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GIBBS: Tell him the ending, Agent McGregor. Tell him what happens.
MCGEE: It's not what you think, Landon. Amy and I … Amy and I get married.

"I'm too old for this shit," Gibbs thought as he held up the gun that stood between himself, the psycho, and Abby. Some idiot actually believed McGee's book was real; he had even killed two innocent men over it. And now, it had placed someone he loved very much in danger. He wished he could blame McGee, it may have made things easier; but he knew he couldn't. McGee wasn't responsible for this man's psychological issues.

So, he assessed the situation, and told McGee to finish the book. His heart raced at the thought of Abby getting hurt—possibly even killed—but years of training told him what to do. Gibbs thought the night couldn't get any worse, but then McGee said that he and "Amy" get married.

LANDON: You… you marry her?
MCGEE: Yeah, I do. That means that if you kill her, you're killing the only woman I ever loved. Landon, I really do love her! It just took me a while to figure it out.

Gibbs didn't doubt for a moment that McGee was telling the truth. He really did love Abby. That's what made everything harder; because not too long ago, Gibbs had had the same realization. Yet, in this moment, only one of them was capable of saving her. Gibbs nearly lowered his gun at McGee's words, because everything in his body suddenly hurt. Then things changed. Landon dropped his gun as Tony and Ziva rushed towards him to take him into custody. The moment he had seen Tony cuff him, Gibbs rushed towards Abby without thought.

GIBBS: Are you okay, Abs?
ABBY: Oh, with the amount of bad guys after me, I feel like I'm dating Spiderman.

He grabbed onto her as if he had to make sure she was still there. Too many close calls. First with Ari, then with that lunatic Mikel, and now this. He felt her body tremble and heard her suck in her breath the moment his arms went around her waist. Maybe he just imagined it? Regrettably, he loosened his grip and allowed Abby to step out of his arms. The moment she left, it tore at him and he realized the hole that would always be there if anything ever happened to her.

MCGEE: Abby, I am so sorry.
ABBY: We need to talk.

'Oh, right…,' for a moment he had forgotten about the other man. Gibbs was torn at feeling relief that Abby was safe, and pain that she wanted to talk to McGee. Then, as she always seemed to do, Abby surprised him.

ABBY: Agent McGregor cannot marry Amy in the end. McGee, they're all wrong for each other.

Gibbs couldn't have stopped the smile that appeared on his face for anything. She had just in her own way, let McGee down. She didn't love him in return, at least not in the way that he and McGee loved her. But McGee, being the dutiful and loyal friend, just smiled back at her and said "I know". Even though Gibbs had to restrain himself from pulling him away as they hugged; he also found himself patting McGee's back as he walked out the door. After all, as Abby once told him, they were all family and friends. Turning back to the woman in question, Gibbs heard himself say:

"Abs, you can't stay here. It's not safe."

"Gibbs, it's a convent, of course it's safe."

"Then how did that psycho get in, huh, Abby?"

"Well, my apartment is flooded, Gibbs! What do you want me to do? Stay with Tony or Ziva?"

"I was thinking you could stay with me."