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"Okay class, I'll be back from the teacher's lounge in a few minutes and when I'm back I expect to see everyone of you with a partner for your assignments," said Ochi-sensei, as she skipped out of the classroom with a large smile.

"Damn that teacher. So freakin' cheery all the time…" muttered an apparently annoyed Ichigo with that permanent scowl on his face. He turned to his friends who were chatting animatedly among themselves.

"What kind of dumb project is she giving us this time? I heard it was something to do with bags of flour…" said Tatsuki. "We're supposed to take care of the flour baby as if it was our own child together with our partner. Me and my 'husband' can teach it to shoot laser beams out of its eyes and eliminate aliens!" said Orihime whose eyes shifted to Ichigo. A faint blush appeared on her cheeks which no one seemed to notice.

"Hai, hai.'" Tatsuki patted her friend on the head.

"I-CHI-GOO!! Aren't you going to ask Kuchiki-san to be your part-"said Keigo as he was interrupted by Ichigo's fist on his face. "Shut up you pervert!" yelled Ichigo who blushed as he looked at Rukia. I'm definitely going to ask Kurosaki-kun to be my partner…thought Orihime as she got up from her chair to ask Ichigo.

"I'm going to the toilet," said Rukia innocently getting up at the same time as Orihime. "Oh I need to go too!" Ichigo jumped out of his seat following Rukia out the door. Curious at Ichigo's strange reaction, Orihime peeked outside the class, surprised to see a nervous Ichigo with an impatient Rukia.

"I…er…about the partner thingy…"stammered Ichigo scratching the back of his neck. "Yes, what about that?" asked Rukia a little too innocently with a small smile tugging at her lips. "Can you be my…OW! Stupid midget, what the hell was that for?!" shouted Ichigo rubbing the bump that was forming on his head. "Hurry up will you? I need to pee real bad!" replied Rukia, clutching her stomach. "Fine, will you be my partner?" asked Ichigo, irritated.

"Took you long enough. Yes, I'll be your partner. Now, excuse me while I go pee…" Rukia trailed off as she sped off to the toilet.

Orihime turned around just in time as Ichigo walked back into the classroom with a small smile gracing his face. "Kurosaki-kun, what were you talking to Kuchiki-san about?" asked Orihime in her usual happy manner. Ichigo turned as red as Renji's hair. "Oh, erm, that was…uh…er…NOTHING!" Ichigo flashed her a grin that was too cheery for anyone's liking.

"Hey Kurosaki, I thought you said you were going to the toilet," said Ishida pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "Oh, I- I didn't feel like going anymore."

Ichigo was saved when Rukia entered the classroom. Keigo, recovered from his previous injuries, once again pounced on Rukia. "Kuchiki-san, will you be my partner?"pleaded Keigo wrapping his arms around Rukia's feet. Ichigo was about to say something but Rukia beat him to it."Sorry Asano-san but Ichigo's already asked me to be his partner and I accepted," said Rukia smiling sweetly.

"Waaa…Ichigo…why, tell me why…I was just joking about asking Kuchiki-san just now…just joking…"wailed Keigo on the floor. Everyone started laughing except Orihime who was shocked upon hearing this exchange. Her heart shattered into a million pieces as she let Rukia's words sink in. Her eyes shifted to Ichigo who was getting redder by the second but she could tell that he was smiling to himself.

She got up and put on a smiley face, trying to hide her emotions, laughing along with her classmates.

"Why did you have to steal Kuchiki-san from me…I know you don't love her more than I do and I know Kuchiki-san likes me more than you…why do you have to put her through this misery?! Waaa…" Keigo continued wailing. This caused Ichigo to blush even more, if that was possible.

He turned to Rukia to see her reaction. He was surprised to see her blushing prettily. She looks really beautiful…wait did I just say that? No, Ichigo snap out of it! What has this bitch been doing to you?

Wait, did I just see her blushing?