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My pillow's really soft today… I sigh pleasantly as I wake up, shifting my grip on it. It's so warm…and it smells like… Something soft tickles at my cheek.

"Mmm, Rikuuu…" My pillow's talking. My mind tries vainly to compute this: a pillow talking. There seems to be something missing here… I open my eyes.

"Nn?!" I start-- Sora's head?! Wait…

"Stop moving…" The brunet smiles in his sleep, content. He turns over in my arms, clearly unaware of where he is. I'm reminded again of why I'm so attracted to him: he's adorable. There's no way I can ever stay mad at him.

"You're so cute, Sora…" I murmur, settling into his fuzzy hair.

"Mmmmm…" He sighs, tipping his head up and opening his gorgeous, sleepy eyes.

"G'morning, Riku… I'm sorry about last night…" He murmurs, his voice a little ragged.

"It's behind us now. Don't worry about it." I reassure him, nipping his ear. A little mew escapes him, but not much else--he's tired. "Hey, you up for the Paopu Fest? It opens in an hour…" Not that I have the slightest desire to go, but…

His eyes flicker. "Maybe in an hour or something…mmmh." With a huge effort on his part, he turns onto his back, sighing fondly as he catches my eyes.

"Just a couple minutes…" The eyes close and Sora became utterly still. That was weird. He's usually so full of energy in the morning…

I reluctantly haul myself up--it's about nine in the morning. Sora usually wakes up around seven-ish so he can walk Chico… I remember, casting him a concerned look.

Maybe the drama from last night took its toll? I ruffle his hair a little, then stand to get ready for another day.

As I walk over to the spring, I keep wondering about Sora despite myself. He's been transforming a lot lately…and none of the transformations have been intentional. Maybe his Drive is going wrong…that'd be bad, I guess? I don't really know anything about drive except that it has four forms--five: Valor, Wisdom, Master, Final, and Anti. I splash a little water into my face, the chill of it really snapping me awake.Realization strikes me. "His own Drive is draining his energy…" I breathe, staring at the water cupped in my hands.

When I come back about half an hour later, Sora's still dead asleep, his steady breaths accounting for his unconsciousness. I bite my lip a little, hoping he'll wake up soon. This is a little too familiar for my taste.

Hey, it's like when Naminé was healing him… I chuckle bitterly, sitting on the bed at his side. Maybe he's in for another deep sleep…The laughs die in my throat at the thought. I spare another glance at his peaceful features: the soft curve of his lips, his contented eyes--smiling even though deep in sleep. I genlt plant a kiss on each one, trying not to wake him up… yet.


Sora wakes up around lunch--at least, he's awake when I'm back from Mario Bros Pizza. The brunet stretches luxuriously, yawning as he regards my pizza box. It smells of tantalizingly warm cheese and doughy crust--I had a hard time trying not to eat a slice on the way home. He perks a bit at the smell.

"Wow, I slept a lot, huh?" He understates as I walk in, grinning sheepishly.

"At least you woke up before the end of this year…" I make an attempt at humor that falls flat. "Sora…" I sit down next to him, placing the box behind us.

"I know. Sorry I made you worry." He grins uneasily, not meeting my gaze, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"We have to see the King, Sora. We can't put it off anymore."

He turns troubled blue eyes to me. "Is it… bad?" His voice cracks a little, intimidated by my tone.

"It could be worse, so let's stop it as soon as we can." I can't just scare him like this…not that I'm not scared shitless myself… Sora sighs shakily, suppressing nerves no one wants to admit to, his hand sliding slowly down his face. Gently--I'm treading on glass here--I take the hand in mine, kissing him gently. "We'll deal with it tomorrow. Trust me, we've been in worse snags…"

And now he's suddenly drawing me into a tight embrace--a kiss flavored with fear. He kisses me back desperately, sliding his tongue past my lips. Another reason I like Sora so much: he's a great kisser. I push him down gently onto his back, sliding my hand up his shirt--feeling his warm, soft flesh.

"Sora, you're so beautiful…" I murmur, sliding my other hand behind his head and scratching right behind his ear.

"Nng! You know…my spots too…" He sighs, shivering. "Uummm!"

Shit, oh god… He found my waistline. Waves of tickling warmth spread from my hard front. Sora captures me in another kiss, his fingers making small circles under my belly, the other hand fisting handfuls of my hair. "Fuck!" I hiss as a wave of building pleasure radiates out--my legs turn to jelly. Smirking into the kiss, Sora suddenly throws me over and straddles my waist. "Uh? Oh, f-" He muffles my moan with his lips as he presses his knee between my legs. More aggressive, but its kinda sexy! My hormone-addled mind remarks as I can only kiss back--I realize I'm slipping off his jacket at this point.

Stopping his flesh circles for an aggravating split second, he pulls his shirt off his head, tossing it away and revealing his slender brown body. He leans down and worms his hands up my shirt, pressing a little harder into my jeans--"Soraaa!" I groan breathily, arching up to meet more delicious friction, meanwhile pressing into his hard-on.

"Riku…" He gasps, crystalline blue eyes wide. Taking the opportunity to sit up, I squeeze the soft flesh around his nipples, making circular motions with my thumbs. Sora groans lustily, grabbing blindly at my jean clasp. He brushes by my ever-hardening member through the material by accident; I can barely control myself. "G-god…!" I yelp as he undoes the clasp while keeping pressure down on my--oh, good those stupid jeans are gone…


For the second time today, I wake with Sora in my arms. I could get used to this… He's sleeping again, eyes closed delicately, each soft breath stroking my cheek. I shift a little, stretching, and pull the sheets over his shoulders, making sure not to disturb his sleep too much. The brunet sighs softly, his hands loosely draped around my waist. Nuzzling into his hair, I breathe in his unique scent--there's nothing like it. He smells delicious…Everything, from his slender build to his now-hidden sapphires is simply--"Beautiful…"

He smiles, eyes still closed. "So you're awake…"

"Yeah…" I place a peck on his forehead, comfortable in his warm arms.

"You feeling okay?"

"I guess I'll find out in a minute…" I pull away a bit, just enough so I can look at him.

"Sorry if it was a little rough…" His eyes open; he looks at me apologetically.

I shake my head, smiling back. "You're… amazing."

He stretches proudly, luxuriously, the white sheets slipping delicately from his arms. Nn, it was warmer before… I note as he pulls away from me with the motion. "Mmm…that Paopu ice cream sounds good right now…" He remarks offhandedly, eyes bright.

I attempt to sit up. Key word: attempt. As soon as I so much as move my legs, a fierce raw pain shoots through my back; it's the first time I've ever "seen stars". It hurts so much I can't even say 'ow'.

"Hey, don't try to get up!" Sora gently pushes me down, eyes concerned. The pain recedes when I lay still, so the most I can do is nod weakly and turn so I can still see him. He lies back down, turned into me. "Let's go tomorrow, for the ice cream…"

Great, now I'm preventing him from doing what he likes. "I'm sorry…" I mumble, pain-induced tears joined by emo ones.

"You're hurt, Riku…it'd make me feel better if I could watch over you." Sora--gentle, beautiful Sora-- plants a kiss on my forehead, smiling like an angel. "If you're hungry just say the word, 'kay?" He grins, snuggling back into the sheets, watching me with adoration.

"I wouldn't call it hurt exactly…" I sigh melodramatically, that simple motion sending warning pain flares from below. Ow, on the other hand… "I believe that yesterday you were complaining about never getting to see me 'act like a pussy'?" I mention, wincing.

Sora chuckles. "Love the double meaning…" His eyes gleam he snuggles into me, warming me again with his soft skin.

"I'm the luckiest guy alive, ya know that?" I reach out, stroking his peach-fuzzy cheek. Smiling, he simply clasps my hand in his.

"Then I'm the second luckiest."