When will you love me

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Pairing: Iason/Riki

Words in italic are from the original copy of Taming Riki.


Sudden Realization ¦-

Tanagura, was none other but a beautiful cage for Riki. His freedom was doomed; he has nothing left except for his broken mind and spirit. His body was just a mere container for his soul, anytime now, he'll be gone. Life is meaningless for him. Life is nothing but a long journey to death. Life is…something…at rare times, he treasure the most.

He smiled, then kissed his pet's forehead. "Then, lie facedown on the bed."

He was a wild mongrel before, never once he was told what to do and what not. He can come and go as he wished, smoke as many as he wanted to, pick up a fight every now and then. He was happy with his life with his ex-lover, Guy. Nights were endless for them, full of passions and untamed desires. The way they moved gracefully on the old bed, reaching out for their fullest completion. The sloppy kisses, the gentle caresses, everything…everything was perfect for him. He could ask for nothing more.

"I'll be gentle, my pet."

Not until Iason Mink came along and snatched his fondest dream away, harshly. Now, everyone can see that he, 'Riki the Dark', the proud mongrel gang leader from Ceres was nothing more than a pet. It was only his pride and stubbornness to bend to Iason's will that keep him going on fighting to escape the ruthless reality. He will show them, he was nobody's pet. Not to himself and certainly not to a blonde.

"How does it feel now?" he whispered into Riki's ear. "You like this, don't you?"

Time passed him by and he found himself thinking about a certain blonde further than his plans of escaping his cage. What does he looks like, panting beneath him as he pushed himself downward taking his length inside him? Will his voice be husky? Will his face redden and stare at him with lust clearly affirmed in his eyes? Will he smile and kiss him softly like a lover? Questions continue running in his mind as he closed his eyes, slowly drifting to slumber. And that is how Iason Mink found his pet lately, sleeping on the white couch with a small smile.

"And this?" Iason began slowly thrusting inside him, while taking his pet's earlobe gently between his teeth.

The next day however, Iason was troubled by the sudden breakdown of his pet. His Riki won't stop crying even when he comforted him with soft words and embraced him tightly.

"Love, please stop this instant. Tell me what's wrong?"

Riki did not answer him. Silent tears keep on falling from his eyes.

No, he won't say it out.

This secret will forever remain with him until he dies.

I love you.

Riki's reply was a series of gasps.

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