Girl Afraid



Chapter 1 The assignment

Hermione Granger was upset. No, she was angry. No, more like pissed off. Why? Because they left without her. And by they she meant her best friends, Harry and Ron.

It was the summer before 7th year, and although the time grew nearer for the upcoming War, they still- although, not a lot - joked and played around. But that was before they were given the order.

See, as soon as they all turned 17, they became of age to join the Order of the Phoenix. So they did. At first it was small assignments here and there, like who was the last to visit the Azkaban prision, who was a a little too interested in the outbreak of the Death Eaters (aside from people who were working for a newspaper or time line.), Things like that.

And that went on for awhile. However miniscule the assignment was, Hermione tried (with little help from Harry and Ron) as best as she could to find out all the possible answers- without whining.

The least could be said about Harry and Ron who whined and moaned about getting such girl assignments (which Hermione glared at, and they quickly changed it to "stupid assignments" instead.)

So, the rest of the Order consisting of Prof. Dumbledore, Prof. Mcgongall, Kingsley, Tonks, Mad- eye, Lupin, Sirius, Hagrid, all the Weasleys (excluding Ginny who was still under age), Snape, Harry and Hermione- had decided that they should go searching for the rest of the Horcurxes in Godric's Hollow.

She had been excited until She found out who was going. Hermione sat there shocked when they failed to include her name to the list of who were going. And she vehemently stated her opinions, but 'the Order' thought it was best if she stayed and continued with her other assignments- which she finished the week before and said so, when they stated 'We'll get you more assignments.'

The day before, Harry and Ron had left, to her and Ginny's outrageous denials. Ginny who was still very much in love with Harry and had begun dating, locked herself in her room and wouldn't come out until Harry returned.

So, Hermione Granger was pissed off. For Harry and Ron weren't the only ones going, Remus, Tonks, and a bunch of the Weasleys left as well. There was no right why she shouldn't be on that assignment. But did they coincide? no, they just left her here.

And, no offense, but Grimmauld place wasn't the most charming nor the most comfortable place to be. Talking below a whisper at all times, the days that were good had to be spent in a civilized fashion, with no parties or hooliganism. Which was what the Weasleys thrived on, the younger ones anyway.

Hermione sat at the big table in the dank kitchen, awaiting for what, she did not know. She had finished all her assignments and books that were exercised by Mcgonagall. Merlin, she was bored out of her mind.

There was nothing to do in this bloody dim hole they called a house. She absolutely detested it here, it was small and damp and creaky and ugly. Ugh! The only reason she put up with it was because Harry got to see his Godfather again and she got to see the rest of her friends.

Now, she would have gone into hiding with her parents who were being guarded by Mad eye, but she didn't want to be far away in case Harry or Ron needed her. She wanted to be part of the Order because she wanted to take the Dark Lord down.

Sighing, she got up and silently walked up the stairs, she lightly knocked on Ginny's door.

'What?' a small voice said from the inside.

'Ginny, come down. Please,' she murmured. Although it had only been a day, Ginny hadn't come at once, and wouldn't let anyone in, including her mother, who was back at the Burrow.

'I don't want to.' she replied back.

'Come out here, now!' she snapped, forgetting to talk below a whisper. She often lost her patience with Ginny. Merlin she was so stubborn.

The shrieking of Mrs. Black could be heard throughout the whole house. She didn't mean to yell, she didn't even want to speak.

Hermione knew how Ginny felt. Those were her two best friends out there risking there lives to save those of others. And she missed them so much, it hurt. But what could she do? Ron had left her, and she knew there wasn't going on between them, but she hoped it would.

'No. Hermione, just leave me alone!' Ginny yelled over Mrs. Black screaming.

Heaving a sigh, she made her way back downstairs.

'Why is she yelling like that for?' Sirius said from above the stairs. Lord, it was so dark, she could hardly make out his figure. She took out her wand and pointed at the candles along the wall. Mumbling 'Incendio.', they magically lit up and turned back to Sirius.

'Sorry! Ginny still won't come out of her room, and I lost my patience,' she said, started for the room that bared Mrs. Black.

'No, no, let me do it. She's my mother after all,' he grumbled, ambling down the stairs.

Sirius had also locked himself in his room with Buckbeak a.k.a Witherwings. Dumbledore had suggested to Harry that he give him back to Hagrid, for Hagrid often got nostalgic over Buckbeak. But he decided that Sirius could keep him, since they had been together for so long. So when night time came, Sirius would release Buckbeak to excerise, and he would come back after an hour or so well fed and healthy.

She didn't know why he locked himself away, normally when Harry was around, Sirius was out and about, yelling and cheering, and prominently pissing off his mother, who shrieked about what a horrible son he was and blah blah. Not that Sirius cared, he just wanted to be with Harry for as long as he could before the War approached. And she wanted to lock herself away, but she knew she had to be strong. They would come back, all of them, she was sure of it.

'Mother, will you shut up already!' Sirius voice yelled. Another mountain of profanities from Mrs. Black. 'Ginny is not a blood traitor, and Hermione is a muggle- born,' another set of insults. 'Shut up, or so help me, I will make you.'

That did the trick. Hermione went back to the kitchen to prepare what she could, she knew she was a horrible cook, but Molly was not there and Kreacher - the house elf - was still disobeying Sirius. So, it was up to her.

'Well, Hermione, I'm going back to my room. Have a nice night,' Sirius said from the doorway.

'Wait, don't you want to eat,' gesturing to the cold stew she had prepared earlier.

Sirius grimaced then shrugged, moving further into the room. He sat down and dug into the bowl that Hermione set in front of him. She tried not to giggle over the strange faces he put on after every bite.

'Why did you leave?' she whispered.

He looked up then around. 'Since I was little, I had never believed in that dung my parents believed in. Pureblood, muggle- born, half blood, it was all the same to me. And then I went to Hogwarts and became friends with Remus and James, and it was perfect. The two I relied on the most were not the same as me, but that was okay. We made a pact, and I never once broke it, once I graduated I left this house.' his brow was furrowed and he was frowning at the counter top. ' I didn't want to be like my parents, they didn't rely on anyone and I felt suffocated here. Attending social balls, making the best impressions, wearing the finest clothes, never to associate with anything but your own. All these rules and regulations, and I had promised myself that I would never come back here. But for Harry, I would do anything.'

Moisture came into his eyes and to hers. She clutched his hand. 'They are coming back. Harry has been alone for so long, and he couldn't bear it if he lost his Godfather. He'll do anything in his power to come back to us.'

Sirius nodded and slowly got to his feet. 'You know Hermione, you really are the brightest witch of this generation.'

She graced him with a brilliant smile. 'Of that I have no doubt.'

A crash sounded at the vicinity of the front entrance. They got to there feet and made quick work of getting out there wands, running upstairs to the entrance they met Kingsley who was smiling at a baffled Ginny.

'What's going on?' Hermione demanded. Lord, she almost had a heart attack thinking it was a Death Eater. Looking at Sirius, he probably thought the same thing.

'Well, Hermione, I have a new assignment for you,' Kingsley said, pointing at the door that led to the parlor.

'And you couldn't give me this in the morning?' she stated, looking confused.

'The assignment is waiting in the other room. I need you to question this person, use the Veritaserum as well. Just find out as much as you can about him,'

Hermione slowly walked to the door and upon entering, she turned to Kingsley and asked who it was.

'Just go in,' he motioned again to the door.

She opened it, and at first she couldn't see anything, for she forgot to light the candles. But there was no denying the who the shock of white blond hair belonged to.

'Malfoy?!' she said, shocked.

'Hello to you too, Granger,' his voice drawled from the couch.

What in bloody Hell was he doing here? was her last rational thought.

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