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Sasuke: DOBE!

Sakura : -twitch twitch-

Me: uh...sasu-chan is she okay? -whispers-


Me: well...?

Sasuke: ... idiot here, told sakura she was heavy and asked if she gained any pounds... TT

Sakura: -glares icily at me and sasuke-

Me and Sasuke: -whimpers-

Sakura: Naruto you got 10 seconds to run before i pum-

Me: Okay stop right there the cameras on!

SasuSakuNaru: -sweatdrop-

Sakura: but i didn't get to kill naruto yet, -whines-

Me: Don't worry saku-chan you will, oh you will -laughs evilly-

Me and Saku-chan: -snickers evilly-

Sasunaru: -sweatdrop- she doesn't own naruto

"Tch, who would ever love you."

the boy walked up to the girl and slapped her across the face.

"Don't ever come near me again, you whore!"

"B-but.. Hiro-kun w-why?" the Pink-haired girl said, feeling freash tears falling down her cheeks.

"DON'T YOU GET IT I NEVER LOVED YOU, I USED YOU!" said Hiroto, snarling and pushing the said girl away from him. Then walking away.

Hiroto stomped away, leaving the girl to cry her heart out. sobbing and wondering what had she done to diserve this.





"Ahhhhh!" A pink-haired girl sreamed.

" I can't believe i had that nightmare again..." She said panting, sweat rolling on her skin. She then remembered that it was the first Day of school since she just moved to Konoha. Sighing and getting. up she went to the bathroom, doing her usual routine. Brushing her teeth, combing her hair, and taking a shower.

"Sakura, get your ass down here now, i don't want to be late for our first day of school!" Her bestfriend, Ino screamed.

Thats Ino, she was sakura's most closest friend. when her parents died in a house fire, she was the only one who wanted to take her in, and live with her. depending on eachother for everything.

"okay, okay i'll be right down!...ino-pig" sakura screamed, whispering the last part.

"I heard that!!" her friend yelled from downstairs. sweatdropping Sakura looked at her clock before freaking out, 7:45 A.M

"Oh Shit, ino we're almost late!"



Sakura heard the bang and a loud screech, running down the stair and slammed the door open.

"DAMMIT INO WHEN YOU COME HOME IMMA TEAR YOUR INSIDES OUT" Sakura screamed, getting weird stares from passing people. Yes, Sakura was weird, to her pink hair and green forest eyes to match, but it didn't matter to her, she has always been the dork or oddball in her whole intire school. she was just use to it.

" man now i have to run and i have only..." she looked at her watch, 3 minutes left!

"Oh shit gonna be late, gonna be late!" she screamed pulling her hair, she was going to be late for her fist day of school where ino and her just transfered to, and being late is not a way to be welcomed.

'dammit ino-pig i can't believe you argh!!'

after about 2 minutes later of inhuman speed, she finally got to the school on time.

"Woah...", there was alot of snobby looking kids (which she assumed were rich sluts and hearthrobs) and other kids like her friend ino talking to a guy with brown hair pulled up into a ponytail, both under a shaded tree.

"INO-PIG!" screamed sakura, getting attention from alot of people, the guy next to ino, and ino herself.

"AHHHHHH Sakura i'm so sorry stop chasing me, please" ino begged and kept running for her life.

Everyone around the area sweatdropped staring at the two girls running, one about to get killed, and the other one about to kill her.

"HEY teme looks like we have new students!" a blonde not so far away screamed pulling a boy with dark raven hair with him.

"Hn." the teen replied, not caring if his bestfriend was dragging him.

both sakura and ino stopped, staring at the new guest.

"HI im Naruto Uzumaki, and the emo basterd right here is Sasuke Uchiha. nice to meet you!" naruto yelled and then stopped, staring at sakura.

"WOW your pretty!" naruto said drooling, for sasuke he just stood there not caring about the new girls.

"Names Sakura Haruno, and this girl next to me is Ino Yamanaka, a.k.a ino-pig"


" Oh, ooooh can i see your schedule?" naruto asked jumping up and down.

Sakura chuckled and gave the paper to him,but a girl tripped her making her fall on her face.


"Hmph she's pathetic, whats a lowlife girl such as you doing here at a rich school like this. by the way you dress it doesn't look like your rich" the red-haired girl said smugly.

Sakura got up and calmly stood there smirking. Oh, how was she so wrong. Sakura was rich since her parents left all the family fortune to her, but she choose to save the money and earn some on her own for both ino and her. so thats why they don't look like they're rich.

Karin began to fume, she didn't even make her flinch.Sakura just stood there smirking at her , looking like somthing she said was funny.

"What are you smirking about!" karin shreiked, getting attention from alot of people walking through the hallways.

"betsuni, just thinking of how stupid that sounded. and for you info, ino and i got a scholarship here since this was the only school close to where we live" she said calmly shrugging her shoulders.

ino just laughed, and so did other people, except naruto and sasuke who smirked plus a few other people that just came.

"pfft hahahahhahahahah" ino kept laughing , falling and rolling on the floor.

"hey pig stop laughing!" karin shouted still angry.

"uh oh..." sakura mummbled.

ino twitched when karin called her pig. quickly standing up she did a few hand signs and then "mind tranfer jutsu!"

"dammit ino!" sakura said pumping chakra into to her feet to quickly catch her falling friend.

"woah whats that technique?" naruto gawked, when seeing karin hit herself.

"it's a technique passed sown in the yamanaka clan, she always does this" explained sakura, trying to hold in her laughter.

"i like big butts and i cannot lie, no other brothers, can't deny, when a girl walk in with her itty bitty waist, and that round thing in your face, you got sprung!" karin sang while shaking her ass.

Naruto and Sakura stopped and then laughed really hard. literally making them fall. the others that came in last time and sasuke chuckled or giggled in amusment while some just hold in their laughter.

"ok ino i think you should stop now" Sakura said, asshe stopped laughing and got up.

"Fine, Fine party pooper" Ino stopped dancing and getting tired she did a hand sign, going back into her body.

"Hey guys i think we better go or Karin wight gain counciousness again" everybody nodding their heads headed for their classroom ignoring the uncoucious girl on the floor. Sakura observant as usual noticed the other people walking with them.

"Naruto who are they?" naruto noticing the others that just came.

"Oh thats tenten, neji, hinata, shikamaru,gaara, temari, kankouro,they're siblings, choji, kiba, and shino" he said, pointing at the girl with brown hair in two buns, the long brown haired guy, the girl with dark violet hair that lookes like neji so she assumed they were related, the guy she saw earlier with ino, the three that naruto said that were siblings one had red hair, the other blonde in four spiky ponytails, and the one with purple paint on his face, choji had brown hair,kiba also had facepaint that where two triangles on his cheeks and a dog sticking from his jacket,and shino who didn't talk as much had brown hair.

after explaining all that everyone greeted one another, and continued heading towards class except for neji, tenten, kankouro, and temari who were one grade higher so they had to seperate.

"Hey hinata?"

"y-yes s-sakura-s-san?"

"just sakura"

"ok, s-sakura what i-is i-it?"

"why do you keep stuttering?"

"o-oh i-it's because w-when i-i meet a p-person f-for t-the f-first time i stutter" hinata explained, pushing her fingers together, showing that she was nervous.

Sakura smiled understanding, "okay then i'll make sure that i will let you know more about me, so can stop stuttering, okay?".

the violet-haired girl looked up suddenly, suprised, but then smiled.

"okay" the others hearing the conversation smiled, and smirked.

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