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Enjoy the story.


Years ago, an organization that called itself Team Galactic dominated the world. Posing as a promising energy corporation, they began amassing funds, power, and forces. All of it was in secrecy, and all under the orders of their leader, Cyrus. Eventually, Cyrus had the means to bring apart the world as it was, and reshape it in his image by writing over the old world. After capturing the legendary Pokémon of Spirit: Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, a red chain was created from their powers, a chain powerful enough to control Pokémon of mythical proportion; Dialga, the embodiment of time, and Palkia, the embodiment of space. Through their control, Cyrus was able to go forth with his goal of creating his perfect world.

Though Team Galactic had succeeded in bringing their leader's vision to life, the newfound paradise was the perfection many would hope for. The people who had served directly under Cyrus had been placed over this new world as dictators, slowly putting every region of the world under their control.

The diverse landscapes of Sinnoh region were stripped away and turned into a barren wasteland. It was here, at the Spear Pillar of Mt. Coronet, that Cyrus had begun his rule as the "god" of the reality he had replaced, the base of his operations.

But even so, the world wasn't completely devoid of the emotions Cyrus wanted to be rid of. Although he manipulated time and space to shaped the world into his image, the past was still there to haunt him. Insurgents from around the world had continued to passionately battle against his rule to bring back the world they once knew. Because of this, Pokémon battles were then outlawed aggressively. Galactic followers would capture anyone who they felt opposed their leader and took away any Pokémon found, either to place into the Galactic army, or simply to be eliminated. Gym Leaders and those from the old League were once the figures of such rebellions, but eventually they too would be captured, exiled to high-security structures as an act of propaganda to deter a revolution. No matter how much he was resisted, Cyrus knew the opposition had locked itself into a battle they couldn't win.

However, he knew there was a Pokémon that could undo what Team Galactic had created and dismantle Cyrus's oppressive paradise– in legend it was called the "Time Traveler". Its existence was a myth in itself, but Cyrus knew better than to ignore it. During the years of Team Galactic's reign, they used all of their knowledge and power to find out where it was.

Finally though, after fourteen years of searching, they were believed to have found what they were looking for. However, someone else had already beaten them to it, and what Team Galactic had found instead was a genuine threat to their rule.

Author's Notes:

Looking back at my writing, I've realized how much of a change my writing style has become. I've hope that with a bit of editing this story can go further.

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