(A/N: no this is not a chapter it's a news for the next chappie, so plz read)

Me: Hey Gals! Well I'm in some kind of a pickle and I need your help, its about Gaara, our hot mysterious read head with intense pale jade eyes. KYA! Dammit I told myself not to get all fangirly over that, but those eyes their so- bad Icey! Bad! No bad thoughts on one of your characters that you are going to have to couple with another girl- oops.

Well there you have it girls, I'm holding a contest for the lucky gal that will be Gaara's patner. You remember the project that they had to do? Well everyone has a partner except Gaara, I know I'm such a basterd for not giving poor Gaara a partner and so that's why I'm asking you girls.

So just fill in this out:




and after that i will pick the girl that i think would be best with Gaara of course with the help of my friends that is. so please send it in if you want to be the lucky girl, and Thx it would be a big help!