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Chapter 77:

"This concludes the appeals portion of the contest. We will have a thirty-minute break while the judges deliberate on the final scores. Who will move on to the next round and take home the ribbon? We'll find out soon enough, so stick around!"

"Finally," Fuuta sighed as he rubbed his neck. He was tired of craning his neck over the thick crowd of coordinators to look at the small, cheap looking television screen, and the speakers gave off a terrible static sound every so often that he feel like he was going deaf. From what he saw, Fuuta was confident enough that he made it to the next round.

How interesting. I did not know so many human could be mesmerized for hours just by looking at the illuminated chest. If I can get my hands on it, all will fall before me!

"You're the one who's been watching too much T.V. if you actually think that would work," Fuuta muttered but the Spirtomb continued to crackle its evil laughter. The spirit Pokémon wouldn't admit it, but it found modern technology fascinating; the vast differences in development since his era often prompted questions of everyday objects. Fuuta eventually tuned Spiritomb out after it demanded to know the functions of the toilet.

"Fuuta!" Daniel suddenly popped out of nowhere and appeared right next to his friend. Bits of popcorn fell out the paper bags in Daniel's hand. Fuuta couldn't help but stare at the amount of food he was holding, wondering how a few bills that were supposed to only pay for one small bag of popcorn got him five large bags instead. "You were great out there."

"Of course I was," Fuuta scoffed as he took a handful of popcorn.

What is that you consume? Give me some of that slave!

"I'm pretty sure I made it to the next round," Fuuta continued, ignoring the Spirtomb, "But what did you think? Like how I incorporate the Ice Beam with Hydro Pump to make that prism-looking effect?" That just left a blank stare on Daniel's face.

"Umm, it was okay. Your Starmie looked great. I think the judges love the refreshing water moves." Daniel paused for a moment before adding quietly. "But did you really have to flirt with the commentator?"

"Oh come on. You have to admit, she was very pretty."

"But that's not a good thing to do. Especially in front of the judges and the audience. They won't think you're taking this seriously."

"Geez thanks. I'll keep that in mind for the next contest."

"That's what you said last time." Fuuta rolled his eyes, though he decided not to point out that he won the contest anyways. Daniel's eyes suddenly went big and round with amazement.

"There she is," Daniel said. Fuuta turned and sure enough, the red hair coordinator had suddenly materialized on the other side of the room. She was in the room surrounded by other anxious coordinators, some of them a bit worse for wear in terms of appearance. Wearing her street clothes, she was calmly sewing her lavender dress, which had a large rip at the hem. Her graceful fingers worked delicately with the thread and needle, Fuuta noticed they were also wrapped with bandages.

"She's so beautiful."

"Yes, you've said that all throughout lunch, at least 14 times," Fuuta said, not exaggerating the number. Fuuta had to admit that though that the red-haired girl was a looker and shined onstage despite the look of the broadcast. Back then when she called herself an amateur, he felt that she was being pretty modest. Her appeal with that Sentret of hers was simple, yet elegant – a continuous session of Rollout through an obstacle of hoops. From what Daniel knew about the technical aspect of the judges were impressed, the announcer was too apparently, judging by the glee that was present when her name was called. That was actually the best part of the performance for Daniel, now he didn't have an excuse to not talk to her.

"Well, hurry up." Fuuta gave his friend a strong shove towards the room and almost made him spill his popcorn.

"I-I-I don't think I can do it." Daniel looked like he wanted to run in the opposite direction, at least any direction that didn't lead straight to her. The usual dazed look on his face was replaced with legitimate fear. Fuuta grinned, wishing he had a camera. Maybe he should start carrying one.

What is this camera you think of? Is it deadly?

Quiet you, I'll tell you in a second.

"Yes you can. Unless," he added slyly, "you're okay if I ask her out. She is definitely cute enough for me. I think we have a lot of common." Daniel's eyes got wide with terror now, ignoring the playful jabs Fuuta made to his side.

"Fuuta, you wouldn-"

"Ten minutes. That's all you get, after that I'm making my own move." Fuuta snatched one of Daniel's popcorn bags and shoved him towards the room. He looked like he was quaking with every step and Fuuta almost felt bad for his friend. Almost.

A handful of your currency says he won't remember her name. Spiritomb crackled.

Shiki heard small cough and a shaky 'hello'. She looked up curiously to see a boy towering over her. How long has he been standing there? He slowly outstretched his arm, a bag of popcorn in hand. "Umm, hungry?"

"Oh, hi! And no thanks, I'm good." Shiki smiled, immediately recognizing him. "You're… Daniel right?" Daniel simply nodded. "Oh that's a relief," she sighed. "I'm terrible when it comes to names."

"I-It's okay," Daniel muttered and then continued, "Shiki." To Daniel, it was the most beautiful word that ever rolled off his tongue. He said it softly and carefully as though it needed to be spoken with care. The boy's got it hard.

"Where's your friend?" Shiki asked, glancing around curiously. She didn't remember that she never introduced herself to Daniel or Fuuta.

"Oh, he is…um… busy." Thank goodness Fuuta had the grace to hide himself when spying on his friend and was nowhere to be found at the moment.

"Oh that's too bad. Say, can you sit? I need to get this done and it's hard to do when I'm looking up." Daniel nodded and sat next her. He could feel his heart pounding out of his chest. This was the first time he ever sat so close to a girl that wasn't in a buffet line and didn't know what to do except stare at his shoes and eat his bag of popcorn. Once in a while, he peeked over and watched as Shiki worked. She kept pushing back her red bangs back behind her ears and they always managed to, falling over her gray, thoughtful eyes. She noticed him looking at her and decided to speak up.

"Ripped my dress," Shiki explained while carefully continuing her work. She was almost done, but she had to inspect her work to see if the rip would be able to go unnoticed under the spotlight. "When I was getting off stand, it got snagged on a nail board or something, I'm not sure. Well, I'm just lucky it wasn't before my appeal. I've would've been panicking a lot then."

"You were great out there," Daniel blurted out. "You and your Sentret were like… in sync." He at least remembered that word during Fuuta's coordinator vocabulary workshop.

"Hmm? Oh thanks." Shiki continued to sew, not really taking in what Daniel was saying. It was obvious that she was focusing a lot on her dress. Daniel was desperate. He jerked around when he heard a noise in his head and noticed Fuuta behind the vending machine, he had been inching closer the entire time.

Calm down, Fuuta advised him, just talk to her like any other girl you've talked to... Wait; hold on a second, have you ever talked to a girl before?


Now that I think about it, has any girl ever noticed you before?


Oh man, you are soooo screwed.

You're not helping here, Daniel mentally whined back. He could feel the uncomfortable ache in his head again. He didn't like getting into Fuuta's telepathic sessions, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Fuuta was the only one here that had any sort of experience with girls. He was also the only one in a position to psychically communicate with him and give him pointers.

Alright…umm. First, don't talk about food. And don't eat like that! You are just shoving it down in your gullet, what's the matter with you?

I eat when I'm nervous. You know that.

You also eat when you're not nervous. And you eat when almost nervous. You even eat in your sleep. How do you do that?


Okay, sorry. Just talk about how pretty she is, but like, say it like a cool one liner.

One liner?

Like 'Hey baby, you fell down from heaven? Because I swear you're an angel.'

What? That's not one line. That was two sentences.

No, I… I didn't mean literall… Urgh, okay. Just ask her what she likes and act all interested. DON'T be yourself. That is the last thing a girl wants.

Like what?!

"DANIEL!" The psychic communication broke and Daniel realized that Shiki was gaping at him.


"You're bleeding!" Shiki exclaimed, pointing to Daniel's nose.

"What?" Daniel's fingertips were immediately wet with blood. He had a puzzled look on his face. How did that happen? And now his face was turning as red as the blood. "Well gosh, that's embarrassing."

Without wasting time gaping like Daniel was doing, Shiki grabbed a nearby towel and immediately started to mop up the mess on his face. Almost immediately, the blood flow slowed to a stop when she applied pressure.

"Alright, okay. There we go. I don't think any of it got on your shirt." It was when she looked up from her towel that Shiki made eye contact with Daniel, whose face was just inches from hers. The compromising position dawned on her, and Shiki quickly shoved the towel into Daniel's hand and turned away. "A-anyways, just make sure you notice your surroundings. You don't want that to happen again." Feeling the situation was awkward now, Shiki quickly started to put away her needle kit.

"T-thanks," Daniel sputtered. "You're a really awesome person."

"Oh come on. I was just doing what normal people would do. A towel dab doesn't make me awesome." Shiki still refused to look at Daniel and started to fidget.

"You shouldn't put yourself down like that," Daniel said firmly. "You're so nice and sweet. You work so hard with your Pokémon to become bring out the best in them. And you're not just awesome. You're also… well, you're very… ummm… b-beautiful." Daniel looked frightened; of course he felt relieved that he got it off his chest, but at the same time he thought he might have been a bit strong.

Oh my Arecus, Fuuta groaned as he slapped his forehead and despair. That is the worst one-liner. That was like three whole lines!

GAHAHAHA! Get your proposed soul devourer ready!

"Thanks," Shiki muttered and could feel her whole face burning now. There was a long silence. The two were both facing each other, but they were avoiding any direct eye contact.

"Umm, I was wondering if you would like to… hang out sometimes. After the… after the contest I guess?" Daniel flinched slightly, afraid of what her response would be. There was a long pause before Shiki responded.

"That would be… nice. Very nice. I think I'd like that, Daniel." Shiki gave a shy smile now and looked at Daniel, who gave a shy smile right back at her.

Wait, that worked? Did I miss something? How did that work? Oi, mind slave, how did your terrible idea work? Has courtship really degraded this far since my slumber? Spirtomb kept nagging at Fuuta, who actively ignored it and just stared at Daniel, beaming with pride.

Well, I guess I'll have to add that line to the list.

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