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Hinata's Confession

Two years after Jiraya's death and the missions to destroy the Akatsuki members, only Itachi and two other unknown members still remain; hiding from Itachi's brother and the infamous Kyuubi container.

At nineteen he didn't think much of Sakura anymore, he gave up on her when he was still seventeen years old. Of course, his mind was set on always trying to find "the girls", that purvey sage of a grandfather taught him too well.

Even though it had been two years, she since turned eighteen and hadn't seen the blond boy for over the span of that time, her feelings for him still burned her heart with a warm glow even a candle would be jealous of. Her long raven hair, her lavender white eyes, that small purple gray sweater hiding a fishnet top underneath, that's Hinata Hyuuga.

She has become stronger and more confident but even so, she goes weak at the knees as she sees him for the first time in two years training in Konoha's training field.

She watches him as his long blond hair resembling his fathers also known as the 4th Hokage moves with the wind ever so slightly, His body slim but rugged, chiseled by muscle and very visible with him only wearing a black top on a this mild, summer day. She couldn't help it; she had to stare, her eyes followed his every move, her memorable crimson bright red blush had set on the soft silk-like skin on her small cheeks. From across the training field he spotted her, his eyes fixated on the blush she holds on her petite faceā€¦

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