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Gabriella found Sharpay in the hallways at East High, standing by her locker. She noticed that the blonde wasn't fixing her hair or reapplying lip gloss. In fact, she ignored the mirror in her locker, which before she had gotten so much use out of examining herself constantly.

Perhaps Sharpay had been hit the hardest by the downfall of Ryan. It was so tough, he was her only sibling, and after all, she had known him since she was born.

"Hey." Gabriella wore a small smile as she leaned against the locker next to Sharpay's. The blonde sighed, closing her own locker, and then rested her back against it, throwing her head back. She closed her eyes and Gabi watched her intently. She was so…different. It was something that she couldn't just buy back with money. Maybe that was what really bothered her. That she was helpless, she couldn't do something to change anything. Gabi felt that way too. Then again, she felt helpless about quite a few things. One of them being her cancer. And of course, now that she was on the subject, she just remembered that she had only a day left of school before another wave of chemo started. Gabriella ran her fingers through her hair-well, fake hair. Unfortunately, one of her symptoms from the treatment was hair loss. It was something that she had dreaded greatly but could not be avoided. Either that or…she didn't even want to think about it.

She turned to Sharpay again , whose chocolate eyes then opened again. She too smile softly towards Gabriella and then readjusted her shoulder Prada bag. "What's up?"

"Oh nothing much," Gabi spoke casually, trying not to think about the so many other things that were all in her mind, jumbling together.

"Did ya see him last night?" Sharpay spoke even softer, but did try to maintain that same casual tone. She could've been talking about anything else, not her suicidal brother who had been in a coma for about month. It was so terrible, everything was. But, time would go on without them. Time shows no mercy, its victims are simply left behind in the dust to catch up. Gabriella needed to move on, even though she wanted to keep her past a big part of her, the future was what she was to be. And she couldn't forget that.

"Yeah. I think he's gonna come around soon. I just have this feeling." Gabriella wasn't sure if her feeling was actually there because it was or because she wanted it to be there.

"I know. He will, don't even worry," Sharpay spoke nervously. Gabi could just imagine what she was thinking. Was she questioning whether or not Ryan was going to pull through? She sure hoped not. He had to. He just had to. Losing one best friend in a month was more than enough. Gabi couldn't even handle that much. She felt like there was a part of Ryan, in his state now, that really wasn't there. So technically, she had lost him, a part of him. But not the whole thing. For that she was lucky, and she had to keep praying, keep hoping, that he would come through for them.

Gabriella's day went by very slowly. She had a lot on her mind. Life had had so many downfalls recently. She had to have so much pity for herself sitting on her shoulders. She tried to tell herself it could be worse. She wouldn't even know what to do with herself if it wasn't for Troy. She tried to put herself in Ryan's shoes. Would she have tried to kill herself, too? What if she died, and Toy decided to take that path of action? Then she put it out of her mind. She didn't even want to think about it. IT wouldn't happen, it couldn't. She would keep fighting. That was a promise she had made to Lacy anyway. She was not going to die. Not from cancer. She would die another day, a long time from now.

Gabi's day finally ended and she met Troy in the parking lot. He drove her home and then they arrived at her house. She kissed him goodbye, not wanting to leave. Her hand left his and she slowly walked back to her house. That's when the phone rang. There was a call.

Ms. Montez had the phone in her hand. Gabi couldn't make out what it was about. Then her Mom said, "Right, I understand, Dr. Calder." Dr. Calder. That was the name of Ryan's doctor. She put the pieces together. There must have been a drastic change in Ryan's condition. She crossed her fingers, hoping for the best, and then took the phone from her mother's hand, nervously.

"Hello?" Gabriella said, shakily.

"Hi Gabriella. This is Dr. Calder. We have some news about your friend Ryan."