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Why, why god? Why are they so damn loud? That idiot and his bastard, I swear, I haven't had a good night's sleep since that Uchiha came back from Sound. The Hokage should do something, like ban their sex during the middle of the night. Or at least soundproof their apartment. I seriously feel bad for their neighbors. I mean, I live down the street and I can hear them, I can't imagine living next to them.

That's how I found out. Well, actually, that's how most of Konoha found out (because they're so damn loud). I still can't believe Naruto's such a screamer. Well, yeah, actually I can. The moron is never quiet. Not even during missions is Naruto silent. He's always spewing some nonsense about something. The only time I've ever seen Naruto quiet is when he and the Uchiha had their first fight.

But, of course, even the Blessed Silence that came with the fight didn't last long. During that awful week (that all of the villagers and shinobi have made a pact to never, ever mention out loud) when they weren't talking (well, they weren't talking civilly) was pure hell. And even though they weren't talking, that didn't stop Naruto from screaming curses at the Uchiha every time they saw one another. And the Uchiha just mocked Naruto, albeit without the usual amusement in his eyes. And even when the Uchiha wasn't around, Naruto didn't shut up (besides the first day of the fight, which was when the Blessed Silence occurred), he was always complaining about what a douche the Uchiha is. Like we all didn't already know that.

And when they finally made up, it was even worse. All of the make-up sex they had kept me up for days. I'm not even kidding. Fucking paper thin walls, why do you hate me so?

Fuck it all, they're going at it again. I might just move because this really, really sucks. It's getting ridiculous. I have bags under my eyes, and that just doesn't help when I'm working my game with the ladies. Damn it Naruto, stop screaming!



Naruto-kun is so sweet. He's really adorable, even if I can't have him. I can still appreciate how cute he is. I guess I'm okay that Sasuke beat me to Naruto. I really did like him. But it's okay, Naruto seems very happy with Sasuke. And they work well together; they seem to complement one another perfectly. Better than Naruto and I ever could have.

Even though Sasuke is kind of rude and quiet and stubborn (and he scowls a lot) he's kind of sweet when he's with Naruto. His cold eyes soften and he's always speaks to Naruto-kun fondly, even when he's 

ridiculing him. It's kind of like their way of flirting. Naruto never seems to mind, so I think it's okay. And Sasuke isn't always uncaring; sometimes after Naruto has had a tough mission, Sasuke will wrap his arm around Naruto and whisper to him. They make a very cute couple.

Though the two do get rowdy sometimes, when they're arguing about something you can actually feel the tension. And when it finally reaches some breaking point that the two can always recognize something in Sasuke's eyes changes and he takes Naruto by the hand and drags him home. Naruto-kun blushed as terribly as I did back in my Genin days. I prefer not to think about what they do when they get back home, though. I think it should be a respected secret between the two of them. But Kiba always tells me that with how loud they are, it isn't really much of a secret.

Neither Naruto nor Sasuke ever actually told me that they were together. Honestly, I don't think they've ever told anyone. It's quite obvious though, it's not like they hide it or anything. Naruto-kun is never ashamed about anything; he never regrets what he does. And Sasuke just doesn't seem to care about anyone's opinion. Except Naruto's, Sasuke, even though he tries to hide the fact, really does care about what Naruto thinks about him. That's why Sasuke is sweet sometimes, he's always doing small things for Naruto, like holding his hand or kissing his cheek when most people either aren't looking or just don't care.

Sasuke is really possessive sometimes. It's endearing when he glares at anything that even looks in Naruto's direction. Not that anyone looks much anymore, most people know well enough to not even bother unless they want to incur the Uchiha's wrath. But sometimes, when foreign ninja come to Konoha for a meeting or messenger mission or such, they let their eyes stray a little too long in Naruto's direction. Sasuke has a hard time restraining himself sometimes, especially when their eyes go south. Then the raven doesn't even bother with restraint. But everyone is protective of Naruto-kun; he just has that effect on people after a while, and sometimes after just a brief meeting. He's everyone's friend. Sasuke is just more so affected, because well, I can't actually describe it or put a name to it. I guess if I had to, I would say that Sasuke loves Naruto (the feeling is obviously reciprocated). But neither will probably ever admit it. But it's just obvious.



I really don't want to talk about this; it's nothing that concerns me at all. And if I talk about it and either of them finds out, you'll probably find me scattered across the forest floor. Do I really have to? Seriously, there's no way out of this at all?

Fine, I just know that they're together. And Kiba says they're loud at night. I don't see how this is anyone's business but their own. Can I stop talking about it now?

You want to know how I knew? Do I really have to say it? I hate you. I saw them making out in an alley way. Okay? Can I leave now? Yes? Thank you.

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