This idea came to me while watching something on TV. I don't wanna bore anyone, so to make a long statement short, this oneshot is dedicated to my two fav characters on Transformers Animated. Sari/Bee

"AHH!" Bumblebee shouted as he bolted into a sitting posiotion. The scream was loud, but luckly not loud enough to wake anyone.

(A/N: Okay, just to let you guys know, this is my first time doing a Transformers Animated fanfic, and I don't even know if these guys sleep like we do... or if they even sleep at all, cause I've never seen them sleep before... so I'm just gonna say they do)

Panting rather hard, Bumblebee looked around the place he was in. After a moment, he sighed in reliefe, seeing that he was in his own room before another thought struck him.

'SARI!' This one thought snapped the young bot fully awake as he remembered the painful dream he just snapped awake from, making him get out of bed and leave his room, in search of his red headed female friend

As quiet as a mouse, the yellow autobot crept carefully through the dark halls of the base, hoping not to make a sound as he reached his destination. As much of a hurry as he was to get to the girl he was thinking about, he didn't wanna get in trouble for being up at such a late hour. It wasn't long before he was in front of Sari's door. Once there, he looked around to make sure no one was watching him, before opening the door where his destination lead than closing it as quietly as he could behind him.

As soon as it was closed... he hesitated to look behind him. What if it wasn't a dream? he thought in fear, what if what I saw really did happen... I'll never forgive myself! It took a moment of fighting with himself, but he managed to turn to look at the room behind him. And when he did... he blew out a big fat sigh of reliefe.

The room wasn't damaged at all... there was no blood, or motor oil, stained anywhere... nothing was on fire... and the most important thing of all... SHE was still there. Still sleeping in her tire bed, hugging her stuffed rabbit close to her while she slept, was Sari herself.

'She's okay... oh thank you...' Bumblebee thought to himself as a wave of reliefe crashed over him, 'Wait... what if she really is... okay, calm down! Just, just... I KNOW!' Nodding once, the yellow autobot crept silently towards the sleeping girl until he was by her bedside. Once there, he crouched down to the bed's level, and just as he gently slid her covers down and was about to check when...

"Yaaawwwwwwwnnnnnnnn," the yellow bot ceased his actions right away as the eight year old slowly opened her tired eyes. She felt the cool night time air against her exposed arms and gently ruffled her yellow pajamas, which was the cause of her stir. Yawning a little more, she opened her eyes the rest of the way, only to come face to BIG face with Bumblebee.

"Bee? Wha-yawn What in the world are you doing in here?" after she asked this the tired girl sat up in her bed, making her pink covers puddle in her lap as she gazed tiredly at the clock in her room, "It's two am,"

"Oh. That it is," the yellow bot chuckled in embarassment, before stuttering out, "Uh, well, ya see, the thing is, the reason..." as he continued to stutter, the eight year old jst looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Just as she thought he was gonna keep this up all night...

"Sari, is there a big hole in your stomach? And... and are you really alive, or are you a ghost?" he finally asked out of all the babble.

"..." Sari couldn't say anything for a moment. She just stared at her huge friend in shock and wonder. Finally, after a moment of staring at each other, Sari found her voice.

"What? Of course I'm alive silly! What'd make you think I wasn't? And what's this about a hole through me?" Bumblebee sighed a sad sigh, before looking at her while she kneeled on her bed.

"You see... I woke up from this really bad dream. The decepticons attacked the base head on, and Optimus told you to go hide out somewhere safe... but buring the battle, I heard you scream, so I rushed to where you were. Once I got there... I saw your room... everything was destroyed... I started to look for you, but I didn't take long before... before... Megatron came out from the flames, and he had you... before I could get close enough... he... he... He pierced a hole right though you!" once he was done, Bumblebee couldn't it... his eyes began to leak uncontrobably as his sobs chocked out. Sari looked up at her yellow friend in shock. He had a nightmare that... she died?

"Hey Bee... It's alright," she said after a moment. Crawling on his arm, she made her way to his shoulder, and once there did her best to calm him down, "it wasn't real. I know it might have seemed real, but that's how dreams and nightmares work... they seem real one moment, than the next... POOF! They're not real anymore," she gently stroked his wet metal cheek, hoping it would calm him. After a moment, it seemed to work as his sobs turned to sniffls, before he scooped the small girl into his hand to bring her to his face.

"But... the hole," hearing this made Sari giggle.

"You want proof I don't have a hole going through me? Than here ya go," Smiling gently, she lifted up her night shirt a little, showing her stomach to him, "ya see? No hole," as she stated this, Bumblebee squinted as he looked at her tummy. Her skin wasn't broken at all, and there was no sign a hole was there in the first place, but he wanted to be sure this wasn't a trick. So just to make sure, he placed a single finger on her small stomach and tried to feel for anything that felt like a wound.

":giggles: Cut it out Bumblebee! :giggles: That really tickles," removing his large finger from the girl's stomach, the yellow bot gave her an apologetic smile, before looking her over again.

"I'm fine Bee... I promise," before he could protest in anyway, she reached up to his face and hugged it the best she could. Smiling, Bumblebee hugged her back, being very gentle in fear of him accidently crushing her. After a moment, he placed Sari back on her bed, and began to make his way out of the room. Smiling to herself, Sari laid back down on the bed and recovered herself with her bright pink blanket. Closing her eyes, she waited for the sound of her autobot sized door opening and closing... but it never came. Opening her eyes once more, she saw Bumblebee back at her bedside.

"Bee? Why are you-" before she could finish that sentence, the yellow autobot beat her to it.

"Sari... Is it okay if I... stay in here tonight? You know, to make sure my nightmare doesn't become real, and you really..." He didn't have to say anything more as he saw his human friend give him a warm smile and nod. Smiling back, Bumblebee left the room for a moment, but came back moments later with an autobot sized sleeping bag in his arms. Once he was comfortable in his spot, which was right by her bed, the two laid back down and awaited for sleep to consume them both. Just before sleep consumed her, Sari heard Bumblebee mumble something.

"I love you Sari," gasping, she turned to her friend, only to see he was already deep on cloud nine. Smiling once more, she placed a gentle kiss on the autobot's cheek, before going to the side of his face.

"... I love you to Bumblebee," She whispered to him, before making herself comfotable in her own bed. It wasn't long before she joined her friend on cloud nine, but this time... there was nothing but sweet dreams for the both of them.

TADA! Well there ya go! My first Transformers Animated fanfic! Some of the things I used, like the autobot sleeping bag and the leaking eyes, were from the show itself. They fit perfectly in the story. I really hope you guys liked this! Please don't forget to R&R to let me know if I did good!