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Chapter One: Fever

It had been a few months since the incident with Vilander. Everyone, including Judai, had seemed to have gotten over it all. They had all returned to their normal, duel-filled lives.

But one question still haunted Judai's mind. A question that he wanted answered.

'Why was I the only one possessed during that incident? Why only me?' Judai asked himself whenever he was alone in his dorm.


Judai was laying in his bed today. He was clothed in an oversized white T-shirt and baggy navy pants. A warm cloth was draped over his forehead.

Judai's body burned with fever, his skin extremely pale, and sweat poured down his neck. His eyes were squeezed shut.

A sudden pain shot through Judai's body. He gasped in pain, the fever getting worse by the minute.

Judai was so sick that he barely heard the door open. He felt like someone was entering the room, but he was too weak to check and see who it was. He just laid there and waited to see who it was.

Judai felt a hand wrap around his own. The hand was warm compared to his own ice cold one. Judai enjoyed feeling the warmth from the other person.

"Judai, are you all right?" a familiar voice asked. (Give ya one guess as to who it is XD)

Judai slowly tried to open his eyes. After a moment of struggle, they were open.

To Judai's surprise, sitting on the edge of the bed right next to him was Johan. The bluenette stared at Judai, concern clearly shown in his emerald eyes. Judai smiled weakly.

"Johan..." he whimpered softly. Said bluenette leaned down and rested his head against Judai's neck.

"How are you feeling?" Johan asked quietly. Judai shrugged.

"Been better, but otherwise fine," he answered in a hoarse voice. Johan smiled lovingly.

"I'm glad," he said, hugging Judai close to his body. Judai blushed, then gently returned the hug.

Johan sat up and smiled at Judai. Judai smiled back and felt himself getting better.

Judai tried to sit up with Johan, but a sudden pain shot through his body. Judai bit his lip to hold back a moan of pain, but somehow, Johan heard it. Johan forced Judai back down on the bed. He then leaned down and laid ontop of Judai.

"Don't force yourself. You're still sick right now," Johan whispered into Judai's ear. Judai nodded slowly, begining to doze off.. Johan glanced at the clock on Judai's nightstand. It read 6:30 P.M.

"I have to go now. But I'll be back in a little while," he whispered, gently brushing his lips against Judai's throat. Knowing that Johan was going to protect him from something like Vilander and he had nothing to worry about, Judai fell asleep peacefully.

Johan smiled at the sleeping brunette, then slowly rose and left the dorm, leaving Judai alone.


Judai slowly opened his brown eyes, but immediatly closed them as light poured in. Moaning in pain, he rolled over to glance at the clock on his nightstand.

7:30 P.M.

He had been asleep for an hour since Johan left. Sighing, Judai rolled over and tried to fall asleep again. He was almost asleep. Drifting into a calm, peaceful sleep.


Judai's eyes snapped open suddenly. He sat up quickly, which was stupid on his part because it made him dizzy as Hell.

Judai glanced around the room, desperate to find where the noise came from.


Judai gasped and spun around. He glanced around his room, until he heard a thud again.

'The closet!?' he yelled in his head. Ignoring how dizzy he was, he rose from the bed and slowly advanced towards the closet.

'Slowly... slowly...' he thought. Finally, he reached the closet. Slowly reaching for the handle that opened it. His fingers were just inches away. Soon, Judai felt th cold metal of the door-handle.

Judai laced his fingers around the handle and twisted it. He slowly opened the door to find...

Nothing. A few coats, clothes, and a pair of shoes on the floor. But other than that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Sighing in relief, Judai closed the closet.

'Man, I hafta learn to calm down,' he thought, stumbling back to bed. Before he reached the bed, he heard a low...


Judai held his breath and froze in place. Was there a snake in the room? Judai slowly turned around, his eyes wide with terror. He stifled a gasp as he came face to face with a pair of red eyes.


"Man, the slacker can really sleep!" Manjoume yelled, glancing at the clock. Asuka, Fubuki, Ryou, Shou, Edo, Johan, Jim, Kenzan, and O'Brien were all downstairs in the Osiris Red cafeteria.

"Ease up, Manjoume! Judai has a really bad fever! Of course he's going to sleep for a long time," Jim yelled back. Johan sat at the table, reading something in the paper prior to a school assignment.

"Don't you tell me to shut up, Croc-boy!" Manjoume yelled.

"What'd you call me, you bastard!?" Jim yelled. They bickered for awhile. Finally, Johan had had enough of it. He slammed his fist hard on the table, causing everyone in the room to jump.

"Guys, keep it down!! You're gonna wake Judai up!! And that's the last thing he needs right now!" he yelled. Manjoume rolled his eyes angrily.

"You aren't exactly helping, Anderson," he whispered. Johan glared at him and returned to reading the paper.

"Jeez, if Judai can sleep through all this, it'll be a miracle," O'Brien said, sighing heavily. Jim and Manjoume glared at each other.

"What ever. Just don't expect me to-" Manjoume was interrupted by a loud noise.

Thump... thump... thump... th-thump... thump...

'That noise... someone's coming down the stairs,' Johan thought. That wasn't too abnormal, but these footsteps sounded... strange. Like someone was... stumbling. Finally, it stopped. When the noise stopped, everyone in the room let out a gasp.

Standing in the doorway was a young 17 year old brunette in an oversized T-shirt and navy pants. He was breathing in heavily, sweat pouring down his body. His head was lowered, his chocolate bangs covering his eyes.


"Judai! What are you doing out of bed!?" Johan yelled, jumping up from his chair. He walked over to Judai slowly.

Instead of answering, Judai slowly reached over and placed his hand on the door-frame. He gently felt the fine wood with his fingers.

"Judai, you're not feeling well. Please, get some rest, all right?" Johan said, approaching Judai slowly. He started to get worried when Judai didn't answer.

"A-Aniki?" Shou asked. Judai still gave no answer. Instead, he stopped feeling the wood of the door-frame, but didn't remove his hand.

Judai squeezed the door-frame suddenly, tearing a huge chunk of wood from it. Pieces of the wood shot forward and landed around everyone's feet.

Johan held his breath in shock. Asuka backed up slowly, and everyone else was silent in pure terror. Finally, Johan spoke up.

"J-Judai...?" he asked. Judai slowly raised his head, a dark sneer crossing his lips.

The only difference about him was his eyes. No longer the beautiful chocolate color that Johan had fallen in love with. No, these were blank and glazed over with red. A low hiss escaped his throat as he smirked at Johan, his now red eyes gazing into Johan's shocked emerald ones.


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