Title: Popochii

Pairing: sasunaru

Rated: 13 for adult themes and some swearing, and a teeny bit of "grown-up" stuff

Warnings: The main pairing here is Sasuke and Naruto (slash, yaoi, whatever you call m/m relationship) and if you don't like then don't read! OOC will be prominent here (especially Sasuke and Itachi). Slow updates will also be happening here since school is starting next month already. So please be patient with me and my story. Oh, and there might be some Japanese words here combined with the English don't worry I'll place a vocabulary at the end of each chapter. Itachi is so so so OC here!

Summary: After playing the game Popochii Uchiha Sasuke finds himself turning into a girl every time he sneezes, he attends Konoha High and meets a girl named Uzumaki Naruto and falls for her. Being a girl surely has its advantages! But

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Chapter 1- Has the World gone Crazy?!

Dusk was fast approaching. A lad of 17 years of age walked aimlessly to the streets of Tokyo. He had pitched black hair that spiked in almost every direction and had ebony black eyes. He had a fair complexion. He wore a dark blue shirt that had a paper fan embedded at the back and plain black shorts.

He looked up and found the sun setting and mixed the red, orange and yellow colors in the sky. It was scattered all the same it was beautiful. He sighed softly as wind passed him. He brushed one of his black bangs away from his eyes and continued walking while his eyes are still closed.

"Anou… Sasuke-kun."

A voice interrupted his thoughts and he opened his eyes as he stopped walking. He looked at the source of the voice and found a girl with brown hair and had big pink eyes. She was wearing a white mini skirt and a pink spaghetti strap for her tops.

"What?" he asked rather harshly.

"E-eto…My name is Maiko Hanashi. Please read this letter. I have made it especially for you!"

She was holding out a letter at him and he grimaced when he recognized the letter. It was color pink and hearts were designed all over it. Oh, yes he does know what kind of letter that is and he is not interested at ALL.

"Keep it to yourself. I'm not interested," with that said he walked away from the crying girl. He continued walking soon entered the Uchiha compound. And as he entered their mansion whispers of, "Welcome back Sasuke-sama," were heard. He ignored all of them and went to his room.

Uchiha Sasuke at the age of seventeen was being trained to run half of their company because the other half would be run by his brother. He was handsome and rich that's why many girls flock around him only either because of his looks or his money. The Uchiha's are very famous not only in Tokyo and Japan but to other countries as well. Hell, they probably even own half of Japan.

He was about to lay on his comfy bed when he found that someone has beaten him into it. He scowled when he recognized who it was.

"What the hell are you doing in my room Aniki?" he asked.

Said person sat up from the bed and immediately brightened up when he saw it was his oh so dear little brother.

"Sa-su-ke-chan!" he sang as he went over and hugged Sasuke.

"A-ani-ki!" complained Sasuke but the arms around him only tightened.

"Itachi, I can't breathe anymore!" screamed Sasuke knowing that his brother will only listen to him if he was really serious and he'll know that he's serious when he calls him by his given name.

"Oh," said Itachi as he let go of Sasuke.

"What the hell are you doing in my room Aniki?" asked Sasuke.

"Well I woke up and then said good morning to my cute Mr. Rabbit, took a bath then ate pancakes for breakfast and then I kissed kaa-san and tou-san goodbye—"

"Aniki!" interrupted Sasuke.

Itachi stopped and looked at him, "What?"

Sasuke glared at Itachi, "I asked what you are doing at my room not what you did the moment you woke up!"

"I decided to be nice and tell you the whole of my life since I know you are so obsessed with me that you would want to know what I do every time I wake up. Oh and Mr. Rabbit's new shampoo is Strawberry!" replied Itachi while making a victory pose.

Sasuke sighed as he muttered, "Narcissist."

"What are you doing in my room Aniki? And I'm not interested to what you did the moment you woke up or what's the new shampoo of your freaking rabbit!" growled Sasuke.

Itachi pretended that he didn't hear the outburst and continued talking, "So I decided to be nice again and buy you this new game sold on stores. It's called Popochii!"

Sasuke stared at him before replying, "What's Pikachu?"

Itachi shook his head, "Not Pikachu that's in Pokemon, I said Popochii. Here try it."

He said as he handled Sasuke the game chip. Sasuke stared at Itachi again before replying once more,

"Aniki I'm not interested and the only game I play in my PSP is Tekken and Tekken is a fighting game that's why I like it. This Popa whatever isn't my type."

"First it's Popochii and second why don't you think that it isn't your type when you haven't played it yet?" asked Itachi.


"That's not a reason and if you don't give me a real reason this game will find itself in your bed tonight or wherever you go, this game will haunt you. I assure you that."

Sasuke merely scowled, "The game's name is "Popochii" it sounds so childish! What the hell is it, like a Super Mario or Kittens Mittens?"

"First, don't you insult the game Super Mario coz' that's my favorite and second, names can be deceiving. So please accept it?" said Itachi as he knelt before Sasuke and hugging his legs while faking a cry.

"Aniki stop that!" he said as he tried to kick Itachi but failed to do so.

"Itachi won't! Not until you accept this game!"

"Argh! Why are you so obsessed?!"

"Coz' 'Tachi wants to win the "Best and Nicest brother in Town" award!"

"What kind of award is that?!"

"The kind that 'Tachi wants to win!"

"Tobi has influenced your language and its plain creepy! It doesn't suit you at all!"

"'Tachi wants that award!"

"Fine!" he finally shouted and grabbed the game and dragged a beaming Itachi out of his room. Once closing or rather slamming the door he went top his bed. Gee, that was scary! Itachi practically talking in third person and liking the kid's game called Super Mario?! Has the World gone crazy?!

With that thought lingering in his mind he slept.


Sasuke was currently playing Tekken in his PSP. Soon enough he became a bit bored and his gaze landed on the game chip of Popochii. He snorted at it and continued playing for another fifteen minutes but his curiosity on what kind of game Popochii is, was getting better of him. He tried ignoring it and played for another fifteen minutes until…

"Fuck! Stop looking at me you stupid game!" he shouted whilst pointing accusingly at the game chip. There was a moment of silence then…

"Great, now I'm even talking to myself."

He looked at the game again.




And finally…

"Fine, I'll play you!" grumbled Sasuke as he grabbed the game chip and inserted it in his PSP. The screen flashed 'Downloading Popochii'. And so Sasuke waited and after a few seconds it was done. He put the game chip out and started playing.

"Just as I thought this is childish," murmured Sasuke as he read the 'How to play'.

The player enters his/her name and his gender. The screen will flash characters and you should pick one. Dress it up or whatever you want it to look like. Note: Your character will be the opposite of your gender. After your done press 'Play' and start the game.

It has nine stages and its names are:

1. Shukaku the One tailed Raccoon

2. Nizen and Nini the Two tailed Dog twins

3. Sanzen the Three tailed Wolf

4. Yonzen the Four tailed Rat

5. Gozen the Five tailed Bear

6. Rokuzen the Six tailed Tiger

7. Shichizen the Seven tailed Cat

8. Hachizen the Eight tailed Snake

9. Kyuubi the Nine tailed Fox

Finish them and whatever you wish for will come true. Remember once you start playing you shouldn't stop or there will be dire consequences to your character. Note: Same rules apply for those who will lose. The consequences will happen at exactly 12:01 in the midnight. Play at your own risk.

Play fairly and nicely!

Good luck!

He entered his name


Images of women flashed before him. He hated this part. So he just picked someone who looked like him. A woman of seventeen years of age with pitched black hair that curled at the end and possessed ebony eyes.

Sasuke hard-pressed 'Next' and then pressed,

'Play Popochii'

He then played it. Truth to be told he was really surprised to find it to be very tricky. He has to beat down the minions of the stages and the Stage monsters. The time that he beat down Shukaku he was already addicted. Maybe Itachi deserved the 'Best and nicest Brother in Town' award after all.

"This is kinda… fun," he murmured to himself.


Sasuke growled for the umpteenth time. Just one more hit and he will lose all his life. He was in the eighth stage and was currently fighting Hachizen the Eight tailed Snake and he was terribly and unmistakably…badly losing.

Too preoccupied with his thoughts he didn't realize that he will be hit and only realized it when this fucking statement appeared in the screen. Sasuke continued staring at it.

Game Over! You lose!

A scowl marred his handsome features when those words sunk in to him. He never loses any game…ever. In frustration he threw his PSP and the game chip outside his window and heard a yelp of surprise from one of the maids. What was her name again? Oh, yeah Stella.

With an angry scowl once more he slept and the clock read 12:01.


Sasuke woke up with an uneasy feeling and he didn't know why, but passing it only as hunger since he didn't eat dinner. So he stopped the annoying sound of the alarm clock; sat up and yawned whilst stretching. He went straight to his bathroom and washed his face. He grabbed his toothbrush and started brushing his feminine mouth and—


Feminine mouth?!

His sleepiness gone he looked at the mirror and…



Itachi wasn't really a morning person but he was always good at his instincts and today his instincts told him to wake up early to witness a historical event and the moment the he heard the shout from his brother's room he knew it. He would always trust his instincts.

But what the hell happened to Sasuke's voice?

It was so…

High pitched.

Maybe it was just his imagination. He then left the confines of his room and headed for breakfast.


Sasuke literally ran as if his very life depended on it. His destination? The dining room to tell his parents about his gender bending thingy. At first of course he checked if he had this and that of a…woman.

And he did!

That's why he was running like hell.

"Okaasan! Otoosan!" he shouted the moment he saw his parents.

They looked up from the food and the newspaper and greeted Sasuke good morning as if nothing was wrong with him. Why the hell aren't they reacting?! I mean if your son suddenly became a daughter you would react right? Right?!

"Okaasan, Otoosan look at me," ordered Sasuke.

They both did and then,

"What's wrong Sasuke?"

Sasuke's mouth dropped to the floor.

"Mom, Dad, I suddenly became a girl. I was your son last night and now you have a daughter! Is that how you should react?"

His parents looked at each other before his mother replied,

"'Suke-chan you have always been a girl."

"You're just hungry. C'mon let's eat," joined his father.

Sasuke continued looking at them in shock. First it was the "no reaction" then they say that he really was a "girl" and nothing changed now there's the "chan" part! What the FUCK?! At the same time his brother entered the dining room.

"Ohayoo minna-san," he greeted.

Then he turned to Sasuke and then…


And he fainted in the spot.

"Gee, they both seem so hungry. Don't they dear?" said Sasuke's mom while shaking her head.


Itachi groggily opened his eyes ad saw the "female Sasuke". He immediately sat up.

"Wha-What the hell?!" he asked.

Sasuke smacked the back of his head, "Shut up Aniki! Just listen."

"O-okay," replied Itachi doubtfully and Sasuke told him the story.

"What's happening to me Aniki? This has never happened in my whole life ever and it even happened after you made me play that game and it—"

He stopped. Then he remembered what was written,

Finish them and whatever you wish for will come true. Remember once you start playing you shouldn't stop or there will be dire consequences to your character. Note: Same rules apply for those who will lose. The consequences will happen at exactly 12:01 in the midnight. Play at your own risk.


"Oh, fuck," he cursed or rather "she" cursed. (Sasuke: Damn author! Stop calling me a "she" stick with the "he" or else I'll drive this chidori to your heart!") (A/N: and so I'll stick with the "he" since a Chidori is near me)

"What?" asked Itachi and Sasuke explained then the next thing they knew they were looking for the maid, Stella.


They later found themselves in the mountains of garbage since that freaking maid said she threw it on the garbage can and then the garbage was taken out that morning also and they chased the garbage truck and that is how they ended up here.

"I found it!" shouted Itachi interrupting Sasuke from his thoughts. Sasuke walked over to Itachi. They tried turning it on but it wouldn't.

"Why the hell won't it turn on?!" asked Sasuke thoroughly pissed off.

Itachi rolled his eyes, "I wonder what would happen to you if you were suddenly throw out in the window."

Sasuke just glared at him and then shook the PSP and suddenly it became really hot making Sasuke drop it to the ground.

"What?" asked Itachi.

But Sasuke didn't have the time to answer because suddenly a person appeared in front of them from the PSP. He had long black hair and his skin was as white as a bond paper. He had an earring that had a very weird design and his eyes were like that of a snake. (A/N: Let's say who it is altogether: Orochimaru! Wahahahaha!)

"What the—" asked Sasuke.

The man before them spoke,

"Ah, I see so you are the one who was blessed by the Fairies of the Kingdom of Popochii. My name is Orochimaru, a legendary Senin. What is it that you want that you have called me?"

Itachi was the first to recover,

"Well he suddenly turned into a girl after playing that game. What do we do now? How do we turn him back to normal?"

Orochimaru was quiet for a moment as he closed his eyes. Later he opened them again and looked at the both of them and replied,

"I don't know."

Sasuke and Itachi dropped to the ground (anime style).

"So what do we do now?" asked Sasuke.

"If you really want to return as a boy we must first find the other two legendary Senin named Tsunade and Jiraiya they will surely know how to turn you back," he replied.

"Where do we find those two?" asked Itachi.

"I am not really sure but I feel there presence in a school called Tokyo High. But they are not free."

"What do you mean they are not free?" asked Itachi.

"It means that they are guiding another person who is in the same situation as you are, like me to you," he replied.

"O-okay," said Sasuke.

"Well if there aren't anymore questions I have to sleep still you know"

"Wait. How do we call you again?" asked Sasuke.

"I'll just pop by. Just say my name."

"How come our parents didn't have any reaction that Sasuke became a girl and only I know?" asked Itachi voicing his and Sasuke's question.

"It's just like that. They are suddenly given new information. As for you to be the only one who knows of his true gender, it is because you were the one who gave him the game."

They were both silent.

"Any more questions?" asked Orochimaru.

"None at the moment, thanks for the help Orochimaru-san," said Itachi.

"Okay," he was about to fade away when he reappeared again and said,

"I forgot to tell you, whenever you sneeze you'll turn into a girl and every time water is splashed to you, you will return into becoming a boy but that will only last for a few minutes and most importantly," he said as a dangerous smirk crept its way to his face, "It's not Orochimaru-san, its Orochimaru-sama."

With that said he poofed away leaving Sasuke and Itachi all to themselves.



"He's another narcissist."




"You won't ever win the 'Best and Nicest brother in Town' award."

There was silence.

"Really?" asked a teary-eyed Itachi.




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