A/N: This is a little oneshot that the bunnies for just wouldn't leave me the hell alone. So I had to write it. And…here it is?


Sometimes it's like Naruto and Sasuke have their own language and I don't, or can't, understand it. Like, when we're on missions and they just understand each other. And they're completely in sync every step of the way. Even with Naruto acting like an idiot and Sasuke-kun acting so cold and ridiculing Naruto. And when we're fighting, they're back to back and it's like they just know what's going on with the other.

And even when we're not on missions, they still have that strange connection. They always seem like they know something that the rest of us don't. I wish they'd let me in on the joke or secret or whatever it is.

Naruto and Sasuke's relationship is always so complicated and hard for me to identify. It's like…they're rivals and teammates but they're also really close friends (even though Sasuke is reluctant to admit it). But it always seems like there's something deeper between them. And it seems like they know what it is; I can see the knowing in their eyes when they lock gazes. But they act like nothing is different or special about they're relationship at all. They still bicker and spar and mock each other. But there's always that spark of something more.

And then there's times when I come to the bridge late. And Naruto is flushed and his hair is a little messier than usual and Sasuke is actually smirking instead of his usual stoic expression. And even thought they greet me, there's something that tells me they knew I was coming. And what they had been doing seconds before they sensed me was critical for me to find out their relationship. But no matter how well I suppress of disguise my chakra, I can never catch them doing…whatever it is they do when I'm not around. But sometimes, I think I get closer to catching them, because Naruto's blush is redder than usual and his clothes are a little crumpled. And even Sasuke's cheeks hold a pinkish tinge. And the tension between the two of them…it's thick enough to cut with a knife. And it gets eve worse when their eyes meet. It's like they don't even notice me sometimes. But then they do and they restrain themselves from doing…something.

Naruto and Sasuke have always had this weird understanding of each other, even back in our Academy days. And no matter how hard I try, I can catch up to them and I can't understand their thing. But one day…I will.



Those two think they're clever. They think they're sneaky and cautious, that they've never been caught. I can tell by Sasuke's smug expression after every little tryst with Naruto behind a tree during a mission or in an alleyway or at the bridge before Sakura arrives.

Do they really think they can outsmart me? I taught them most of what they know.

Sure, they have most people fooled. But then again, I'm not most people. And, I'm a pervert. Also, I'm gay. Do they think I can't basically sense when two guys are getting it on anywhere in a ten mile radius? They're idiots. Well, Naruto, we all already knew he wasn't too bright. But Sasuke, the prodigy, should be more intelligent than this. But, he's too smug.

Granted, they don't know I'm gay but…anyway, this monologue isn't about me.

Naruto and Sasuke's relationship is comparable to…well actually I can't think of anything it's comparable to. Wait, yeah I can. They're like two waves crashing in the middle of a storm at sea. Even with all the other waves surrounding them, they keep crashing into each other until one eventually overtakes the other.

Damn, I should write poetry.

Okay, yeah, I totally stole that from the fourth book of the Icha Icha series. Sue me. Actually, please don't.

But the point is, the two of them don't fool me for a second. I suspected even before I actually caught them in the act. The disappearing to 'gather firewood' and then Naruto stumbling back with a few twigs in hand, his lips red and swollen and his appearance just disheveled. Then Sasuke would walk, more graceful than Naruto, albeit, back to camp a few minutes later from the same direction, his lips also kiss-swollen and his duck-butt hair slightly out of place. Yeah, they weren't exactly conspicuous. I don't know how someone as intelligent as Sakura can't put the pieces together.

Maybe she should read the Icha Icha- Yaoi Addition series. Then she would learn to expect things like this.



Of course I know. How could I not? I taught them for years and I've known them for even longer. Not to mention, Naruto is like a child to me. How could I not notice the Uchiha kid becoming more and more important to him? And vice versa.

It's not like I've ever caught them at it or anything, like Kakashi. But, it was little things. Their behavior was just so…obvious. It's ridiculous, really. They always stand just a little too close for friends or rivals or teammates. The way Sasuke's eyes always linger a little too long on Naruto's ass. How Naruto looks at Sasuke like he's the only person that will ever matter. The two always stare at each other. And sometimes when they're walking too close, they're hands will brush and they don't instantly pull away like most heterosexual men undoubtedly would.

Sasuke is just so damn possessive, it's almost cute. The way that, whenever another person comes, what Sasuke deems as 'too close', to Naruto, Sasuke's posture stiffens and his eyes narrow a little and his 

mouth turns down at the corners a bit. Naruto is kind of spacey, really. Sometimes, it's like he forgets that they're in public and he allows his arms to wrap around Sasuke's shoulders for a second or two to look at something over the Uchiha's shoulder. And Naruto follows Sasuke around like a puppy, it's mostly adorable.

They're always pulling each other everywhere. By the sleeve or wrist or even the ear sometimes, they're almost always touching in some way. Like they can't restrain themselves, like they can't not touch. To them, it seems like it's impossible to not have physical contact. Almost like they've both forgotten what personal space means when it comes to the other.

And they're basically attached at the hip. Whenever you see Sasuke, Naruto isn't too far behind. And Whenever Naruto and I go out for ramen, Sasuke tags along. He doesn't really participate in the conversation unless Naruto asks him a direct question. All I get is 'hn' when I ask him something, so I don't bother anymore.

Also, Kakashi, my lover, told me about the time he saw them making out in an alley.



So, you actually didn't know about those two? I thought everyone knew by now. They aren't exactly quiet.

But I'll tell you how I knew, even if you are ignorant. Hey, I'm a drunken old woman and even I knew. I may be Hokage, but I'm not perfect.

So, I actually knew when they sulked because they had separate missions for the first time…ever. And then when Sasuke was sent on another mission and Naruto wasn't, Naruto came and whined about being bored and without a sparring partner. Like two giant, powerful babies, the two of them.

Also, they're always goo-goo eyes at each other. Always mooning and flirting with one another. I'm surprise they keep their clothes on half the time they're in the same room with each other. Really, that Uchiha needs to learn how to keep it in his pants.

Their bond though…that's something completely different. Hell, I don't eve understand it fully. It goes far beyond sexual and companionship though. It's like they protect each other and stand by each other no matter what. But I know that it means it will only be worse if one breaks the other's heart. Because giving someone the key to your heart is basically like giving them permission to just tear it in two and stomp on it.

Now, I really hope it doesn't come down to that, but it's always a possibility. But I don't believe it will happen or that anyone should even really worry about it. The two seem pretty attached to each other. They are dependent upon on another to the point where it's sappy and ridiculous. But, I'm Hokage, so I have to consider all the possibilities, right? Exactly, so I know that if that sharingan-using, duck-butt-

haired moron ever really breaks Naruto's heart, I will have to beat him to a bloody pulp and the make him apologize, which might actually kill him and his pride.

And here I am, I sound like a teenage girl or a bad love song talking about broken hearts. But seriously, I will kill that damn Uchiha is he so much as makes the blonde brat cry.

Damn, I need some more sake.