date.

Unfortunately, it was cut short when a swift ball of light was aimed straight at Fuji. Luckily, Tezuka caught it's presence a second before it hit its target, and the balls of fire turned into a fire wall to deflect the attack.

Tezuka was instantaneously by Fuji's side, holding on to his hand tightly. The shiver from Fuji told Tezuka that the smaller man was scared. "Don't be scared. I'm here."

Despite that, Fuji felt scared. "I can't see anything."

The forest had turned dark again when the firewall evaporated after the attack. The moonlight was inadequate, but Tezuka's eyes and ears were searching.

Fuji felt a jerk from their connected hands. Next thing he knew, Tezuka had summoned a fire sword to deflect a closed-range attack from the unknown attacker. Their hands were still connected as Tezuka steered him around while protecting him. All Fuji could see was the spark created from two weapons collided into each other.

When they broke apart, Tezuka lit up the whole surrounding, catching the attacker within the circle of light, who was wearing all black and now stood distinguishably in the light.

One look and Teuzka knew the identity of the attacker. "Are you aware"

Fuji followed Tezuka's steps as they moved around to put distance in between them and the attacker.

"that the palace assassins are trained under the Lords of our Kingdom?"

The attacker kept quiet, but his eyes narrowed at the fact that Tezuka had discover his identity.

"There's no way that you can win this fight."

Immediately after Tezuka said that, the assassin came charging at them. This time, Tezuka had to let go of their hands. Fuji moved all the way back, away from the fight in front of him. But as he did so, another figure from the dark knocked him off his feet, sending him fly across the field. He would've gone flying another couple of yards if he didn't hit a tree and roll onto the ground.


Fuji coughed repeatedly as his breathing became labored. The hit knocked the air out of him.

Tezuka couldn't come to Fuji's rescue as two more shadows jumped out of the dark, giving him no room to make a counterattack. All he could do was to deflect from the assassin and the two newcomers.

Fuji glanced towards Tezuka's direction as he got up to see Tezuka being buffeted on all sides. "Tezuka!" He wasn't given a chance to take another step before he was knocked off his feet again.

"Shouldn't you worry about your sorry self-first before about his?"

Even though he lost all of his power, he could still recognize that voice. It was familiar, and he was sure he had heard it before. He didn't have to think further when his attacker revealed herself in the light.

"I had the notion that a Sage is the mightiest in his realm, but I didn't expect you to be this weak."

Fuji gasped audibly. "Princess Minori." His suspicion was confirmed, although he didn't want it to be true.

She chuckled darkly. "We meet again, Fuji Syusuke."

"I don't understand. Why are you-What's going on?" Hurt was in his eyes. He couldn't understand what the princess was doing here and why she was attacking her ally.

The princess narrowed her eyes on his. "You asked me why?" She snarled, teeth gnarring at him. "Don't play innocent with me!" She spat out.

Fuji furrowed his brows. His eyes widened as light emitted from Minori like smoke, looked like she wasn't in the mood for explanation. She stepped slowly towards him, and all he could do was move back to maintain a safe distance. Though, no distance was safe if she decided to unleash a long-range attack. "Tezuka is mine! How dare you came along and stole him from me!" She snarled at him, charging up her power.

Fuji became frozen as an attack was thrown at him. He closed his eyes and waited for the hit, but it never did. When he opened his eyes, a figure of a man was standing with his back to him. He couldn't see the man's face, but whoever it was, he was familiar to the princess because a look on her face was full of expectation.

"Oh, the little traitor has finally decided to show up. That'd surely saved me the time to find you. How pleasant." Minori cooed in fake concern, bringing an ill feeling to Fuji's stomach. What was she talking about?

Fuji brought himself up to his feet. He was about to stand beside his savior when he spoke up, and Fuji froze at the recognition of the voice.

"You should be expecting this for yourself, bitch." Minori's face scrounged at the insult. "Don't go expecting loyalty when you stab them in the back. But you thought I was stupid not to know that you wanted to eradicate me, didn't you." Kai tsk-ed as a corner of his mouth rose up in a smirk.

Minori took back her composer and returned the smirk. "And you think I'm stupid not to know what you know? Don't take me lightly."

Fuji had subconsciously stepped back as an instinct of an incoming battle washed over him. True enough, he found himself blasted away from the sheer power unleashed from Minori and Kai. Nowhere was safe now. Even though Tezuka was still engaging on air, the battle on the ground didn't just stay in a vicinity. Fuji had to dodge, getting out of the way. Next thing he knew, he was in the middle of the supposedly battlefield, watching like a spectator.

"You are sure to lose this fight, Princess." Kai spat out as they engaged in a close combat. "Never in history has a woman beaten a male." Right after, he roared and pushed Minori back while putting out a vast amount of energy to double her over onto the ground.

Minori spat out blood as she got up from the ground. It seemed like her lung was not clear of injury. Her breath hitched suddenly, not ready to take another hit from Kai when the assassin all of a sudden came to her rescue, bringing Kai rolling on the ground painfully after deflecting the attack.

The man in black stood like a guard before his princess, ready to attack and defend to keep her safe. Minori wiped the blood off her lips with a clean swipe of the back of her hand. Her face clearly showed that she was pissed. "Kill him."

The assassin took off without a second in between, speeding towards Kai with his sword drawn. Now that everyone was engaged in a battle, Minori turned her gaze sharply on Fuji, who was still standing in the open range looking up at Tezuka. A smirk formed on her face. A chant was slowly formed as her fingers moved in waves to gather energy for a critical blast.


Tezuka had called his name when Minori released the attack, but it was of no use. It was too late to move as cyclone of fire headed towards him.

Tezuka heard the shout from Minori right before the blast. As he was about to come to Fuji's rescue, Kai's two accomplices blocked and prevented him from disengaging in their fight. All he could do was to shout for Fuji to get out of the way before he lost another person he loved, and it hurt him so much knowing that he couldn't do more. The pain from the repeated elemental attacks dwelt upon him felt like nothing in comparison to that in his heart. He couldn't tear his eyes off Fuji's prone form as the latter waited for his doom.

Life flashed agonizingly slowly before Fuji's eyes like a tape roll of a movie. It started back in his childhood. He saw himself running around the trees playing tag with his mom and Sasuke. The scene quickly flashed through the timeline and brought him back to the present. The blinding light made his eyes squeezed shut.


Two drops of tear flowed out of Tezuka's eyes and onto his cheeks.


The blazing cyclone was getting closer to Fuji's lifeline. At the same moment, he was doubled team by the two attackers and spurted out blood by the impact to his chest as he fell rapidly from the air.

Fuji heard Tezuka's voice, and instantly, his eyes snapped open. Their eyes connected by a fraction of millisecond before the twin sapphire orbs glowed intensely at the cyclone as if he was possessed, freezing everything around him before a surge of energy was released and blowing everything around him away.


If the trees weren't rooted onto the ground, the land would've turned plain. Minori was sent flying in one direction and her attack in another. Kai and the assassin's fight was impeded as they lost ground and crashed into the trees, while Kai's two accomplices were sent flying into the sky and fell down from gravity.

Unexpectedly, Tezuka was surrounded in an invisible bubble that kept him safe from lethal unleash of power.

The wood turned dark again after the power died down, leaving everyone perplexed at the sudden change. Their confusion was resolved after recovering from the shock as they looked towards the only source of light and saw Fuji glowing brightly in the clearing.

The moment Tezuka's feet hit the ground, they immediately took him near Fuji, who was breathing rapidly while standing still like a statue.

"Fuji?" Tezuka inched his hand closer to shake Fuji out of the stupor, but before he could make contact, he was zapped by an electrical force that ran through Fuji's body. He hissed at the burning pain. Looking into Fuji's eyes, he could only see to lifeless orbs, dull and blank. A sudden fear washed over him, and he felt scared. What was going on with Fuji?

Minori glanced at the assassin from the corners of her eyes. Shock and fear were evident in her eyes. "What's going on?" She gulped. The image of Fuji glowing with yellow lights with sparks of electricity was frightening.

The assassin tore his eyes away to look at the princess. "I don't know, but it's not good. We have to leave."

Kai's accomplices got up from the ground and scurried towards Kai hastily. "I've never seen anything like this."

"It doesn't look good."

Kai stood rooted, too stunned for a response. He gulped. Before he could compose himself, a whirlwind of sparking yellow lights hit all 5 of them, full force, sending them spinning on air. The branches and leaves swirled along with the whirlwind, making them rustled in the night.

Tezuka was stunned rooted onto the ground as he watched a fazed ball of yellow light dashing from the princess to the assassin and the other three, attacking them mercilessly.


One by one they fell to the ground, beneath the clearing where Fuji hovered above them in the air. It was an unexpected turn in their plan. Not only had they failed miserably, they got defeated shamefully. Before they had the chance to recover from the pain running through their bodies, their eyes widened in fear.

Fuji was ready for another attack.

Although they had done bad deeds, Tezuka never had the mind set to go for the kill. And with Fuji looking like that, deaths would assume if he didn't do anything. He took off running towards their ground-ridden adversaries as fast he could despite the pain in his chest before Fuji could do permanent damage. He got in front of them, spreading out his arms as if to protect them.

"Fuji!" Tezuka called out loudly, hoping to reach his lover's ears, but it didn't because the sparks surrounding Fuji like a cage grew bigger. His eyes widened slowly in fear at what could possibly happen to Fuji to be this way. It was too scary to think further. Deeming the ground too far of a distance from Fuji, he pushed through the surging energy that pushed against him to get up at Fuji's level. Instead of looking at him, Fuji's gaze was downward at their adversaries. This was the closest he could get to Fuji without injuries. "Fuji! It's me, Tezuka!"

"Wake up, please!" Tezuka pleaded.

Sad revelation. It didn't go through, so he had to do what he had to do, and it would surely make Fuji sad when he came to. Tezuka inched closer. The sparks invaded his body, sending tingly sparks that seemed to sting bits by bits of his flesh. "Please stop. Don't do this."

The action jolted Fuji's gaze to the intruder, who happened to be his lover. Their eyes met, but there was no connection. However, Tezuka could tell by the fluttering of Fuji's eyes that Fuji heard his voice.

"I'm here." Tezuka swallowed a lump of pain, prohibiting it from being heard in his voice. "It's me."

Fuji reached out to the outstretched hand slowly. Just as they were about to touch, Fuji recoiled.

"Please." Tezuka begged, reaching out further, and cringed in pain. "Come back to me. I love you."

Memories flashed before Fuji's eyes as he let out a gasp. "Te-zu-ka…"

Tezuka lunged forward and brought Fuji into his arms. All energy dissipated instantly. Fuji blinked rapidly, confused as why they were hugging when they were recently attacked. He was too busy thinking that he didn't notice Tezuka lowering them onto the ground. He pushed away from the strong chest and looked up, blinking innocently and not aware of what had happened. "Tezuka?" His voice was back to earth and Tezuka couldn't be happier as he took Fuji into an embrace once again.

"Thank you. Thank you." For coming back to me. Tezuka dropped multiple kisses on Fuji's head, forgetting that they had spectators.

Fuji blushed at the sudden change in situation that he wasn't aware of. "Tezuka." He whined, earning a chuckle from Tezuka. He was embarrassed.

"What? Can't I show you how much I love and appreciate you?"

And it was Fuji's turn to be stunned. Who knew Tezuka could be so romantic and corny? Fuji looked up to him with a confused expression marred his face.

Tezuka thought it was too cute, so he couldn't resist and kissed the tip of Fuji's nose, who wrinkled his nose cutely with a blush forming on both cheeks. "Let's go."

Tezuka took Fuji's hand and readied to walk forward, but was yanked back by Fuji. "What is it?"

Fuji turned his head away, and Tezuka followed Fuji's gaze. "What about them?"

Right, he totally forgot about them.

Eh? The group of 5 on the ground voiced out in surprise, hoping a second back that they were forgotten.

Minori bit her lips in a mixture of anger and disappointment. She almost succeeded. Damn you Fuji Syusuke!

"Young master." Kai glanced at his men. His attention was still on Fuji in case the latter decided to give them another bout of surprise attack.

"Let's get out of here." They whispered to him and received a nod from Kai.

"Let's go." At Kai's signal, the three jumped up into the tree and disappeared, leaving everyone taken back at the sudden departure.

Minori and the assassin were going to follow after Kai, but they were a second too late as Tezuka trapped them inside the circle that stood the four of them.

When Minori tried to escape, the fire flared higher to prevent her escape. "What's the meaning of this?" She barked out in fury.

Tezuka hardened his gaze on the female. "You know fully well of the answer. I can't let you go after the pain you put Fuji through."

"It wasn't my idea to put him in prostitution. I just wanted him dead." Minori gritted out as she threw dirty looks at Fuji.

Fuji's eyes widened in shock and hurt. "What makes you hate me so much that you want me dead?"

"Everything! Your existence is the biggest problem that this world has submitted me to. If you didn't come to our Kingdom seeking assistance, then Tezuka would've been with me." Tezuka frowned. Even if Fuji didn't come into his life, he wouldn't felt any attraction towards Minori anyways. It was pointless talk. Though no matter how pointed it was, Tezuka could tell that Fuji was affected by her words.

"I didn't know…" Fuji murmured softly.

"We've been so happy together, but you just had to show up and mess up everything! I hate you! I hate your face, your title, and everything else!" At an unexpected turn of situation, Minor turned from a raging fire to a waterworks mess. "He is my dream. How could you take him away from me?"

A feeling of guilt pierced Fuji's hear achingly. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry isn't going to change anything! You're a man! This is not supposed to happen…"

Fuji winced slightly. Yes, he was aware that his relationship with Tezuka was not normal. Hence, he accepted his tittle to be Tezuka's wife.

"What can I do to make up to you?" Fuji asked, hoping to alleviate the guilt and befriend his enemy.

"Fuji!" Tezuka couldn't believe it. Fuji was being…Fuji. Too nice and innocent.

"Die. If you want to repent for the pain you've brought me through, die in front of me." Minori glowered.

Fuji gasped in disbelief. She wanted him dead? But…

Tezuka pulled on Fuji's arm to divert his gaze away from Minori's. "Don't listen to her. The pain that she deemed to be inflicted upon her is nowhere near that of you went through."

Fuji lowered his eyes in uncertainty.

"I love you, and you'll be the only person I'll ever love." He searched Fuji's eyes. "Do you understand?"

After a moment of contemplation, Fuji nodded. "I won't die." He reached up to cup Tezuka's face into his cold hands. "I love you too."

"ARGHHHHH!" Minori let loose a stream of fire aiming at Tezuka and Fuji.

But luck wasn't on her side. Synchronizing together, Tezuka and Fuji held out their hand and made a twisting motion to manipulate the attack, dissolving it easily before their eyes.

Fuji wasn't the one for attacking, so Tezuka, in a fury, enveloped both Minori and the assassin in a turbulent whirlwind and sent them flying in a distance.

"That was…harsh." Fuji said when they were alone once again. His lips pouting.

"They deserve that." Tezuka countered, not backing down because it was the truth that he said.

Fuji contemplated, but eventually agreed with Tezuka.

"Two good things came out of this aftermath."

Fuji quirked an eyebrow at Tezuka, beckoning him to continue.

"I'm pretty sure that we won't face any problem with those guys anytime soon."

"Ah." Fuji smiled. He too was glad that there would be peace, finally. "And what the second good thing."

Tezuka smirked. "You got your power back. Don't know how, but it came back."

Fuji gasped. "It did!" He laughed in joy, jumping into Tezuka's arms to be swung around. "I got my power back! I'm a Sage again!" He squealed into the night, echoing through the trees.




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