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Chapter Twelve: Snowglobe

Darkness. Nothing but pitch black surrounded the brunette. This wasn't basic darkness. Oh no, this was the darkness that you saw in your nightmares, the darkness that hid the mysteries of life, and the terrors of man. The darkness that man feared more than anything in the world.

The darkness of death.

'Cold... I feel... so cold... W-where am I...? Why is everything so dark? I... I can't move... I feel... so tired... I just want... to fall asleep.. and never wake up...ever again...'


'Someone's... calling me. Who? Who's calling for me? Where am I?'

"Judai! Judai!! Judai!"

'Why is this person calling for me with such urgency? What's going on? Where am I?'

"C'mon, Judai. Wake up. Please open your eyes, Judai!"

'...That voice... I-I know that voice... Johan? Is that you? What do you mean 'wake up'? I am awake... Aren't I?'

"C'mon, Judai! Please! Please don't leave me! Wake up!! Judai, don't go!! Please!!"

'Johan... it is you... Johan... I hear you, Johan. I'll wake up in a minute... It's too cold... too cold... co..ld...'

A sudden bright light filled the darkness, filling the brunette with warmth.

'...Light? I-it's warm... I'm not cold anymore. The cold... is gone...'

"Please Judai. Open your eyes! That's it... wake up..."

Judai slowly groaned as light appeared before him, and soon things came into focus as he opened his eyes. He was laying in something warm and comforting, something holding him gently and protectivly. Judai moaned and suddenly, something came into view.

It was a person, a boy, who appeared to be around Judai's age. The boy had teal-blue hair that was slightly messed up, and his green eyes were filled with worry and tears. Crystal tears streamed down his face and he was shuddering with sobs. Judai smiled when he saw the boy.

"Johan..." he whispered. The bluenette gasped when Judai spoke and embraced him tightly, sobbing once again, but this time out of happiness. Happiness that the brunette wasn't going to die.

"Judai... you're alive! You're all right!! Thank God! I thought you were gonna die!" Johan sobbed. Judai slowly rubbed Johan's back, trying to keep him calm. Johan tightened his grip on Judai and sobbed into his shoulder.

"I'm... all right, Johan... I'm okay. I won't leave you..." Johan slowly pulled away from Judai and helped him sit up. Judai sighed happily and glanced around at the demons who were staring at him in worry.

"I'm all right guys. I'm okay now," he said. The demons sighed and laughed happily while Johan and Judai embraced again, laughing in victory.

Livedeht was dead.


"Ah! Ruuko-chan! Do you have to go back?" Judai whined. Ruuko nodded sadly at the two lovers before glancing at the black patch of grass where Livedeht had died. Ruuko inhaled deeply before smiling at Judai and Johan.

"Now that Livedeht is dead, I have no reason to stay. I'm an angel now, so I gotta go back and preform my job. I'll see you guys in Heaven one day, but hopefully not soon, for I want you guys to live a good life and be happy together," Ruuko smiled. Judai nodded, and Johan hugged Judai's around the shoulders, smiling warmly at Ruuko.

The angel smiled before whispering in Judai's ear. "You might wanna change outta that outfit. Johan's gonna screw you again..."

Judai blushed madly at Ruuko's words while he stepped back and stood into the light that would bring him back to Heaven. He glanced over at the two lovers and waved at them, winking. A smirk crossed Ruuko's lips as he started to fly up into Heaven.

"By the way! Judai-chan, try not to moan so loud when Johan and you do it! I could hear you all the way in Heaven! Not to mention, your grandfather kept saying that you were definatly his grandson by the way you were moaning! Johan, try to keep your sexual desires to yourself! Or at least until you guys are in the bedroom! Use a condom you two! We don't need any children running around yet!" Ruuko laughed. Johan and Judai blushed as the angel flew away.

"RUUKO!!" the both yelled angrily, but started laughing as they realized Ruuko was being funny. They were going to miss him, but now, the nightmare was over, and nothing bad would happen at all.

Livedeht was destoryed, and Judai had his soul back.

It was all over.


Several Months Later...

Everything had basically returned to normal. The demons had gone, visiting Juai and Johan at least twice a month, just to see if Livedeht had returned. Ruuko sent messages to Judai via email, whish was strange because Judai didn't know they had email in Heaven. The incident seemed to have been forgotten, and everything was perfectly normal. Not a care in the world..

Johan and Judai sat in the dorm room, just staring out of the window at the falling snow. It was December right now, and the snow was falling ever so lightly, making it seem like feathers were falling.

"I wonder if Ruuko-chan asked for it to snow for us..." Johan said. Judai nodded slowly and leaned up against Johan, sighing happily and closing his eyes in content. Johan laughed lightly.

"You falling asleep there, Judai?" the bluenette asked. Judai slowly shook his head and rubbed his eyes in a tired fashion, yawning cutely like a small child would if they were tired. Judai slowly opened his mouth to answer Johan's question.

"No... I'm not sleepy... I'm just, you know, a little ti- Mmph!!"

Judai was interrupted by Johan pressing his lips firmly against Judai's lips. Judai's eyes widened at Johan's sudden movement, causing him to wake up fully. Johan pinned Judai to the floor of the dorm room, pressing his lips harder onto Judai's.

Judai moaned into the kiss, enjoying this feeling that Johan was giving him, closing his eyes to enjoy it fully. Johan ran his tongue over Judai's lips, asking- no, pleading entrance! Judai slowly agreed and started parting his lips to allow Johan in.

Once Judai's lips parted even slightly, Johan's tongue dove in, searching for Judai's tongue in passionate desire. A small tongue war was started, the two lovers dueling for dominace. Johan ended up winning, like always.

Johan's tongue searched around Judai's mouth, the bluenette savoring the taste of the younger boy whom he loved so much. Judai moaned louder, causing Johan to smirk in happiness. Judai was enjoying this, enjoying ever moment of it.

Johan placed his knee firmly in between Judai's legs, applying as much pressure as he could without hurting Judai. Judai moaned into the kiss, squeezing his eyes shut even tighter. The pressure in between his legs. It felt... so good!

The need for oxygen became to great and the lovers broke away, a small shimmering trail of saliva still connecting their lips together as they both panted for breath. Johan stared into Judai's eyes, which were half closed and filled with happiness and lust. The bluenette smirked and embraced Judai tightly.

"I love you, Judai..." he whispered. Judai blushed and embraced Johan as well, sighing happily.

"I love you, too, Johan..." the brunette whispered before they both fell into a peaceful sleep, no demons or nightmares ruining their slumber.


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