Yamato and Taichi sat in Taichi's room, well, more like laid sprawled out, Yamato on the bed and Taichi leaning against it, trying to do his math. Yamato was staring over Taichi's shoulder at the piece of paper. The staring didn't last for long though, because within the next two minutes Taichi had gotten anger at this innocent piece of paper and balled it up.

The wheels in Yamato head started to turn though.

"Oh my God."


"I just realized something."


Yamato didn't answer, but instead broke out into laughter. What ever it was he had just thought of had to be extremely funny, as the blond almost fell off of Taichi's bed from laughing so hard.

"Hello? Earth to Yamato. What is so funny?" Taichi asked, wanting in on the laughter. He felt really left out.

"No... it's nothing," Yamato managed to say between gulps of air as he struggled to even out his breathing after the laugh attack.

"Oh, no. Absolutely nothing, get you're busting a gut. Spill it, Yamato!" Taichi demanded. "I mean, it's gotta be funny, right?"

"Taichi, trust me. I doubt you'll find it funny," Yamato tried to say it with a straight face, but laughter still broke through.

"What is so god damn funny?!" Taichi demanded.

"Your last name!"

"Yeah, what of it? I don't think it is so funny. Yagami. How is that funny?" Taichi had never been so insulted. That was an awesome last name. Yamato was just jealous because his wasn't near as cool. Ishida.

"No... no. Your last name backwards!"

It took Taichi a moment to figure out how to pronounce it backwards but then he spoke, "Imagay? How it that funny."

Yamato was shaking his head as his friend's ignorance. "No. No. Your last name backwards is "I'm a gay." Yamato once again broke into a fit of laughter.

Taichi's jaw dropped. No way was that possible. Grabbing a pen and a wadded up math assignment, Taichi proceeded to write his name backwards. Much to his dismay, it did indeed come out "I'm a gay."

Suddenly, Yamato's last name was cooler.