Note-yeah I know it's been so long! Well I did promise a sequel to once in a lifetime. So here it is. Written in Gabriella's point of view again though. I like writing from her perspective most. So anyways, here goes. I hope you like it. I'm a bit nervous about it myself..


Gabriella's long dark locks were lifted slightly by the wind that happened to be passing by. The petite brunette looked down at her hand, which was intertwined into that of another hand, Troy's. She looked up to search his face and then was gazing into his eyes.

"You ready?" Troy whispered. Gabriella nodded. She then turned the other direction, in Kelsey's direction. The pianist started to play her chords of the slow song.

Troy held his microphone up and began. "If I don't say this now, I will surely break. As I'm leaving the one I want to take." Troy then gave Gabriella's hand a squeeze. She took a breath and then began to cut through the cool night with her soft, high notes.

"Forgive the urgency, but hurry up and wait. My heart has started to separate."

The couple then took a step forward and joined in song together. The power of their voices caught the attention of the many people whom were at the memorial.

The pair finished the song and then took a bow as the crowd burst into applause. Gabriella smiled weakly and Troy turned to make sure she was alright. Gabi was so proud, that she hadn't embarrassed herself by passing out or anything. The doctors had had their doubts but she was fine! Troy held the mic up again and started to talk.

"I'm so glad that all of you were able to make it here tonight. It's been one full month since we've seen Lacy smile, since she laughed, since we saw our friend. But the thing is, she hasn't really left us. Thank you." Gabriella looked up into the cool night air and for a glimpse of a second, there was a star that shot across the sky. Most of the crowd hadn't noticed it, but Gabriella had. Seeing it, she smiled. Thanks Lacy, she thought.

Gabriella and Troy left the platform They walked together towards Troy's car and Troy helped Gabriella up into the passenger seat. Then he took his seat at the wheel. Gabriella knew exactly where they were going.

The headlights of the black car shined brightly on the dark road. The pavement was still a little bit slick from the rain earlier that day. Within ten minutes they had wound into the local hospital and found a parking spot. Then the two joined hands again and walked into the lobby. The nurse recognized them immediately and sent them back to the room that they were looking for.

Gabriella was walking quickly but she could still barely keep up with the rapid walk that Troy was paced at. She began to find it harder to breath and then Troy slowed down. "Sorry Gabi!" A look of urgency caught his eyes but she waved him off.

" No big deal. C'mon. We've gotta go see him. Visiting hours end real soon anyway." Gabriella knew that Troy was just worried about her but it seemed like her did that too much. Well, sure, she certainly gave him plenty of reason to worry. Since her diagnosis of cancer earlier that year, and what with all the side effects she'd experienced from the ALL, she had been through quite a bit. But she tried to look on the more positive side and not give people reason to worry to begin with. Oh yes, and the pitying. That really had to stop. She hadn't exactly chosen to get cancer or anything in the first place, but people feeling bad for her really only made it worse.

She was deep in thought and had barely realized it when they came to a stop. Then she knew that they had arrived at his room. The intensive care unit. It had been about a month since he had been here. She had hoped that he would be able to get out of his coma earlier. But there was time. Who knew when he would pull out? See, for Gabriella, it wasn't a question of whether he'd come out of it, more like, when he would. Because it had to happen. It just had to.

Gabrielle reached down to touch the pale, cold hand of one of her best friends. Her lips parted and she spoke, very softly. "Hey, Ryan." She brushed a piece of her hair back, behind an ear, and she felt a weak smile coming on. "Hurry up and get better. You missed Lacy's one month memorial. We all miss her so much."

It had been a full month since Ryan, whom had been in love with Lacy, had attempted to kill himself by overdosing, so that he too could possibly join her. However, he had not fully succeeded. So now he was stuck between the stages of life and death: a coma. It was a terrible thing to see, that he struggled so. It was like he couldn't fully be in one world with his friends on Earth, or up among the starts with the love of his life, Lacy. Gabriella just wanted her Ryan back. The Ryan whom she knew so well. And when he came back she wanted him to find love again. Life must continue, after all. Time doesn't pause for mourning, or pity, or grief. It drags by but really, it continues and people have to learn to move on with it. Because the way that Gabi looked at it, you couldn't stay in this state forever. Or else one day death, too, will catch up to you and take you by surprise. Not even death, but other things. Life was about living, it can't just stop for you to take a time out.

"Ready to go?" Troy asked Gabriella and she nodded. They laced their hands together once again and exited the hospital just as visiting hours ended. How she wished so dearly for Ryan to come to once again. There's always tomorrow. Who knows what could happen in a day?