Leon stared at the man. His knife was steady, but his mind raced. For reasons he couldn't decipher, the man struck a nerve inside his mind. Something about him saying his name so calmly made him uncomfortable. He couldn't understand why, but the voice made him almost sick.

"I expected as much from Wesker's personal puppet. Lizzy, help them," Leon spoke ahead, as Lizzy went to assist with the unconscious Lars.

"We're both puppets, Leon," The Agent replied casually," we both serve a hand who decides our actions, don't we?"

"And your actions hurt millions of others throughout the world!" Leon shouted at him, ready to fight again. The Agent however did not reply to that one immediately, but instead stared at him, and then seemed to look away. "What? suddenly feeling sympathetic?"

"Leon," Amber called from behind him, and Leon kept his eyes on the target as he listened intently behind him," this man has... issues. He switches from that kind of persona to another, constantly," Amber stated as she came to stand next to him, along with Jack.

"Schizophrenic? Or DiD?" Leon asked.

"No... like he has two personalities," Jack shook his head, staring at the man before them," and he's got powerful healing skills."

"Oh, you actually said it right! Thanks!" the Agent suddenly said, catching Leon off guard. His attention unfocused and he lost the concentration he used to hone in on the enemy. The way he spoke suddenly... it didn't seem right.

"So, what's Umbrella's goal?" Leon demanded, carefully approaching, his knife still held ahead of him.

"Umbrella? Umbrella is dead," Agent One replied in the, again, cold stoic voice he half-used.

"Then why do you fight us still?" Amber shouted," you even said you didn't want to!" Leon stared briefly at her passionate words, and then back to the Agent, who scoffed.

"I told you," he growled, and Leon again felt like the words he stated were wrong, very wrong," I was orderd to!" he suddenly yelled.

Agent One leapt into the air, and descended down at the three of them. He landed just between Jack and Amber, and was moving faster than ever before. Jack and Amber had little chance against the lightning speed the man used, blisteringly fast as he slammed his fists and feet against their attacks, only able to be blocked and avoided by Leon. Soon, Amber fell away, rolling on her side as she held her gut, where he had just delivered a strong kick.

Jack stood longer, taking more and more punishment, and growing angrier and angrier. Leon was amazed at how much pain he could go through- soon his whole face was puffy and red, bleeding from the mouth and nose, until finally the Agent swung a leg around, and struck him aside the head, and sent the man flying next to Amber, who was slowly recovering.

"Just your two soldiers, that's all," the Agent told Leon, who was still in the fight.

Leon watched the fighting stance and style the man used. It was amazing how many different techniques the man was utilizing while fighting them all. Wushu, western boxing, and even what Leon was sure was Philipino knife fighting, Eskrima, were easily spotted as they exchanged attacks and block.

"Wesker taught you a lot!" Leon shouted as he tried some older techniques from his early days of training," you must be his favorite toy!"

The Agent chuckled, and jumped off of Leon's shoulders, propelling him away. Leon had enough, and shot at him in mid air. At least on bullet made its mark, but the Agent then vanished into the support beams above, where shadows masked him and his movements became suddenly quiet.

"Stealthy, just like I predicted," Leon admitted, and threw up a blue colored grenade into the ceiling. A foot kicked it away, and Leon took action, shooting at where the body should have been based on the angle of the kick. Leon looked away just as the grenade exploded, blasting the area with bright white light, and the man in black fell to the ground, landing in a kneel far behind Leon.

"Good, that was very good," the Agent admitted, leaping back into the air," I honestly didn't anticipate that."

Leon cringed as the cloaked man soared ahead and vanished. That damn voice drove Leon crazy. It was like the words themselves told Leon each moment he listened to him, a memory, a ghost of a lost friend, and watched in fury as he took no action.

"So then, Mister Kennedy," the voice of Agent One called from the shadows," maybe it's time... I unveil why it is you hunt me so well."

"Huh? The hell are you talking about?" Leon demanded.

"Oh shit," Amber called out," if he goes on another history lesson of this shit, I am going to level this damn building!"

"He hates me, Amber Nichols," Agent One told her, his voice coming from behind her. Amber and Leon shot towards the darkness, blasting away at several pieces of hidden hardware. "He hunts me for what I took from him."

"What... is he talking about?" Jack asked, standing up just after cowering from the shower of gunfire that passed over his head.

"Zohall Mercer," the voice called again, from no where in particular.

Leon's eyes bulged, and he glared around. Red searing hatred boiled in his blood, and his senses sharpened as he searched, almost daring the image of the man in shadows to present himself.

"Yeah, I know, Leon," the voice called, clearly observing Leon's anger," I know you must hold me responsible for his death on Blackwind Isle."

"YOU AND WESKER DID THAT!" Leon shouted into the darkness.

"Wesker... actually," the voice continued, furthering Leon's hate," it wasn't Wesker at all. I planned the entire incident, using Edward Towers, even anticipating the aid he would receive in Japan... in the feudal era."

"Wait, what!?" Amber turned to Leon. "Japan what era?"

"Have you been keeping secrets from your new allies, Leon?" The Agent asked. Leon turned to where he guessed the voice was and shot. To his blind luck, the bullet ricocheted and the light from the sparks illuminated briefly a standing man in a cloak. Leon shot up at the figure, who darted easily and quickly from support beam to support beam, avoiding danger as best as possible. Leon's gun emptied, and the man vanished.

"What does he mean, Leon?" Daisuke asked as he stood up, staring up a the ceiling, his sword at the ready.

"The mission, where Zohall died," Leon started, gritting his teeth," it was... special. I can't explain it in detail here, but we ended up time traveling into the past exactly five hundred years. The vampire, Edward Towers, wanted to change history and make a vampire based empire to control the globe."

"Man... and this guy thought up that story?" Jack asked, looking at the darkened ceiling. There was a series of explosions outside, and a helicopter soared overhead. "Leon, you should tell them we got this now, we don't need air support," Jack added as he saw the growing flames outside.

"Those guys aren't with us," Leon told him," I have no idea who they are."

"What!" Jack and Amber shouted.

"How coincidental," the Agent cooed from above. Leon again shot up, this time revealing nothing.

"Amber, if we don't hurry this up, can you get some incendiaries ready?" Leon asked and turned to her quickly. His turn was his mistake, and suddenly the Agent descended directly in front of him. He knocked out the pistol from Leon's hand, and with a tug from his hand and a kick to his gut, he pulled out another gun from Leon's arsenal, the revolver. Jack swung for Agent one, who blocked the machete with the side of the revolver, and turned to shoot the revolver at Amber, who held her arm up to block the shots.

Daisuke lunged at the man, and he spun, catching the Katana with the gun, and the blade cut into the metal, almost severing the barrel off the gun. The Agent ducked a punch from Amber, let the gun go, and leapt into the darkness above.

"Damn, I liked that revolver," Leon said angrily.

"You lose things you like, don't you?" Agent One teased from above.

"Shut up," Leon called, reaching back inside his jacket for his other pistol.

"Even Zohall Mercer, but I think we both know how you must have felt about Zohall Mercer, don't we!?"

"W-WHAT?!" Leon screamed back up, scanning for a trace of movement with his gun.

"Yes... you call a man your best friend, your comrade, your brother, and go to war along side him. You faced endless battles together, didn't you?" The Agent began to talk faster and faster, and Leon seemed more and more frantic to find the man.

"Leon, don't listen to him!" Amber shouted, as she also scanned above," he did this with Jack!"

"You got so far, into the depths of hell with that man. Who you claimed you loved like a brother, didn't you?" The Agent cried out,"Then, when victory came... you abandoned him."

"I... no," Leon dropped his arms, lost in self-doubt.

"Yes, you did!" Agent One shouted down to him," Think, you fucking moron! Zohall Mercer; survivor of Raccoon City, mercenary of the Himalayas, even Hellsing Agent, and you couldn't even consider the option to hold back and wait for him to drift ashore, maybe to wait for the remains of his blasted apart corpse!"

Leon screamed, and began to shoot wildly above, looking for the right image. After six shots, he spotted the moving of cloak, and re-aimed, firing for the moving Agent One. Again and again, he and Amber fired towards the figure in the darkness, until Amber fired just before his turn, and the blast knocked down one of the supports, and the Agent descended, and was forced to engage Leon and the others.

"You don't know shit!" Leon shouted as he charged at the Agent, who awaited his attack," you don't know how much he meant to me!"

"ACTIONS," The Agent roared as he fought Leon, Amber, Jack and Daisuke simultaneously," ARE GREATER THAN ANY WORDS!"

Quickly the Agent was able to use the spacing between the four of his opponents to collide with one another. Jack and Amber were thrown together against a metal wall, and they fell aside, as Daisuke sliced at him again and again. Leon took a step back, and reloaded his gun. As Daisuke was struck again and again, his blade held at the guard by Agent One, Leon stepped forward, shooting for the Man in Black.

This time, the Agent spun, and darted for the crates off in the distance. Leon shot after him, hearing two impacts on his back as he vanished into the shadows once more. Leon cursed, holding his gun up again.

"This is getting really old, Agent One!" Leon called up.

"I wonder," Agent One replied, still unseen," had you waited for your friend, if he would be here still-"

"I HAD MY ORDERS!" Leon screamed at the ceiling. "INTEGRA NEEDED US BACK!"

"Is that what you tell yourself, Kennedy?" the voice called back, quieter and almost angrier than it had been before," that you were forced to abandon your friend?"

"Zohall died because of you!" Leon shouted to the hidden Agent One," don't try any more bullshit! It's a simple as that! You, and your people and Wesker, they all planned to kill us, and because of that, not me not waiting behind, Zohall is DEAD!"

The Agent lunged in from the darkness at Leon, and before he could shoot the Agent, he had grabbed his gun, and held it to the side, and stared at Leon, who glared back.

"Maybe that's what you just tell yourself, isn't it, Leon?" The Agent said quietly again. Leon grabbed hold of his gun, and head butted the Agent as hard as he could. His gun forward, he shot again and again at Agent One. Yet each shot he made was dodged, just barely, as the figure darted between shots to where Leon would just barely miss. He was avoiding the gunshots as he saw them about to come.

Leon had only seen a few humans in person able to do that. He knew Wesker could, according to reports on his abilities, but to see it, being used against him, it was frightening. It was like he was fighting Seras again.

The Agent darted directly at Leon, and dodged his last bullet in the magazine. Leon tossed his handgun down and away, and began again to fight this man. It was all bullshit, everything he was saying. Leon swung a powerful jab, which was redirected away, and he had to dodge a returned backhand fist. This man, Agent One, smelled of bullshit. Leon ducked down, and then leaned away as a knee was lifted high, just barely missing the bridge of Leon's nose.

Leon knew Zohall wouldn't have made it back, despite all his hopes and dreams of him one day coming back to him and Hellsing, disheveled but alive. Leon returned the favor after shoving away the high knee with a kick to the shin, attempting to break the leg; instead Agent One spun, and in the spin, went to kick at Leon's head again. No matter what kind of bullshit this man told Leon, he knew, deep within his gut, Zohall would never have made it back without any help. Yet...

Leon sidestepped the flip-kick, and as Agent One was still upside down and in mid-air, jumped to tackle the man. He collided with Agent One's body, but Agent One elbowed him in the gut, and rolled away, kicking himself back upright. Leon quickly got back up too, and they reengaged.

Leon's feelings for Agent One were horribly twisted. He wanted to know the whereabouts and conditions of Wesker more than anything. If he could find Wesker, he could end years worth of problems and concerns he had for the world. Wesker was the ultimate Kingpin for all these actions, and if there was the possibility of his death, he knew Agent One would know.

However, Leon wanted this man to hurt. He had dared speak about his fallen comrade like it was yesterdays weather, and beat Leon's mind with it as a weapon, breaking his mental focus and physical form easily. Not only that, the way he spoke, the switch between that stupid fake sounding voice and the other... the other voice... something about it made Leon feel ill.

Leon's thoughts betrayed him. In a burst of speed, Agent One ducked under a punch, and weaved himself to be closer to Leon, and held a hand to his throat, and another hand at his knife, holding it in his place as Leon grasped for it.

"Sorry... Leon," the Agent said, looking up at him, his face still masked," I'll be honest. This isn't what I wanted."

"F-f-fuck you," Leon spat back, groaning as he felt lighter and lighter, blood being deprived from his brain.

"Goodbye Leo-"

Gunshots tore through the air, and Leon fell to the ground. Looking up as he coughed, Leon saw Agent One step back and back again as bullet struck his body all over. Shoulder and chest and leg, his body was peppered with rifle rounds. Leon turned around, and Seras was charged at the man with a salvaged rifle, screaming bloody murder.

Seras leapt over Leon, and tossing the empty gun aside, she spun and kicked the Agent with a powerful bang. The impact of her kick blasted him far across the warehouse and he slammed into a large metal shipping container, actually puncturing its metal. Seras, however, was not done.

With one arm, which extended and became her shadow-figure, she reached over to a nearby similar shipping container, while loading her Harkonnen with the other. With a bellowing roar, she hurled the massive metal object straight for the split container, and it slid past it, crushing it against the metal wall. Then, Seras turned her body and lowered the huge cannon, and opened fire. The massive round burst through the first wall of the container, and then exploded inside, having fire escape through and burst out on of the sides of the container.

"Holy... holy shit," Daisuke gasped as he stood to his feet, watching Seras's silhouette flicker in the light. She turned, and walked over to Leon, shouldering her gun.

"I heard your heart rate," Seras admitted as she lowered down and offered him a hand," then I heard that crap he was saying," she said with tears in her eyes," son of a bitch had it coming."

Leon stared at her, and then wrapped her arms around her quickly. She gasped and sighed, hugging him back.

"You came at the right time, you know that?" Leon told her.

"Vampire's punctuation, right?" she stated as the fire behind them began to spread. "C'mon, lets-"

Seras gasped and blood shot from her mouth as a loud gunshot was heard behind her.

"SERAS!" Leon screamed as she gasped and shouted as more and more bullets hit her body, and she fell to the ground, her back steaming and hissing loudly.

"What- what the hell!?" Jack shouted, and the five turned and saw, standing above the wreckage, was a still very alive, and weaponized Agent One.

"Silver bullets," The Agent explained, as Seras groaned, and attempted to move her arms, which she found was met with serious pain. "Just incase I ran into you or Alucard."

"You... you bastard," Leon couldn't think anymore. This man shot at the memory of his friend, his own integrity, his allies, and now the girl who... who he wasn't uncertain he loved.

"He... he had a gun with him the entire time?" Jack suddenly realized, awe and horror seeping through him.

"Leon," Seras groaned, and Leon was right next to her," stab the bullet holes."

"What?!" Leon asked in shock.

"Do it, make sure you cut them out of my body," Seras begged. Leon nodded, and quickly began to extract each silver bullet round from her. He was shocked to find a higher caliber than expected, a seven sixty two millimeter round, appropriate for a strong rifle. Leon looked up, towards the villain above, and instead saw some kind of handgun.

"Bullets that punish," Agent One stated, holding his gun closer to him as he pulled a small lever on one side with a strong click," without distinction."

Leon stared between removing the bullets. The weapon was flickering in the fire light. It was a strange contraption at best. It appeared to be a sleek musket handgun, easily a foot and a half in length, that had been heavily modified. A large magazine was attached to the bottom of the weapon, while a classic flintlock awaited at the back of the gun. A small lever was between the magazine and the barrel, where it had been pulled back, away from the magazine and towards the trigger.

"You had a real weapon this entire time?!" Amber demanded," all this time you were just fucking with us!"

"There's only two here who can stand to my abilities," Agent one stated, staring down at Leon and Seras, who groaned as the last bullet was removed from her body.

"There!" She leapt easily into the air and spun to face him. "Wait, what did you say earlier?"

"You're facing the bullet," The agent restated, and slowly lifted the gun above him, cocking the flintlock back," with a mind of its own."

Agent one fired the gun, and an even louder bang was made, actually shaking the air around them and causing some of the flames to spread. The bullet soared outside, and then did Agent One leap down from his perch, and slowly approach Seras.

"He's mine!" she exclaimed, ready for round two. She charged, and extended her arm, having it become a mess of sharp shadows and shapes.

All the agent did was stand and smile.

Seras' arm splintered. Something quickly darted through her entire arm, blasting blood and darkness away just a second before she made contact with Agent One. Then the object slammed into her, and she was thrown into the air. Only it wasn't done there. The same object came back around, leaving a pale teal trail as it slammed her into the ground.

"It's- a bullet!" Leon shouted as he watched the same bullet bounce through the air, bouncing Seras around the space like a toy. Leon had seen enough. If attacking the still man, Agent One, meant Seras could get back on her feet, he would do it. Leon lunged forward, his knife at the ready. Jack, Daisuke, Amber, Lizzy, all of them followed suit; the five of them ready to attack this seemingly impossible foe.

Agent One leapt above them high above them running on the support beams, and only then dropping down to be next to Seras, who had began to dodge and counter to the movements of the bullet. She found the gun in her face again, and had little time to react. This time, a huge blast of light and sound rocketed her away and against the wall. Her head was completely gone.

"SERAS!" Leon roared as he picked up one of his guns, and fire at the Agent. The shot bullet which danced in the air actually began to zoom around, striking some of the bullets that would have made their mark on the man.

"Eat some!" Amber shouted, shooting her grenade. The bullet pierced the grenade half way to his target and exploded to round. The bullet seemed to disappear after that, and Jack charged in, passing through the black smoke. Daisuke followed suit.

"You all won't get it, will you?!" The Agent shouted as he rolled through the air effortlessly, still combating the two, even as Lizzy and Leon got closer and personal," I'm not someone you can take like this!"

"Something!" Leon shouted in correction, actually landing a strong kick to his face, stumbling the Agent for a moment. Jack took the chance, and tossed one of his heavier daggers into his chest, which he coughed from. Before Daisuke could use the chance though, the Agent leapt away, not able to reach the support beams, but far enough that they had to consider chasing after.

"What?" the Agent asked, pulling out the dagger and letting it fall in front of him," do you mean?"

"You're just a product," Leon angrily told him, as Seras stood back up, her head coming back into reality," something made to serve a purpose!"

"That makes me any different than the rest of you?" Agent One stated, and they all gaped at him. "Don't act so high and mighty, Leon," The Agent told him.

"DON'T YOU USE MY DAMN NAME!" Leon shouted suddenly, realizing it was him using his name so familiarly that drove him mad.

"Why? Does it hurt you?" The Agent asked bitterly.

Then there was a loud blast from above, and the five stopped their talk. Agent One too looked above, and saw the rockets from the attacking heavy helicopter slamming into the rooftops, causing a cave it.

"Shit!" Leon turned, and shoved Amber and Jack away. The roof totally collapsed, and the warehouse fell into two sections. The one with Agent One on one side, and the Hellsing Elites on the other.

"This base is lost," Agent One called out," you win this battle, Hellsing. A battle against a dying force, after all," the Agent called out, and Leon glared back.

"RUNNING AWAY?!" he barked as Agent One spun and headed towards the mostly unaffected hallway towards the sub-levels.

"Leon," Agent One called, turning to face the seven, as Lars now stood, watching Agent One in fear," what would it take for you to stop hunting my footsteps, I wonder?"

"Me? Stop chasing you?" Leon growled. Seras took a step back, feeling the intense fury and loathing about to boil out of Leon. "I'LL TELL YOU WHAT!" Leon screamed over the flames and the sounds of more helicopter attacks in the distance," BRING THEM ALL BACK!"

"...What?" Agent one asked, barely loud enough over the fire.


The Agent Stared, his mouth open slightly. Leon breathed heavily as he waited for a reply from the cynical and hateful man who was the enemy.

"I guess we'll be seeing each other again, then... don't you dare die on me," The Agent stated, shocking Leon as he turned and seemed to hold his face as he walked away.

"Seras, what the hell was up with that?" Jack asked the vampire. She couldn't reply to Jack, even as he stared at her.

Seras was sucked into the monsoon of feelings Leon was going through. Agent One must have torn out his heart and become a ghost for the experienced United States agent. He was in total shock, alarmed at how much the last thing Agent One said hit his core.

"Leon," Seras put a hand on his shoulder.

"I... I don't know why," he tried, the words stuck in his throat.

"Uh, we should probably be going," Lars told the guys as he watched the fire spread and the building shake from more nearby explosions.

"Okay, yeah," Leon shook his head and moved with the group, uncertain as to how to shake the feeling of horrible, horrible nostalgia. They stepped outside, and could no longer see the helicopter. The soldiers all around were dead, the buildings burning and crumbling to dust around them.

"Hell of a night," Jack stated," so, what's our way out of here?"

"Ship we boarded sunk in the attack," Seras explained," and I don't see any remaining helicopters."

"Isn't there a port still somewhere down below?" Lars asked, turning to Jack and Amber.

"Never found one," Amber admitted," but there's a lot of sub-levels so it's entirely possible."

"I think that's our best bet then," Leon added, turning to them, as he had been looking at the watchtower, which was missing a few chunks, but still stood strongly. "Let's start-"


"Uh... right," Jack suddenly cringed, and all but Amber turned to him," when we were leaving, there was some sort of... containment breech going on down below."

"What kind?" Leon demanded.

He didn't need an answer. Some hundred feet away, the ground cracked. The team quickly turned, except for Seras, who was staring around at the buildings.

"Whatever is here," Seras stated," it smells of death."

From the breaking earth, a truly huge collection of black worm-like tentacles exploded upward, revealing a collective creature towering at nearly twenty five feet tall. It seemed to be comprised of the constantly slithering and moving black worms, and then the occasional withered body part sucked into its form.

"The fuck is that?" Leon demanded, reaching inside his jacket for his last pistol.

"Don't know, don't care," Jack answered," it almost got us earlier!"

"Worms, by the looks of it," Lizzy stated, a single bead of sweat rolling off her chin.

"Nervous?" Seras asked, still looking around.

"Very," Lizzy quickly replied.

"Well, hate to bring more bad news here," Seras continued," but I think it has friends."

Leon and the others looked around. From the various rumble of burning buildings, figures began to crawl out of holes in the earth, provided by the rocket craters. Naked, clothed in lab coat, armored or armed, almost devoured or not, t-virus zombies began to stumble towards the crew of Hellsing Elites.

"Just like Raccoon City," Leon breathed. He was out of options. Down below was were these creatures were coming from, which meant the lower port was beyond their reach. The only thing they could hope for was a pick up of some sort. Leon spun to face the still remaining communication tower with the helipad. "Okay, got a plan!"

"Lay it out, boss!" Jack excitedly said, catching an eye from Leon.

"Seras, engage big ugly thing there," Leon pointed behind her to the newer looking worm monster," I don't care if you can kill it, just make sure it stays on you or at least away from the tower. Daisuke, Lizzy, Jack," Leon turned to the three," keep the shamblers here. Stay away from that," he pointed again to the monster," just keep killing them efficiently; don't burn yourselves out. Lars, Amber, you're coming with me. We need to get a signal out!"

"All good?" Seras asked. Leon nodded, and she turned and sprinted towards the hulking monster. With another huge bang, she slammed herself into its core, and tossed it back and away.

"Don't leave us hanging!" Jack shouted as the three ran for the semi-distant air tower.

Leon was easily fastest, and was still able to fight as well as he did earlier. Shooting the few zombies who had got in between them and the tower, he put a bullet into each of their brains. Finally, he pried open the doors, and let Amber in first, and then Lars, and slowly backed in himself.

Amber was climbing the steps with Lars in tow, who was groaning as he held his head with one arm.

"Shit, my rifle," he groaned after going up fifty feet or so.

"We can get you another one," Leon assured him, helping him up with Amber," or a better one."

"Sure," Lars nodded, looking sleepy.

"Concussion?" Amber asked worriedly, staring into his eyes.

"Maybe just exhaustion," Leon considered," this is about as bad as this can get for our missions."

"Surrounded by monsters and zombies on an island deep in the ocean with no where to go and the island is about to explode?" Lars asked in summary form," pretty bad."

A minute passed, and they found themselves entering the communications space. Many ruined computers littered the space, along with various bodies of those who worked there. The windows had been mostly shattered due to heavy machine gun fire.

"Here's one that's still working," Amber stated, helping Lars to sit down in a somewhat bloodied chair.

"Gross," he groaned, but still leaned forward, and looked at the screen. "We're only getting... half the comms capabilities. I won't be able to send messages to England," he said worriedly to Leon, who stared at him.

"We... can't get a message to Hellsing? Integra?" Leon asked, feeling lost," no... there's got to be someone out here. Someone who'll come for us," he said strongly, desperately. Amber had sat down next to Lars, her unarmed hand in her face. "LARS!" Leon shouted as Lars gave a shuddered breath," we... are not done. Get a message out."

"I... okay," Lars nodded, and turned to the microphone ahead of him, he took a deep breath in and spoke.

"This is an expeditionary force south east of Scilly Islands on a manufactured Island. We are a paramilitary unit focused on combating the black operations of Umbrella corporate forces. The Island is sinking, and we need help. I repeat, we are in desperate need for assis-"

Agent One turned the radio off. His small stealth ship was sailing through the waters, already far away from the island of Breech Point Alpha. His ship rocked on the waves of the sea, mostly exposed to the elements of the open weather. In his black cloak, he walked over to the side, and groaned.

"Get out of there, you bastards," he said quietly, his cold voice abandoned.

He stared into the water below him, wondering about the reflection from the moon and his own. What it told him about himself, his very nature, and the events unfolding elsewhere. Times were changing, and he needed to act.

"No more orders," he calmly said, walking over to a small chair by the steering wheel. Adjusting the speed of the smaller craft, he slowed down to an easier pace, and reached inside his cloak. Withdrawing a small, simple looking black phone, he gave it a look.

"Operative mode," he ordered to it, and it beeped, a tiny antenna pushing out from the top," call Lucas Mirkound."

Agent One then held the small phone to the side of his head, and waited. A moment later, he held it in front of him, and growled.

"C'mon, I'm not in the mood for this crap!" he shouted, clenching the device in his hand," Call Lucas Mirkound!" again he held the phone to his ear, and waited. "I know its late you son of a bitch, but if you haven't changed, you never sleep- HEY!" Agent one stood up suddenly," was wondering if you were going to answer!"

Agent One walked away from the captain chair, and towards the side, listening intently.

"C'mon, you know who this is. I know its been a while, but listen to the voice... guesses?" From a phone, a loud exclamation was shouted, and Agent One laughed loudly," HELL YEAH! Hey dude, It was a lucky guess that you still lived in your old place."

Minutes passed as Agent One listened, hearing more of what this 'Lucas Mirkound' had to say.

"Well, yeah, sort of. I... Lucas, it's time," Agent One stated, and listened for the reply. He heard one and sighed," I mean for them, the old families. Thornvale?" another loud reply was easily heard from the phone," yeah. Hellsing had their chance. You still connected to the old fam- uh... okay, okay!" Agent One held a hand up to a passionate reply," just checking!"

The Agent looked at the moon, and smiled.

"You liking the moon tonight?" he asked, and got a laughing reply," hey, I know werewolves are into that sort of thing, just asking if you were digging it. So... you in?" Agent One waited for a reply. A small one came, and he grinned. "Great. Call me on this number, okay? We've got a lot of planning to do... and get everyone together. They're moving to England."

Agent One slipped the phone into his pocket as the antenna slid back inside.

"Time's up, Integra," Agent One said with a long sigh.

To be continued in The Hellsing War Chronicles: The Wrath of Thornvale

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