Will you jump?

AN: So my english teacher told us to write a poem without rhyming about ourselves. I'm cheating. I'm gonna tell him it was a dream i had. Just thought I'd share. :D

Disclaimer: While I don't really own these people, I can pretend.

You can't touch another

With your heart or your soul,

Your hands or your skin.

In loneliness you wallow,

Forever calling out,

Always pushing away.

To afraid to trust and let near,

To stubborn to let go.

Only one will touch and hold and stare,

Never flinching,

Steady red in black.

A whisper, a sign, another night,

There you find comfort,

Allow the world to halt.

Solitude is your kingdom,

You reign in resolute silence.

Crimson glow in sea of deepest black,

Your lonesome king awaits.

To steal you from your highest peak,

As precious as the rarest stone.

You are diamonds,

Hardest and most beautiful,

You are emerald, you are hearts.

All that shall conspire,

rests upon your choice.

Will you jump?