Last time, Bumblebee made a huge mistake, destroying one of the most important things to Sari, and because of that his friendship with Sari, according to said girl, is now over and she also hates his guts... wait, does he have guts? Oh who knows!!!! Anyway... Will Bumblebee find out what he did to make Sari so angry with him? Will Ratchet tell the others Sari's story? And where were Optimus and Prowl last chapter? Let's find out.... shall we?

It seemed that after Sari had stated her words to Bumblebee, everything and everyone was now as silent as the dark night. Bumblebee seemed to have gone into a deep depression that Bulkhead was trying to bring him out of..... but was failling miserably, while both Sari and Ratchet hadn't come out of the little girl's room for some time now. And where are Optimus and Prowl you might ask? They've been on patrol since that morning, and haven't come back yet. Though that soon changed when the two came in through the entrace of the base in there vehical forms, and just as they transformed, they were met with the sight of Bulkhead talking to a depressed looking Bumblebee.

"Hey c'mon little buddy.... I'm sure Sari was just pulling our survos when she said that," The words Bulkhead was stating though was still silent to his little friend as the smaller autobot continued to look straight ahead into nothing with a sadden look in his optics, now dry from the oily tears he had cried earlier, but leaving twin messy trails on his faceplates. He didn't care if everyone saw.... he just wanted Sari to tell him..... she DIDN'T hate him.

"Hey there Bulkhead... What's wrong with Bumlebee?" Optimus asked while he and Prowl made there way over to the two. Bulkhead gave a smile for greetings, before stating the problem

Two Minutes Later

".... and that's the whole story Prime. Sari and Ratchet are in her room right now, and neither one has come out since. And Bumblebee here is really depressed.... but you could probably already tell," As Bulkhead finished his tale, he saw that both Optimus and Prowl had shocked looks on there faceplates. It was only moments, until Prowl finally said something.

"My word.... I know Sari's gotten mad at times... But I believe this is the very first time she's ever been mad at Bumblebee... Let alone stating she hates him," as those words escaped him, the three notice the little yellow bot flinch in pain. Just as Prowl realized his mistake and was about to say sorry to his smallest friend, Sari's door finally opened, letting both Sari and Ratchet outta the room they'd been in for hours on end, and also bringing Bumblebee outta his sad state to look over at the door. Once she was done saying her thanks to the docbot for being there to comfort her, she saw her friends looking at her. When she finally noticed Sari gave them, well not ALL of them, a warm smile as she made her way to the door.

"Hey Optimus. Hey Prowl. Hey Bulkhead," she stated as she made her way pass each bot, said bots greeting there female friend back with there own greetings. Bumblebee held his hand up, waiting for Sari to state a greeting to him as well, but it never came. Instead, she just gave the bot an icy cold glare before advancing towards the door to where her skates and safety gear was. Bumblebee frowned sadly at the glare he was given, but quickly made his way over to where the girl was placing on her skates, elbow & knee pads, and helmet. Once he reached her, he got on his knees next to her.

"Uhh.... where you going Sari?" he asked her in a somewhat strained voice from all the crying he did, but it seemed as though his voice feel silent to the young human girl as she continued to put on her gear. Seeing as she was ignoring him made Bumblebee look more sad, and was about to ask her again, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw Prowl standing next to him, shaking his head, before the ninja bot decided to repeat Bumblebee's question to the girl.

"Sari, where are you planning on going?" after he asked this, said girl looked up at him.

"Just to the park Prowl.... I need some time to think," after she finished her statement, Sari had finished strapping on her roller skates, and was now grabbing her safety gear.

"I can take you there Sari! Hop in!" Bumlebee stated at once, transforming into car mode as he spoke also shocking Prowl when he did that, seriously hoping the young female would take his offer. However, Sari just seemed to tune him out once again as she finished buckling on her helmet and skating on out through the huge doors. As the girl continued to get outta site of the base, Bumblebee had transformed miserably back to his autobot form, and looked as though he might cry again.... or whatever they call it on there planet.

"You got what you deserved kid," every bot turned in shock to what Ratchet said in a surprisingly VERY cold tone with a matching glare aimed directly at Bumblebee.

"Uhhh.... don't you think you're being a little mean Ratchet?" the green giant asked the docbot, but quickly zipped his mouth shut when he also recieved a harsh glare from said bot.

"No... I'm not," he replied back, before turning his gaze to the smallest bot again, "you destroyed more than a box you micro brain..... you destroyed a huge part of Sari's spark. And because of that, you might never gain back her trust," after he stated this, he turned to leave for his medical bay with the polish still in his hands. The other three bots turned there attention back to Bumblebee, only to become shocked once again when they saw him look towards Ratchet with a look of rage on his oil stained faceplates, before he raced forward and latched himself onto the older bot's servo.

"You know something I don't! What did I do to make Sari mad, and how can I undo what I did?!" As he stated this, Bumblebee's usual electric blue optics turned to a fire engine red color to show how mad/frusterated he was, shocking every ot in the room once again. Ratchet seemed to be the only bot unfazed by Bee's actions though as he pried the smaller bot off him.

"Sorry kid, but I promised Sari I wouldn' tell anyone," just before he got the yellow bot off him, said bot suddenly let go and pointed his stingers at him! Every bot gasped at his moves.... Man, he was determined to make the docbot talk!

"I'll ask you one more time docbot," Bee stated in an angrier tone, while his eyes continued to glow a dark shade of red, "What. Did. I. Do. To. Make. Sari. Mad?" seeing the sitchuation was getting serious, Optimus finally moved over to where Ratchet was standing, while both Prowl and Bulkhead made it there mission to hold the angered autobot back. As Optimus finally reached Ratchet, he saw that both Bulkhead and Prowl were struggling to hold Bumlblebee still, and also try to make him put away his stingers.

"Ratchet," he finally stated calmly while standing next to his oldest friend there, "I think it's best you told us.... I don't think Bumblebee will let up until you do...." seeing the leader's point made poor Ratchet sigh. He was getting to old for this.

"Alright," he stated after a moment, making every bot freeze and look at the docbot, "I'll tell ya... but Sari might not like the fact that I'm gonna tell ya what I promised her I won't,"

"WHO CARES! JUST SPILL!!!!!" Bumblebee shouted from his squashed position between Prowl and Bulkhead who were STILL trying to hold the bot steady until he calmed down. After a moment, everyone settled in on a place on the ground, and Ratchet began telling his commrads/friends what he was told just this morning......

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