I let Bones finish her coffee in my lap

Author's Note: This chapter will be Part 1 of a challenge issued by spybarbe (aka redshipper). The elements of which will be revealed at the end of Part 2 (Chapter 17), because they'll just give away the plot… and that's just no fun.


I let Bones finish her coffee in my lap.

Didn't interrupt her when she went to where I'd set aside our plates, still completely naked, picked up hers and ate her breakfast while leaning against the counter. I watched her eat and laughed when she started feeding me bites. I even acquiesced when she insisted on washing the dishes, even though all of my senses were on fire, focused fully on burying myself inside of her.

The image of her fucking herself less than a foot in front of me was burned into my mind and pushing me to touch all of that creamy skin that she seemed intent on flaunting. It was only the thrill of watching her tease me that kept me firmly seated in my chair. While I'd often imagined she was teasing me before, wearing a blouse that was cut a little lower than usual or a pair of jeans that seemed to mold to her tempting curves, but this was entirely different. This was fully intentional and left her lips turned up in a sly little smile that made every moment of this torture worthwhile.

I was beginning to wonder what it would be like to return home, to go back to work and the lab with the memory of this weekend still hovering in my mind. It was going to be difficult to refrain from succumbing to my desire for this woman. No matter how things were between us now, I had no doubt that the moment we were back amongst our friends and our lives, this knowingly teasing, tempting side of her would be a rare sight.

I would simply have to enjoy it while I could.

So when she turned away from me to face the sink to wash the dishes, I allowed the last bit of my control over my temptation to begin to slip as my eyes followed the smooth lines of her calves upwards, lingering on her muscular thighs and the flare of her hips, leaving my fingers tingling with their desire to touch as I recalled a recurring fantasy of having her bent over my desk at the FBI. She'd be so flustered and flushed, nothing at all like the confident woman striding naked through the kitchen, concerned about being caught.

Focusing in on the movement of her thighs as she shifted from one foot to another in front of the sink, I slipped fully into my fantasy.

"Booth, I thought we were going to dinner." Her arms crossed firmly across her chest, she watched as I locked the office door and pulled the cord to close the blinds, concealing my office in near darkness. She was standing near my desk, dressed for our dinner date in that tight black dress she'd worn in Vegas, just as I'd asked her to. I had plans for the evening, but they no longer had anything to do with dinner.

Even though I had suggested that she wear the dress, I was not expecting to react like this. From the moment she walked through the door, my mouth had gone dry and I'd been instantly hard. There was something about the taut tug of the fabric over those breasts and the way it restricted those lithe, graceful legs to short strides that made her hips roll seductively with each step that simply exuded sexuality. Any thought of innocent intention was lost with one cock of those striking hips.

"Do you know what that dress does to me?" My voice came out as a harsh whisper, my eyes already raking up and down her body, admiring the way she was beginning to shift uncomfortably in place. Stepping closer, I ran my hand along her arm, smiling when I saw her shiver at my touch.

As my arms wrapped around her, bring my hands to her rounded ass, she squirmed and protested, "Booth. We need to get going." I squeezed the soft flesh, allowing one hand to slide lower still, seeking the silky skin of her thighs just below the hem of her dress. She gasped against my neck, her hips rocking against mine involuntarily before she tried to pull away. "I'm serious. We already decided that we would reserve sexual intercourse until after work..."

Her voice trailed off as my hand slid higher on her thigh, pushing her skirt up until my fingers were teasing over the edges of her underwear. I felt her hands grasp at my shoulders as my finger slid along the damp crotch lightly. Turning my head, I whispered against her ear, "Take these off."

I waited, fully expecting her to say no when she pulled herself away from me and took a step back, her cheeks fully flushed.

But rather than straightening the skirt that was bunched up tightly around her waist, her shaking hands tugged the skirt higher still, then hooked her thumbs through the straps of her smooth black underwear and slowly pushed them down her thighs. Even as she stepped out of them, her eyes kept flicking from me to the door, but her lips were parted and she was clearly excited.

Licking my lips in anticipation, I let her stand there, squirming under my gaze, that scrap of fabric still dangling from her fingers. I don't think even she knew why she'd listened to me. Certainly I hadn't expected it.

Taking a step forward, I took the underwear from her fingers and found myself stuffing them into the tight cleavage of her breasts. "Wouldn't want to leave those lying around..." She tucked her lower lips between her teeth then, meeting my eyes with a startled gaze.

My hand returned to the smooth skin of her thighs, brushing over the tops of them, grazing the auburn triangle of curls at her center. Her eyes drifted shut and she swayed against me, a low whimper escaping her lips as my fingers played over her hips, teasing the scrunched fabric of her dress.

"Turn around."

She swallowed roughly and I watched her breasts rise with her sharp intake of breath. And then obeyed. Suddenly I was faced with her perfectly rounded ass and that stunning back and my hands came to her shoulders, skimming down along her sides before cupping her ass and pushing her towards my desk, offering no resistance to my insistent touches.

Suddenly, footsteps could be heard outside as someone passed by. Her head swung around as her body stiffened, and she stared expectantly at the door as her hands quickly tugged her skirt back into it's place. Just as quickly, the footsteps faded and again it was silent. I could hear her panting as she leaned back against my chest, releasing a heavy sigh.

If I didn't do something, she was going to end this.

My hands loosened the knot on my tie, tugging it free as she watched me over her shoulder. Lifting it up, I dangled it in front of her until she asked, "What's that for?"

"To prevent any more distractions."

Before she could react, I slide the tie around her head, carefully securing the fabric over her eyes. She was breathing rapidly, hot little gasps against my hand as I secured her makeshift blindfold.

The moment I dropped my hand, her hand moved to pull away the obstruction. I took hold her hand and pulled it back down, placing it on the edge of the desk, pressing my chest firmly against her back, allowing my other hand to run over the tight fabric of her dress. My lips found the side of her neck, teasing kisses up to her ear until her head tilted back against me. "Bend over."

Her ass pressed back against me as she silently acquiesced, her body bending as my hands slid lower, seeking the hem of her skirt once again. A shaky moan seeped from her lips as I dragged the fabric higher as I sunk to my knees, bringing those creamy, smooth thighs to eye level. I pushed her skirt higher, fully exposing her rounded ass and slick pussy lips. I leaned in, inhaling her scent as my hands slid down her legs, molding to the solid curves of her muscular thighs and calves.

"What are you thinking about?" Bones asked, dragging my brain back to the present. She was watching me over her shoulder, a slight grin gracing those soft lips, looking so much like my fantasy that I felt my erection jump at the sight of her.

I considered telling her. But as she turned slightly to observe me, head cocked slightly to the side as her eyes drifted down my chest then back up to my eyes, I chose instead to rise from my chair without a response, coming up behind her. My hands almost unconscious came to rest on her hips, my fingers curling and stroking her lower abdomen. Immediately she bent over with a laugh, crying out, "Booth, I'm trying to wash the dishes."

Her move pushed her ass back against my already painful erection and any response was immediately lost in my answering moan. I heard the silverware she was holding clatter into the sink before she spun around, eyebrows lowered and glaring as she continued her scolding, bringing her hands to my chest in attempt to push me away.

"If you just let me finish, we won't have to—"

I lowered my lips to hers, silencing the lecture that was certainly eminent, bending her back as I aligned my body with hers. The hands on my chest struggled to push me away, but I refused to relent, sliding the tip of my tongue along her tightly clamped lips until they softened and opened under my touch. Delving my tongue into her mouth, I felt hers hands slip around my neck, tugging me into her. Her teeth bit down teasingly on my tongue, sending tingling excitement shooting down my spine as her nails curled in the bottom of my hair.

My hips bucked roughly against hers, pinning my erection painfully between us as she sighed against my mouth. I felt her fingers scraping against my scalp and shivered in delight as her body came towards me, pressing urgently against me as her lips fought for control of our kiss. But this was my turn and I wasn't going to allow her the satisfaction of the upper hand. Not this time.

A muffled squeal escaped her lips as I took hold of her ass, lifting her up and placing her on the counter beside the sink. Immediately, her thighs spread and I slid into the space between them, bringing a hand to her hair to lock her lips to mine. My other hand found the heated span of her inner thigh and traced the lines of the muscles there, reveling in the goose bumps that rose beneath my teasing fingers.

Her reactions distracted me momentarily, but my attention was quickly drawn back to her mouth as she claimed my lower lip, trapping it between her teeth and tugging teasingly. I pulled my face back and quickly brought my mouth to side of her neck, suckling the sensitive skin roughly until she cried out, then soothed the spot with my tongue as her head fell back to give me greater access.

I could feel her breaths coming in short gasps as my fingers found their way to her already slick clit, rolling over it with two fingers as her hands dragged me closer before raking down my back. Smiling against her collarbone, I pressed my fingers more firmly against her clit, feeling it twitch and swell under my touch. After only a few minutes of stroking, her hips were struggling to thrust against me, her ass barely clinging to the edge of the counter.

Somehow, I managed to restrain myself from just sinking into her, dragging her hands from my skin and clamping them down tightly against the counter as my mouth moved lower, biting down lightly as I made my way slowly down her breasts, along her stomach, teasingly avoiding her center as I nipped along her thighs. I could hear her muttering softly, her fingers struggling under my hands as I bent lower, allowing my breath to play over her swollen clit.

I glanced up to find her eyes closed and her mouth barely parted, face scrunched up in frustration as I moved incrementally closer. I'd not yet made contact and I could already taste her, bittersweet and salty. Roughly, she jerked her hands, attempting to free them once again but I held firm, laughing softly before allowing the tip of my tongue to slide along the dark pink flesh before me. Her answering shiver left me pulsing with desire, my hands shaking as I struggled to keep her in place.

By then, she had begun to spill my name from her lips, the sound of the single syllable repeating harshly between breaths as my tongue traced ever so lightly over each curve and fold of her. Her fingertips were curling and struggling to clench as she squirmed, her body straining to move towards me without losing its precarious place on the edge of the counter.

"Fuck me. Booth. Please…"

The cry was a command, fully frustrated and ripped from her throat. Only then did I allow my lips to suck the tip of her clit into my mouth, refusing to give in to her request completely. Her answering groan urged my mouth to suck harder, my tongue moving to teasing at the pulsing flesh. She fought to press against me, her legs curling over my shoulders, her ankles pushing against my back. The move brought my mouth closer, causing my lips press more firmly against her as I continued my ministrations. Biting down softly through my lips, I tugged at her clit, and she shook, finally succeeded in dragging her hands free.

Immediately they came to my head, weaving into my hair and attempting to pull me closer.

But I had no intention of letting her gain control. With a ragged breath, I pulled myself away from her delicious skin and extracted myself from her four-limbed hold. She nearly fell from the counter without me for balance and I stood watching her as she fought to right herself.

When she finally looked up at me, I could see that her eyes were blazing with frustration, every inch of her pale skin flushed a rosy pink. Her tongue darted out, sweeping restlessly over her lips as she gawked at me, trying to figure out what I was planning.

Before she could speak, I turned around to hide the grin that I knew was beginning to spread across my face and walked out of the kitchen. Licking my lips, I could still taste her there as I heard her jumping off the counter, pattering barefoot after me.

"Booth? Where are you going?"

She was clearly trying to sound calm, but I could hear the wavering of her voice as I picked up my pace, headed for small office next to the bedroom on the second floor.

Yeah, I'm definitely going to take full advantage of this…


End Note: Yeah, I'm aware this chapter is completely a tease. It really couldn't be helped. Blame it on my apprehensions regarding writing heterosexual intercourse from a male point of view if you really want. But it's really much more about the fact that Booth really doesn't want the weekend to end.