Sarutobi finished the day's paperwork and held up his stamp with a sadistic grin on his face. "Now, you die!" He slammed the stamp down and it thundered through the Hokage tower. He gave a content sigh. A three year old Naruto was playing on the floor and he giggled.

"Don't worry, Jii-san. When I become Hokage, I will stop all the evil paperwork," the child said. Sarutobi laughed. He was the one that took care of Naruto the most. No one hurt him. But no one paid attention to him either. So, naturally, he became the person Naruto looked up to the most. Eventually, that included becoming Hokage.

"Ah, but then, who will the Hokage fight then," Sarutobi asked. Naruto spent enough time with him that he understood it wasn't always life and death. In fact, he understood, that for the most part, it never was.

"Me," Naruto said cheerfully. Sarutobi just chuckled. The words of a three year old was all it ever took to make his day. No matter that there can only be one Hokage at any one time.

"Sir," his aid said as she poked her head in the door. She gave Naruto a smile before turning back to the Hokage. "Jiriaya-sama has returned and he said he has found something that will make the village more powerful."

"Send him in. Before you do, make sure you take these. Last time, he knocked them over." Naruto began to laugh out loud when he remembered that day.

"Grand uncle is back," Naruto cheered when the man stepped in the door. Jiriaya just grinned as he continued to walk with the little rug rat attached to his leg.

"Hey, I got something really impressive this time."

Sarutobi looked down at Naruto for a moment and said, "The next issue of your books?"

"No... Actually, I brought that as well. Along with my first book to give to Naruto. But what I brought is much more exciting than my books!" He took out a scroll and unsealed the chest inside. He opened it to reveal...a bright yellow fruit with swirls on it. "I give you the Devil Fruit of the Pirate ocean a world away."

"Fruits are yucky," Naruto said.

"Now Naruto," Sarutobi said in a scolding tone. "I told you before, if you want to become Hokage, you have to eat both your fruits and your vegetables."

"I have to?" He made a pleading face that almost made the aged ninja give.

"Yes, you have to," he told him. Naruto sighed as let go of Jiriaya's leg.

The two adults turned back to the fruit between them. "These are actually very rare," Jiriaya said. "And they give the person that eats them a special power."

"But all things comes at a price," Sarutobi said.

"And so do these. Any person that eats these can't swim. And considering they only grow in an island chain, that can be bad."

"What else do you know about them?"

"They may very well be the origin of bloodline abilities. The tree that grows them only makes them once every hundred years, or so the legend goes. And there is three general types. One give a person the ability to change shape into a single animal. Another changes their body in some way. The last gives them control of an element and it's forms."

"Like what," Sarutobi asked. Neither noticed a chair being moved.

"Well, I heard rumors of someone that ate the second one. His body had turned into rubber. He can stretch, expand, and several other things. This class of fruit also gave him incredible strength."

"That sounds cool," Naruto said.

"It does," Sarutobi said. "And the elemental ones?"

"Well, the same man's brother ate one that gave him control of fire. He could produce it without any source. The stories I have heard are amazing."

Jiriaya looked at the fruit in his hands and set it down on the desk. "This is the only one I could find. And I don't know if it will make the trees here. But if the seeds inside it do take..."

"It will give us a strength unlike any other village," Sarutobi summed up.

"I knew fruits are yucky," Naruto said. "Why couldn't they make a fruit that taste like ramen?" The sound of chewing reached their ears along with another bite.

Both went wide eyed and they dropped their heads. To see Naruto sitting on the desk, slowly devouring the fruit. Naruto opened his mouth after he did and pulled out the pit. He set it on the desk before continuing. Jiriaya laughed after a bit. "You did tell him to eat all of his fruits."

Sarutobi placed a hand on his face and pulled it down. "Naruto, that fruit wasn't your's."

"Oh," the child said. "...Do I have to finish it like Baa-chan tells me to then?"

Jiriaya smiled. "No, you ate quite enough of that yucky fruit. And thank you for getting the pit for me."

Naruto beamed, "Your welcome! Future Hokage have to help people after all!"

"So, I don't suppose you know what ability he just gained, do you?" Naruto started stuttering, meaning he was about to sneeze.

"That one was the..." Naruto sneezed and the sound blasted out the windows and forced them to cover their ears. Naruto couldn't though and he was on the ground, dizzy. "The Oto Oto Fruit. It give the person control over sound. I don't know the full abilities. But it has to do with their voice altering it."

The Hokage's aid opened the door. "Jiriaya-sama, what did you do this time?" The two men pointed to the child on the floor. This only made her outraged. "How dare you blame an innocent child for something you did! Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves! And what did you do to him!?"

"Rin, I swear..." Sarutobi started.

"Shut up! I don't want to hear your excuses!" She stepped over to Naruto and picked him up. "Come one, Naruto, we are taking out to go play with kids your own age. We are going to the water park."

"Okay," Naruto said, still a little dizzy but with a huge smile on his face. Though both of them knew it was from the attention, it looked like it was caused by where she was holding him. Close to her chest.

"Wow..." Jiriaya said. "I never thought I would be jealous of the kid... She doesn't know he can't swim now."


Naruto went down the water slide ahead of Rin-chan, laughing. They reached the bottom and Rin picked him up and put him on his shoulders. "So, where do you want to go next, Naruto?"

"Hmm... The Drop!" That was the his favorite. A person got on it and went both up and down hill before being shot out and falling into a pool ten feet deep. Of course, he wasn't big enough to go alone yet. But Rin-chan could take him.

"Okay." They got in line and quickly got in the slide. "WHOA," they both yelled as the water pushed them down and back up. "AH!" As quickly as they got on it, it was over and they were falling through the air. Naruto couldn't hold his laughter as he held on to Rin-chan. They hit the water and she swam to the shallow end.

"Rin-san," a messenger appeared. "I need to give you a message from the Hokage!"

Rin set him on the stairs out of the pool. "Now stay close to here, okay?"

Naruto grinned widely. "Okay!"

Rin walked up to the man, wearing a two piece the same color as her tattoos. "So, what is it?"

"Naruto ate a fruit that gave him the ability to control sound. But it took away his ability to float." The man said. "That is the sound you heard."

"Is it? I guess I better get Naruto to the play ground then." They turned back to him just in time to see an older boy running by and hit Naruto. He fell off the stairs into the deeper water and sunk like a rock. He tried to swim back up but couldn't. He was so scared, he didn't even think about just climbing back up the stairs. "NARUTO!" She jumped in and lifted him out. "I'm so sorry Naruto, this is my fault! Are you okay?"

He coughed the water from his lungs. "It's alright Rin-chan. I am fine, see? But why couldn't I swim?"

She hugged him close. "I'm afraid you lost the ability to, Naruto. That fruit you ate gave you something and took it away from you."

"...So if I finish eating it then I should get it back," Naruto reasoned. After all, a fruit could only keep something inside it like the pit was inside.

"No, Naruto, it is gone for good."

"Oh," Naruto just said. From his bewildered expression, he didn't understand. Nor did he understand just how close he came to dying.


An eight year old Naruto stretched. Training was over with today so he could relax. Ever since he almost drowned in the pool, Rin-chan told him she would train him to use chakra. Because then, he could use it to not only replace his lost ability to swim, he could walk atop it. He didn't believe her at first but she showed him. The hard part was finding water deep enough to practice on but so deep should he fall through, he couldn't stand up and have air.

He was at the park now, playing. "'re an Uchiha, aren't you," Naruto asked.

"I am."

"That is so cool," Naruto said. "Jii-san told me your clan is very strong."

The spiky headed boy grinned, his pride showing. "Well, we are a little."

"A little!? Your family make up the Military Police, you are so strong. I wish I had a family..."

"Like that," the boy finished for him.

"Yeah...but I would settle for any family, truthfully."

"You don't have one," the boy asked.

"No, Jii-san isn't even my Jii-san. I just call him that because the Hokage is the one that takes care of me the most."

"You call the Hokage Jii-san," he asked amazed.

"Yeah," Naruto said. "I'm Naruto."

"Sasuke. Uh, do you want to be friends? No one else here will be. I think they are intimidated by my clan."

Naruto grinned ear to ear. "SURE!"

"Hey, keep it down," a bigger kid said, moving up to them. He was clearly the park bully. "Or do I need to beat some sense into you?"

The lessons from Rin-chan came up right then. 'Naruto, you can't use your abilities to hurt people. At least not until you become a ninja. And never do it to anyone of the village unless they attack you first.'

"No, that isn't needed," Naruto said, backing away. "Let's go, he said to Sasuke.

"Wait, I know you," the bully said. "You are one of those Uchiha, aren't you?"

"What if I am," Sasuke demanded.

The bully looked at him and grinned. "Well, well. Here we have the mighty Uchiha, all alone and weak. Go ahead and run away with your friend. With your tail between your legs."

Naruto twitched at that comment but let it go. "Let's just go, Sasuke."

"You shut up about my clan," Sasuke yelled at the bully.

"Little cry baby going to do something about it?"

"Ragh!" Sasuke swung a fist at him. The bully accepted it and hit him in the face. Sasuke fell to the ground. Before he could get back up, the bully kicked him in the stomach.

"Leave him alone," Naruto yelled, throwing himself at him.

The bully pushed him away and turned on him. "Perhaps you want me to do the same to you?" He raised a fist.

"ENOUGH!" It was so loud, it knocked the bully on his back. He tried to get up but fell back down, his eardrums had been popped. Naruto grabbed Sasuke's hand, pulled him up, and they started running.


"What was that?"

"..." Naruto hesitated. He didn't want to lie to his new friend but Jii-chan told him to if ever someone found out about it. "My bloodline. I control sounds. Listen to this." He opened his mouth, clapped his hands, and they sounded like a drum. "Cool, huh?"

"You already have your bloodline," Sasuke asked amazed. "That is cool! I wish I had mine already. Then my father will say that I am strong because I am his son more often."

"You are looking to be acknowledged?"

"Yeah. My big brother is eight but he is already an ANBU."

"...Hmm, an Uchiha ANBU? ...Oh, Weasel! You mean weasel, right?"

"You know Itachi?"

"We met. He told me about you. He said that he was very proud of you. And that he wished he didn't have to become an ANBU like his father told him so he could spend time with you."

"He...actually said that?"

"He did. Your father is Fugaku, right?" Sasuke nodded. "That is him!"

Sasuke couldn't help but grin. "I can't wait to tell mom!" He looked around, "There she is!" The woman in question was sitting on a bench, humming to herself and rubbing her stomach.

As they ran to her, Naruto asked, "Why is she doing that?"

"I don't know," Sasuke replied. "Mom! Guess what, I made a friend! And he knows Itachi!" She smiled at first but grew grim when she heard the second part. Her children were growing a strong rivalry. At times, it seemed that Sasuke hated Itachi. But the look on his face said anything but that.

"I do, Misses Uchiha," he said with a bow.

"And Naruto said that Itachi said he wished he wasn't in ANBU so he could spend more time with me! Is that why he is always gone?"

"Yes he is," Mikoto said. She smiled, happy for her son. "You didn't think he hated you, did you? After all, you are his favorite brother."

"But I'm his only brother."

She rubbed her stomach again. "Maybe not for long," Mikoto said to herself.

"Oh, and Naruto has a bloodline ability he just used to help me!"

She snapped her attention up. "What?"

"This bully was insulting our clan and I lost my temper," Sasuke said, dropping his head. "He punched me and had me on the ground. Naruto tried to stop him but was punched himself. And when the bully was going to do more, he yelled. He was thrown to the ground and Naruto grabbed me and started running."

"Wow, it looks like you are a little hero," Mikoto said to Naruto.

"But Rin-sensei told me not to use it," Naruto said, his eyes down cast.

"Hmm, I'll keep you from getting in trouble with your sensei. Where is she?"

"She is helping the Jii-san with his work right now," he said.

"And where do they work at," she asked kindly. He pointed to the top of the Hokage tower. After a moment, it hit her. He was that Naruto. "Hmm... Let's go talk to them."


"Itachi, why?"

"...You were going to betray my home, Father."

"But we are your family," Fugaku said. His back was turned to his eldest son and he wasn't going to look at him.

"...No, Sasuke is my family. You are simply the man that raised me. Tell me, where is mother?"

"...She took Sasuke to the park outside the Uchiha grounds. I was so against that. But she wouldn't listen to me. Now I see it is what saved her. My Mikoto..." Itachi's blade descended and killed him. But despite the act he had just done, he was glad. He did love his mother. So he was glad her blood was not also on his blade and hands.

He turned and left. He had done what they asked. Now to make sure they would leave his family alone as well.


"Jii-san," Naruto yelled as he entered.

"OUCH! Naruto, how many times do I have to tell you, don't yell in my office! You are going to make me go deaf!"

"Sorry," he said, little more than a whisper. "Misses Uchiha wanted to talk to you and Rin-chan."

"Send them in then."

Naruto backed out the door and, still speaking in a the same voice, said "Rin-chan, Lady Uchiha, Jii-san would like to talk to you now."

Rin came in, laughing like she always did when Naruto spoke like this, followed by Mikoto. "Naruto, is something wrong?"

"I shouted too loud and hurt Jii-san," Naruto whispered.

"Alright, Naruto, you can stop the whispering," Sarutobi said. "Now, go wait outside."

"Okay," Naruto said.


He was about to head over when he saw Weasel in the hall. Wanting to surprise him, he motioned Sasuke over to him and they followed him. But they weren't able to catch him before he went into the council meeting room. So the waited on either side of the door. The door was just a little ajar so Naruto could hear them talking. Grinning, he opened his mouth and the voices became loud enough for the two to hear and understand, but no one else could.

"...Finish," Itachi said.

"You have our thanks, Itachi," a voice Naruto recognized as Danzou said.

"With their threat gone," Koharu said, "the village is safe again."

"We apologize for we asked you," Homura finished their speech with. Killing you clan must not have been easy"

Sasuke cried out but there was no sound. Naruto tackled him to keep him from doing anything stupid. "It...was necessary," Itachi said. "The coup they were planning may have likely destroyed our village. If nothing else, weakened it to a point it will never recover from."

"And now, you are the last Uchiha," Danzou said.

"You are mistaken," Itachi told him. "There are two more. My mother and little brother were not there. Nor will I hunt them down. Neither will you."

"WHAT," the council demanded.

"My family will remain alive and unharmed. Because if they don't, I will not hesitate in revealing it was by your order the Uchiha clan died. And every single weakness to the clans, all of them that I know of, I will give to Iwa. They have been looking for the advantage they need to finish the fight with Konoha. And I know quite a lot."

"Your mother I could understand," Homura said. "But your brother? He could easily become a threat to the village. That is why you agreed to help us in the first place, to save Konoha."

"...As much as I love this village, I love my brother more. I will never be the one to strike him down. And neither shall you." The sound of him turning around and taking a step to the door made Naruto panic. Pulling Sasuke behind him, he ran away from the door. It would not be odd if Itachi saw him in the Tower. With Sasuke could be explained as well. But he would not like it if they saw him there at that door.

The ANBU wearing the weasel mask stepped out and started to leave. And he saw Naruto wrestling with his brother just thirty feet away. He smiled behind his mask as he walked over. "Hey Naruto."

"Oh, hi Weasel. Come to get a new mission from Jii-san?"

"No. ...Not going to say something, Sasuke?"

He opened his mouth and moved it like he was shouting but no sound came out. "We made a bet, Weasel-san. I told him I could keep him quiet without touching him and he didn't believe me. Now He is trying to get me to release him."

Weasel laughed. Naruto had done the same to him. "Well, you two have fun." He turned to leave but stopped when Sasuke grabbed his pants leg. "Something you want to ask, Sasuke?"

He had a looked that said he was scared, confused, and, if the glare he gave Naruto was a sign, mad. But then he did what showed Itachi what he wanted to ask the most. He glanced at the council door. And Itachi doubted it was to ask what he was there for.

"Naruto...release my brother."

Now, Naruto looked scared. "Please, we promise we won't say a thing. Just don't hurt us." Itachi sighed, they had heard. He took them into meeting room with glass walls. Closing the door behind him, he cast a privacy jutsu while telling Naruto again to release him.


"You heard right? Our father was going to betray our village. I couldn't let him."

"No..." For the longest moment he didn't finish and Itachi thought he meant it as he didn't believe him. "Mother and I are right here. You could finish it easily. So why spare us?"

"Because of what I said. I love the both of you. Yes, if mother was there, she might have died as well if she tried to protect father. But I had already planned to leave you alive. You are... You are my brother and I care for you more than you know. I was planning on lying to you. Telling you that I faked it all. To see if you might get powerful. So that you would hate me. But since you know the full story, it wouldn't take you long to see that as the lie it is."

"There had to be some other way," Naruto said.

Itachi shook his head. "Naruto, sometimes...words are just not enough. So people are just too headstrong against reason. When you are Hokage, you will see this. And before you ask, no, the Hokage had nothing to do with this. He never knew.

"Now, I have something I must ask of you. Tell no one of this."

"But you were following orders," Sasuke said. Itachi was still his brother and Sasuke still cared for him.

Itachi took off his mask and smiled at Sasuke. "...Poke" He poked Sasuke on the forehead again.

"HEY," Sasuke yelled, rubbing the spot.

"Sasuke, who knows what those three might do if revealed. They will have no honor left and will likely commit suicide. But Danzou...that old war dog, he cares for this village in his own way. And does what he can to protect it. The other two I don't worry about. But him, he might try something. Do you two understand?"

"No," they said truthfully.

"I know this is confusing. But it is to protect you two. Now, Sasuke, remember that this village has given a lot to protect all that live inside it. Protect it in return."

"Okay," Sasuke said as the tears he was holding back finally spilled over. "You are going to leave, aren't you nii-san?"

"Yes. I have to. Now, the only person that you are allowed to tell is mom, Sasuke. Not even the Hokage can know." He knelt down and hugged his brother. After several moments, he let go and stood back up. Then he ruffled Naruto's hair. "See ya, runt." Smiling, he put his mask back on and walked away.


"Lady Uchiha, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit," Sarutobi asked.

"I came to ask about Naruto's bloodline," Mikoto said. "You see, a bully was picking on my son Sasuke when Naruto defended him. It wasn't until he received a few hits himself that he shouted, knocking the boy down. And he was very much afraid he would be in trouble."

Rin sighed. "I told him not to use it. We both know what is inside him. I was afraid people might think that it was the fox that gave him his abilities."

"But they aren't. I saw the fight myself. The Nine Tails was loud, but nothing compared to what I heard. And I was on the other side of the park. The boy must have lost hearing for a few minutes at least."

"But you are sensible, Mikoto," Sarutobi told her. "Not many are the same. They leave Naruto alone because of my law only. Luckily, the council is not so stupid as to believe the Fourth could not seal something away. Even if that something is the Nine tails."

"...Such an ability, I am sure several clans would be willing to take him in for it."

"If that was all, then yes," Rin said. "But there is more. Naruto can't swim. It is like it is not there for him. He moves through it like air. I don't know if this will be passed down to his children or not. But would you like your family to be unable to do such a simple act?"

"I see."

"When finally the implications of this hit Naruto when it activated, he cried for a week. He loves the water. To not be able to... But that is why I am training him to use chakra to replace his lost ability."

"...Hokage-sama, why has no one ever adopted Naruto? I am sure there are some that do not look on him like he is the fox."

"There are. But his godfather doesn't want him to be adopted. He has spent the weeks on end with Naruto whenever he can and views him like a son."

"...Who is his godfather? I'm sure if I talk to him, he will allow someone to."

Sarutobi smiled. "My apprentice, Jiriaya."

"The legendary Sannin," she said slowly. "He cares for Naruto?"

"That is why an orphan does not live in the orphanage. And he was Naruto's sponsor into the Academy. He loves Naruto. Along with myself and Rin here. Naruto is not as alone as you may think. Except when it comes to friends. Parents often keep their kids from playing with him."

"...Then I guess it is a good thing that Naruto became friends with Sasuke today. I..."

"Hokage-sama," a chunin said, opening the door. "I apologize for the intrusion but it is an emergency! The Uchiha clan has been murdered!"

"Oh my god...Sasuke!" Mikoto ran out and saw Sasuke there with Naruto, already crying. She wrapped her arms around her son and held him while he let out the tears. "It'll be alright, Sasuke. It will be."

"...Mom...I have something important to...tell you."


Author's notes. I did this because I was inspired to by reading Biju Biju Fruit by Emma Iveli. Naruto ate the Biju Biju Fruit, Kyuubi type in that one and he kept going on how the crew needed a musician in the first thirty chapters. I don't know about later on, that is as far as I read.

Well, what do you think? Worth continuing? Up to you guys. I'm satisfied now that I got it out of my system. But I can easily continue.